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Treasury Yield 30 Years (^TYX)

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    Does anyone else realize that this is THE INDEX for 30 year fixed rate home loans? This is the "free market" and has virtually nothing to do with the FED discount rate adjustments. Bonds are where capital hides when the VIX climbs. Loan rates compete and follow suit.
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    wow this app is really educational
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    It is incredible that 30 year treasuries are yielding 2.93% only 8BP above the 10 year. Who would loan money at 2.93% for 30 years? The answer is nobody rational. The pension funds are irrational. They invest regardless of price and yield in long treasuries as a hedge against disaster. Making it worse the Fed has shrunk the supply of long treasuries and does not issue new ones. The Fed will will be looked on at having ruined the United States economy in years to come. Thye have $4.2 trillion of long bonds which they are not selling even at these low yields and very strong economy. It is just crazy. If we go into recession in 2 years, they will have no ammo to get us out. It is hard to believe they are so irresponible.
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    25 Cent Wings
    I’m not happy that my money market is paying out more than a 30yr treasury
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    "Don't fight the Fed.", is conventional wisdom, and it may be wise at this point to hold cash for a while. I suspect that the Dow falls to about 22,000 before it resumes its rise. I am about 20% cash and cash equivalents just now, but this is just a bit higher than my usual cash position.
  • K
    Down 23% in one day--not the mark of a healthy economy.
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    its a lot of fishy Bullshirt going on!
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    Lovely life!
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    do anyone have snapchat
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    oh my
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    So when I enter ^TYX into Thinkorswim it does nothing, when I enter TYX it goes says 30-YR TREASURY INDEX, but the price is $10 more than on Yahoo Finance. Where do I trade it for this $1.64 price?
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    Jonathan Buoni
    I used to able to use US=F to get the 30 year price, but it stopped working. ZB=F is not the same. Does anyone know the correct symbol? Not interested in TYX but its inverse. thanks!
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    No Short
    STGG moving now...
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    Buy BUD. 33% over next 9 months. Target Par.

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    Today I'm on a count setting at a fun summer!
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    no way is any real investor buying these! 30 yrs!!!
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