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Russell 2000 (^RUT)

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2,215.50-10.75 (-0.48%)
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    I’ve worked with Brian for about a year now and he is a professional and has delivered solutions well above my expectations
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    Still nice & green…

    Fed is pumping here… enjoy it while it lasts… tapering on its way. Might want to consider getting out before that happens though. Just a thought…
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    Most indexes showing green but small caps continuing on their race to new yearly lows . Of course the news will just state how the rally is still churning upwards.
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    ⭐ Top Bullish Charts | July 2021

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    $XBI conversation
    Hoping the administration could step in and help protect innovative Phase2 advanced companies that will contribute to/put as ahead in our future health, against shorts, and hedge-funds: could be incentives, higher short-interestrates/short-transaction costs or something. Otherwise, our innovative companies will become so cheap they will get bought by foreign entities in some form (i hear some closeness happening in few companies I have been tracking) or other and we will be paying 'tributes' to them forever (with the money hedges made by shorting, of course, common man from their pocket/sweat money for medicine).

    Till then, even good progress-making healthcare/biotech companies in $xbi, $^RUT, $urty, $tqqq are at the mercy of shorts, hedgies (and of course the daytraders aka the daylabourers that will sell their soul to whoever pays them on that day). Enjoy the slumber!
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    What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of risk, sacrifices, hard work and hustle over time.
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    Please give this post a thumbs down if you are dissatisfied with Biden's job at controlling inflation.
    The Fed and administration are support to maintain inflation at 0.2% for the sequential monthly increase (that would be annualized 2.4%). However, inflation (the CPI index) came in at 0.9% this month. That is an annualized rate of 10.8%. This is 5X of the Fed's target. Inflation is surging. There are labor shortages. Government is overspending. They are asleep at the wheel while the economy is overheating and about to head off a cliff. They should have been both suspending government treasury buying and raising rates 6 months ago. Now, huge painful steps need to be taken to rapidly raise rates. This will tank stocks. Stocks can easily fail 50% now that things are gotten so overvalued.
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    Independent Man
    Does anyone know why the russ is having so much downward pressure, it’s been happening for a few wks, I take it a a buying opp, but I just wonder why is getting slammed , could this be part of the gme/ amc squeeze, are hedges selling to get capital , o
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    So people still think it’s more risky to hold American small cap than large Chinese companies?
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    My portfolio is getting murdered on a daily basis. Mostly small - mid caps, all quality companies.
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    The rich get Richer because the poor thinks that every opportunity is a scam Especially investing in stock exchange, real estate, gold, cryptos.
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    i dont understand how the russell is up so high? small cap stocks have not gained anything at all.... in fact hedge funds have shorted small cap companies to the ground.
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    Buy DIDI asap with good news, It is going to rise UP to $20.00+ soon .
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    I think RUT can touch 3k by the end of this year.
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    David vs Goliaths aka Netlist,Inc. vs Google and others...
    The netlist story really took off in July when the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s decision upholding the validity of Netlist’s U.S. 7,619,912 (‘912) patent that applies to DDR server memory modules. The decision is final and binding on future cases and represents a resounding win for Netlist.
    The (‘912) patent is a seminal patent; an invention so impactful that it creates or shifts the technology space.

    This ruling has much larger implications than just GOOG which will more than likely set the tone for other settlements long overdue here.
    Since last year the case has been progressing forward and today is the day for the joint letter to the court on discovery if the parties did not come to terms! If they could not come to terms the letter explaining both parties’ position on discovery process no longer than 10 pages is to be submitted today! Once the letter is submitted Judge Spero will decide the discovery process going forward. CA courts favor broad Discovery! The Judge already told Google they would probably not like the result if he had to decide.

    Check Video here: https://www.reddit.com/r/NLST/comments/odjen7/great_vid_500_views_on_july_3rd/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
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    all the growth stock follow russell..
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    It is being realized that inflation indexes have been under-reporting inflation. Rent is the largest component of inflation indexes, yet many states have prevented any rent increases and forbidden any evictions during this time. This has limited the reported increases. In the next months, we will see huge surges in reported inflation as these micromanaging state moratoriums expire.
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    Green again...Unreal.
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    Phew....I was scared stocks might actually end lower. That would scare people into thinking that the FED was not going to continue to rig these markets forever to go higher. END THE FED. GOLD AND SILER ARE MONEY.
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    Told you, we are back in game, who sold at bottom sorry but new highs are coming.