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Aadi Bioscience, Inc. (AADI)

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14.13+0.43 (+3.14%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
14.52 +0.39 (+2.76%)
After hours: 05:50PM EDT

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  • A
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  • R
    I cant find to much info. on this Company. Im have no idea how I was issued shares.
  • M
    So my 2000 shares are 200. Of course the values changed. OK so lets see what the merged company will do. Not expecting much much optimistic for the future. Thought there might have been a little more enthusiasm, oh well.
  • C
    small float makes sp bounce.. when real news comes (e.g., FYARRO FDA approval) sling shot will move quickly.. good time to accumulate now if you believe in the team/product
  • M
    MIke D
    Any one know what the CVRs are based on?
  • K
    10 days to.cover avg 30k per day.
  • I
    To help everyone understand what has been happening here:

    Please refer to my prior posts. I have been following this for almost two years since was ARPO.

    -The approved medication is NOT a NEW drug.

    It is a new modality of drug delivery (the nano particle delivery technology).

    This is HUGE, this is a magnificent milestone (to get a new modality of a drug delivery approved for an already established drug that has been known for decades).

    The drug is known to be efficacious for a wide-spectrum of tumors, a huge multi-billion-dollar market.

    My believe is that this approved drug in its nano-delivery delivery format will be SOLD to one of the big sharks in the oncology field. This big shark will be taking it for FDA approval for those wide-spectrum indications (it is a nice game played all the time by pharma: get a small fish work on the initial FDA application and initial approval for an easy indication (a disease that is so rare and has no approved drug, obviously a small market value of few tens of millions), but very easy to get FDA approval, then take the approved new drug (new modality/delivery) one and conduct new studies for the other indications (that we all know the drug is effective for).

    The game in my believe is:

    SOMONE, is deliberately crashing the stock on purpose. This is so obvious from the consistent pattern:
    *Wonderful news----> a lot of new logic
    *Thieves: sell short and suck the money from those buyers at higher price---> those thieves then use the money to buy some shares to crash it, and then cover back their positions, while maintaining a long position on the other side, averaging lower price per share.

    Who are those thives:
    It could be one of two or the two:

    They know the huge potential for this drug and this company but want to get the shares at dirt cheap price benefiting from poor retail investors who lose their shares and money through stop loss orders triggered by those thives and those with weak heart.

    2-The big pharma shark who is interested in crashing share price down, to maintain it down for couple quarters to make the company acquisition price cheap (to avoid legal issues in the future when it gets sold cheap).

    My own strategy that I would share with every honest investor here is to:
    -Continue day and short-term trading in and out to average share price as low as possible and exhaust attackers (remember, they MUST cover at some point, but we do not have to sell).

    -Keep adding (uploading shares), rather than unloading.

    -Avoid stop loss orders.

    -If you have cash (non-margin) accounts, will be better to stash the shares in those accounts.

    One thing on the side that happened recently that did help those thives:
    The margin requirement for the company was 200% or more in most of the trading firms, now, it was dropped to 100% or less in most of those trading firms.

    This means more ammunition for those thives to shoot us.

    Only future will prove if I am wrong or right.

    Best of luck to all
  • Z
    Possible buyout will be happen soon at this point. we can see 3 digits easilly
  • C
    Catherine Wood worm
    $72.4 price target mid term
  • I
    This is a $100 plus.

    With such wonderful news (just the beginning, more to come with more indications in other tumors), add to that a significant nked short volume, this is $100 plus.
    Hold DO NOT SELL
  • J
    They just featured AADI on this sites morning watchlist. (
  • R
    Rodney Hendricks
    Why does anyone who owns this stock speak? I am guessing nothing to discuss… frustrating
  • K
    Holding for Q1 2022.
  • S
    hold. we are going to fly
  • k
    Am told that marketing is now underway of their recently approved drug.
    This is an incredible value at this sp.
  • T
    20.8m shares issued, at $26 gives the company MC of $540.8
    $arpo share holders get 15.2% or $82.2m a dilution of 18million dollar Aadi stockholders received $156.2m
    And finally the poor institutional investors or "PIPE" holding will only double from $150m investment to 299.2 million dollar.
    For doing nothing.
    Guess who are the biggest winners 😡😠😤?
  • K
    we got scammed unfortunately 😔 😪
  • s
    This will take awhile to settle out but should end up a $50 plus stock.
  • I
    Huge nked short volume along the last several days...

    I will not be surprised to see a significant double digit spike out from short squeezes