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  • K
    KEVIN (mrpancake)
    Recall Patriot One Investor’s Webinar Feb-2021 (see: https://vimeo.com/525616418) when Deitmar Wennemer discussed including CMR with the PATSCAN MSG. Go to 21.18 where he said:
    "The next generation MSG solution will include our investment in microwave radar. The CMR technology will be integrated with other sensors to optimize and enhance our detection capability"

    Yet fastward to the website – try to explain where CMR has ended up? Click on the link for CMR and see for yourself- see: https://patriot1tech.com/patscan/radar/ So did Deitmar miss speak when he talked about integrating CMR into MSG a couple months ago?
    Not Found
    Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist.
    Then at 31:44, Deitmar answers another question about CMR. Question was, what is the current status of our CMR technology and out FCC approval? Dietmar answers… "we are still developing our CMR technology… initially it was not providing the high accuracy as expected to properly service our customers. Real world environments cause challenges that require us to evolve into multi sensor gateway direction using multiple technologies to create a higher accuracy response. By utilizing multiple sensors, we have reduced the noise and we are able to reliably detect threats. We continue to work on improving the capabilities of the microwave radar in the future and it continues to be an importance piece of our technology portfolio… Not quite ready for prime time right now but it will be in the future releases of our MSG technology”
    So how is it possible not even two months ago, CMR goes from “ an importance piece of our technology portfolio…” to this Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist.
  • A
    Hi, I'm thinking to start a position in Patriot One as I think PTOTF solutions are needed but wanted to check if you can share any good feedback from any customers they have? want to make sure the product is good before investing! thanks in advance
  • G
    New website is up. Definite improvement. It’s geared toward clients and sales, rather than other techies.

    Interesting that they have a Seahawks fan with prominent logos. Brings two questions to mind- why not the Cincinnati Reds, who are a client.

    Second question- do they have the Seahawks as a new client?
  • K
    KEVIN (mrpancake)
    RIP all things CMR many shareholder's left wondering WT_
    I see the death of CMR and all things "radar"; all I can say is its about time the B.S. was removed as I predicted long ago. Wonder how this will effect discussion's here and on Jeff's cheerleading Facebook page. Seems "BEASTCOASTOG" on Stockhouse was spot on.

    Wonder if PAT did this on their own, or did some entity require the B.S. be removed from the website?
  • Z
    Regarding the company's future, I'd like to entertain myself with a few assumptions. 1. The company's products are needed by some institutions such as schools, casinos, night clubs, airports, stadiums, and event organizers. 2. The company will sooner or later sell their products and become profitable. Their technology is already done, and the marginal cost of production should be low. So, it is only a matter of time they will make some profits. 3. Because they are doing business in a potentially lucrative sector, competition is inevitable. But given the newness of the technology, there should be enough room for growth despite competition. 4. Once they start making a profit, the market is likely to award the company a high PE ratio. At a 20 PE, even if they make 10cents/share, share price will hit 2 dollars. The risk side of the business is liquidity. If they run out of cash before making enough sales, then things can be nasty. They may be bought out by bigger guys.
  • A
    Just drove past a Johnson Control van on the highway and saw all their partners logos on the side of the van...But not PAT1....They prob BS’ed that partnership as well.
  • A
    You can’t even think the price is going to go up to make money you can’t even short it it just does absolutely nothing
  • R
    It's becoming embarrassing to own this stock with all the shootings going on, no sales, no news, not one thing from corporate, looking more and more like a sham on holders.
  • G
    Sales are everything. Talk is cheap.
  • j
    Plenty of up/down/sideways comments about Pat One. But still ... the main thing to remember about Pat One is this: Pat One is in a business (entrance-security) that millions of businesses, schools, buildings, and entertainment locations want and need. Headlines remind us every week. It's now, of course, up to Pat One to connect with those many customers. When that happens ... shareholders reap the rewards.
  • R
    It's apparent across the forums that the recently released financials would be nothing exciting. With that said the next financial will really tell us if this company is for real or not . ( Some believe not and have moved on ) . Next report should have no excuses, not from the pandemic nor a new CEO getting it's feet wet.

    With Evolv going public and already out there scanning the public there is absolutely no excuse why Pat shouldn't be alot farther along than it is. Banks schools government buildings and big retail stores are and have been open .

    Talk is cheap and Evans is not only on the clock but on a short leash , time and money are running out , along with investor patience . Being kept in the dark over updates of MSG2.0 and Sotech doesn't help either.

    Strictly my opinion but i believe we'll be bought out at a fraction of our potential.

    Good luck to all .
  • R
    Wow - the new CEO is really making his mark. He'll have the stock down to zero way quicker than Cronin could have.
  • j
    I think the following statement is a fact: Today there are more potential customers for Pat One security equipment than there was a couple days ago. Of course, it is still up to Pat One to capture the business. Usually, working smart 60 hours a week brings early success. It's not a guarantee, but it's as close as it gets.
  • N
    so liberty scan is a public company again. anyone know about this? thought they were done almost a year ago. they're so far behind pat. idk why anyone would invest there.
  • b
    Patriot One Releases Second Quarter Results
  • N
    VANCOUVER, BC and ATLANTA, March 22, 2021 /CNW/ - Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. ("Liberty" or the "Company") (TSXV: SCAN, OTCQB: LDDFF, FRANKFURT: LD2), a leading concealed weapons detection company, is pleased to announce that its common shares will resume trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (the "Exchange") under the symbol "SCAN" at market open, today, March 22, 2021.
    Liberty is developing contactless security solutions for concealed weapons detection in high volume foot traffic areas. The Company's HEXWAVE product is designed for discreet, modular, and scalable protection to provide layered, stand-off detection capability. The HEXWAVE product offers a means to proactively counter evolving urban threats. The integrated active 3-D imaging sensor and Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) using AI is designed to detect metal and non-metal firearms, knives, explosives and other threats.

    Liberty recently completed its previously announced business combination with DrawDown Detection Inc. ("DrawDown"), a gunpowder sensor detection company that commercializes intellectual property for use in the public safety market. Management expects that the combined businesses of Liberty and DrawDown will strengthen the Company's ability to protect communities and preserve peace of mind through innovative security detection solutions. The goal of the Company is to bring a multi-product security systems portfolio to the global threat detection market, composed of cutting-edge technologies that are complementary to high-throughput, non-intrusive weapons detection that can be deployed across the full spectrum of urban security vertical markets.
  • D
    How does a company with such a great product perform so pathetically????? Rhetorical question folks..... it must be management!!!
  • K
    KEVIN (mrpancake)
    financial reports just released

    No revenue from Patriot One detection past 6 months ending Jan 31st 2021
    Revenue $ -

    $3.834 MILLION loss from expected "sale" of SoTech... still listed as asset
    $7 MILLION balance sheet as Intangible assets- small amount of that amortized
    $25,582,433 goodwill mainly from Xtract purchase still fully listed as an asset
    $3 MILLION+ loss quarter ending January 31st 2020 actually $3.1MM

    How much cash will be left? $16MM? $14MM+
  • R
    In the wake of recent shootings are the comments from PTOTF =0, nothing, I would think they should start some kind of communications with the media about what PAT could bring to the table. PAT should let their HR go and hire a PR in their place, unless this is a fake company, just milking shareholders!
  • B
    We need a sale. A Big one. And then positiv news about the products. And then some shooting that ends wrong for the shooter because of top Security from pat1 🤑