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    My investment in stocks and crypto are really doing well especially crypto despite the fluctuations in the current price, thanks to FRED WILSON
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    Stock markets are losing their breadth. It is likely the Russell 2000 will head to 1,150 for a few years. We now have stagflation in place. It will take some hefty rate increases to break this loop of inflation. There has been way too much cash pumping into the system. Tax increases on companies will drive up product and service costs as companies will need to raise prices in order to maintain their profit margins. Also if wages go up, we will see prices rise even further at all companies. Producers price index is rising by over 8% during the most recent 12 months. We are still not at the operating profits that we had prepandemic, even though the dollar has been debased. Federal debt has grown hugely. Profit margins have stopped growing and are now starting to fall. We will likely see a 50% drop in these priced-for-perfection stock valuations. Be careful.
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    2100 shall we?
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    heading to 2100
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    Welcome to the biggest ponzi on the planet. FED has destroyed markets by manipulating interest rates and printing trillions to prop up markets. Gold and Silver are money and wealth.
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    So we’re excited that the Government is going to pump the economy to inflation because of that job report? Why the up today? Haha
  • Z
    This thing hasn’t done 1 think in the last 7 months. Every stock in the thing has plummeted for no reason whilst overvalued stocks are just getting blown up to mind boggling PE’s I’ll be keeping my money in this whilst everyone else buys inflated prices!
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    Horrible mismanagement of the economy by both the administration and the Fed. They have been charged with keeping the indexes at 0.2% per month or below. Both have been asleep and the US economy is far out of control as inflation has surged far beyond target. Both CPI and PPI have been clearly indicating faster surges than even the massive inflation of the 1970's. The PPI was released today and showed a record increase of 8.3% year over year. Here are the PPI data:
    Month____ PPI %
    2020-08__ -0.3%
    2020-09__ +0.3%
    2020-10__ +0.6%
    2020-11__ +0.8%
    2020-12__ +0.8%
    2021-01__ +1.6%
    2021-02__ +3.0%
    2021-03__ +4.1%
    2021-04__ +6.5%
    2021-05__ +6.6%
    2021-06__ +7.3%
    2021-07__ +7.8%
    2021-08__ +8.3%
    Horrible surge of inflation and faster than in the 1970s. Huge rate increases are needed to change course. Too much M-2 money supply and debt. Look at the most recent 3 months. Those alone give an annualized 10.8% showing the surge in inflation is even larger than the year-over-year record. This is unstable and unsustainable. Breadth is already dying from the stock market. The stock markets will drop by 50-70%. Beware.
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    the "all time highs" narrative is inaccurate to say the least. small and medium stocks (the majority of stocks) are considerably down since Q1
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    Russell 2000 Index P/E Ratio - 282.96 (as of 9/8) Highest level in History. Stay Sharp. GTLA!
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    Another day spent staring at my screen waiting for my small caps to go green.
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    Ffs, when we will go up...
    I want money pouring here from Nasdaq😌
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    We are now down 9.4% from our one year high of $2,360. I am reducing my allowcation in large cap stocks and increasing my allocation in small and mid size cap.
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    Stock market is losing breadth. Soon the S&P500 will dive too. Prices continue to rise, but growth is saturating. Business cost is rising. Goods and services are becoming more expensive. My electricity is now 30 cents per kWh. This is 50% more than prior year 20 cent per kWh. Wages are going up. The inflation spiral is well underway.
    With record debt and record M2 money supply, the Fed is about 6 months late on tapering the $1,500 billion per year flood of bond buying. The situation is becoming unstable. The PPI confirmed the cost for businesses is up. Was up 1% in each of the two most recent months (both far beyond projections), and this corresponds to an annualized inflation rate of 12 percent.
    Hope we can get back to the level of earnings of August 2019. Then the S&P500 was more reasonably valued around 2900. If we could get back to those earnings, it might justify a S&P 500 of 2900. That would be a drop of 36% from the priced-for-perfection level of the S&P 500.
    PE ratio is around 36, and earnings recovery has slowed as wages are increasing. If the Fed raises rates, the PE ratio will need to drop further, and the S&P500 will drop significantly from that 2900 level, probably down to 1900. That would be a drop of 58 percent from where the markets are at now. Many stocks will drop by even an even fraction than that 58%. Beware.
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    AMC is pumping the Russell!
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    big money keep pushing the narrative of record-high indexes, which is only true for mega cap stocks. for the rest, 2021 has been nothing but choppy at best.
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    Aug 2019 $1450 for Russell2000
    Sept 2021 $2230 for Russell2000
    There's something very fishy going on.
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    Current P/E ratio highest on record - 277.64. BK and liquidation inevitable for some when the music stops. Manipulation only delays, not prevents, what must, and will, occur. #KeepRidinThatBull #8Seconds
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    from .20% green to -20% red.. mms to the finest
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    what about valuations and the fed will have to tapper at some time. that machine that prints out the paper money( which inflation is eating up) will break down soon. The laws of economics is just like the laws of physics, "what goes up, will come down"