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  • Forbes11 days ago

    Watch For Signs Of A November Correction

    The strong gain in the Nasdaq 100 last week has turned many on Wall Street even more bullish. The raising of some upside targets for the S&P 500 after such a prolonged rally is often a reason for concern. Watch the market internals each day and here is what to look for ....

  • Forbes17 days ago

    When Was The Last Real November Correction?

    The stock markets were strong again in October and with more signs of a strong economy they may be even more bullish because of the historically strong performance of the stock market in November. But when was the last time stocks corrected significantly in November and what were the warning signs?

  • TheStreet.com22 days ago

    Tech Earnings Boost Market, but Narrowness Is an Issue

    Breadth should've been better.

  • Forbes28 days ago

    The Week Ahead Market Wrap

    The budget vote lit the market's fuse on Friday as the Dow closed the week at overbought levels rarely seen in the past ten years. Some traders think the market is "different now" but is that really the case? Any warning signs from the market internals?

  • TheStreet.com28 days ago

    'When I Think of October, I Think of Black Monday' -- Market Recon

    We all knew that the Ugly Stick would be out on Monday, Oct. 17, 1987.

  • Forbes2 months ago

    How Much Higher Can The Small Caps Go?

    Last week the story was again the small cap stocks and looking back at the last seventeen years of market history there are two periods that I will focus on where the small cap Russell 2000 significantly beat the S&P 500. What does this mean for the current rally?

  • Forbes2 months ago

    Are Rising Rates Good For Stocks?

    Many investors believe the popular misconception that higher rates are immediately bad for stocks. Would most investors change their outlook if they were aware of how long it took in a raising rate cycle before stocks and the economy reacted?

  • Manufacturing Expands in August: 4 Industrial Stocks to Buy
    Zacks2 months ago

    Manufacturing Expands in August: 4 Industrial Stocks to Buy

    The U.S. government's growth policies and improving housing, automotive and commercial construction markets will benefit Industrial Stocks. Rise in manufacturing index in August is an added advantage.

  • Forbes3 months ago

    Still Too Many Stock Market Bulls?

    The stock market looked like it was going to resume its decline Wednesday but the selling was met with good buying that may have been nervous short covering. The small caps have had an adequate correction in terns of price and time but what does that mean for the other key market averages?

  • Forbes3 months ago

    Any Signs The Correction Is Over?

    The sharp decline last Thursday was blamed on rumors of another White House resignation but the technical studies had warned of such a drop early in the week. The lack of additional selling on Friday is keeping many complacent but are there really any signs the correction is ending?

  • Forbes3 months ago

    Don't Buy Too Early

    In my experience when the market has a prolonged rally that most are not expecting a correction often goes through several phases. Some buy too early and then are stopped . In today's article Tom will tell you the signs he is looking for from the A/D line analysis

  • Why financial markets aren't panicking about North Korea
    Yahoo Finance3 months ago

    Why financial markets aren't panicking about North Korea

    "For decades, complacency has been the 'right trade' when it comes to North Korea," Goldman Sachs analysts said.

  • Stocks getting a boost from Trump's deregulation agenda
    Yahoo Finance3 months ago

    Stocks getting a boost from Trump's deregulation agenda

    The prospects of a renewed risk-on mentality is a reflection of investor confidence.

  • Are US Equities Setting Up To Breakout?
    FX Empire4 months ago

    Are US Equities Setting Up To Breakout?

    Across the board US-based equity indexes are displaying recent price strength as we enter the end of the week. After undergoing sector rotation over the past month, new names and indexes are beginning to show their strength. Transportation Index In particular the Dow Jones Transportation Average (TRAN) is leading the pack with its new high to … Continue reading Are US Equities Setting Up To Breakout?

  • Forbes5 months ago

    The Week Ahead: Does An S&P Target Of 2700 Make You Nervous?

    Last week Mike Wilson, Morgan Stanley chief US equity strategist discussed his year-end S&P 500 target of 2700. As an investor does this make you nervous? What do you think the average year-end target for the S&P 500 is now?

  • Benzinga5 months ago

    Avoiding Panic Sell Offs

    It has just been a week since the panic selloff in the tech sector began on June 9th. The initial catalyst of the selling was tied to a research note from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS ) analyst Robert ...

  • Forbes5 months ago

    Avoiding Panic Sell Offs

    Throughout this bull market there have been a number of sharp market declines where the selling reaches a feverish pace but each of these has been followed by further new highs. Many sold in a panic and were left on the sidelines. So what can an investor do to avoid selling on a panic decline?

  • Forbes6 months ago

    Bubble Everywhere, Titanic Market?

    Several sector ETFs completed their trading ranges last week with new highs in the major market average A/D lines but some warn or bubbles everywhere or investors on the Titanic so what is an investor to do?

  • Forbes6 months ago

    Sidestep The Trump Traumas

    In deciding if you should adjust your portfolio in light of the current political crisis it is history that indicates we are likely to be discussing the political firestorm for many months as only a sudden resignation could clean the slate quickly. So what is an investor to do?

  • How Do You Spot A Major Market Top? Easy: Look For Heavy Distribution
    Investor's Business Daily6 months ago

    How Do You Spot A Major Market Top? Easy: Look For Heavy Distribution

    Distribution days are like wine. A glass or two is fine. It's social, it's probably good for your digestive system. But one too many will send you reeling.

  • Stocks Modestly Higher; These 3 Stocks Reach Buy Zones
    Investor's Business Daily6 months ago

    Stocks Modestly Higher; These 3 Stocks Reach Buy Zones

    The stock market was modestly higher in late trading Friday, as some sectors that struggled earlier in the week were rebounding.