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106.84-3.50 (-3.17%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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    Sold ZM and TSLA on Friday.... buying additional 200 Apple shares... this is now at 22% discount
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    Bet BSU
    85% of Americans still have jobs and income pouring in.......but they haven’t been able to travel and vacation. Cash is just building up in their checking accounts. This is Apple’s market. The amount of disposable income this Fall and Winter is massive. I have $47,000 in my checking account now. Usually I keep about $8,000 there. No trips to Vegas, no cruises,......no trips to Hawaii. No DisneyWorld. I’m flush with cash.......and I’m just an Average American. Apple sales are going to rocket. The world is drowning in cash.
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    $CYDY conversation
    I appreciate the continuing contribution of analysis, insight and enthusiasm from many of you on this board.

    I do think in the short term (2-4 months) and very near term (1 month), prospects for the company and the share price are dependent on two events. Everything else is low value noise.

    The two key events are: 1) results of the CD12 trial and 2) uplisting to NASDAQ.

    Uplisting to NASDAQ is dependent on very strong results coming out of the CD12 trial or failing that, actions to prop up share price by reverse stock split (e.g. $HGEN), buyout, share offering at bargain basement levels or something else not favorable to current shareholders.

    Positive results from the CD12 trial will not be sufficient to hasten NASDAQ uplisting nor create a dramatic improvement in share price. Positive results will add credibility to the science behind leronlimab and its likely successful application in treating multiple diseases in the future but won’t create an environment for CytoDyn to thrive in the short term. The FDA will wait for results for other therapeutic trials (e.g. lenzulimab). The only outcome that will allow leronlimab and CytoDyn to achieve the explosive near term performance most of long term shareholders are hoping for is for the CD12 trial results to be so overwhelmingly positive that the DSMC determines the results are compelling enough that it would be unethical not to make leronlimab immediately available for use in treating severe/critical covid-19 patients and realize approval from the FDA.

    NP and team have and continue to do everything they can and whatever minor flubs people perceive are insignificant and would not be solved by bringing in a BP executive (recall why Steve Jobs had to come back and rescue $AAPL in 1997 – 1st John Sculley and subsequently Gil Amelio, ‘seasoned’ big corporation guys, floundered like bottom dwelling fish in a polluted pond). But even NP, Dr. Kelley et. alii can’t control how the market, in a time when desire for a therapeutic or vaccine to overcome covid-19 is ballistically high, will view trial results that do not reveal leronlimab as a game changer as opposed to nice to have.

    Keeping my shares and buying more when the shorts come to play, but realistic in understanding the risk for saving lives and investment success. CytoDyn faces any number of competitive, business, political and regulatory challenges. I expect that NP & team’s energy, effort, and dedication will bring success, but a little good luck woudn’t hurt.

    For the medical and chemical experts in the room, what are the significant difference(s) between leronlimab and lenzulimab? From a cursory view of their chemical structures, they look very similar. For those of us not well-versed in organic chemistry, how does one interpret the difference in structure?

    Lenzulimab C6474H10024N1748O2010S42

    Leronlimab C6534H10036N1720O2010S42
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    Futures just turned green, always look forward to Sunday evenings!
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    At today's closing price of $106.84, AAPL has returned almost exactly to where it was on July 31st, just prior to its massive breakout. AAPL is currently -10 points below its 50-day moving average and +19 points above its 200-day moving average. It has already lost -22.5% from its recent peak of $137.98. How much lower can we really expect AAPL to go? Personally, I think the price correction is complete at this point. There is always the chance that it might drop a few points more (especially if the overall tech sector keeps dropping next week), but after three weeks of this sell-off, I think there is more upside potential than downside risk at this point. In just about three weeks' time, AAPL is likely to debut its new line of 5G iPhones, and its quarterly earnings announcement is just a little over five weeks from now. Bargain buyers will start snapping up shares to position themselves for the bull run that these catalyzing events are all but guaranteed to trigger. I have some excellent PUTS in place as insurance, but I'm also deep into some CALLS that will pay off quite handsomely when AAPL gets back into the $120s and $130s again. Never ever underestimate AAPL. The few time I have, I've always regretted it.
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    Just found out Apple Watch sold out till 3rd week of November while trying to purchase one. Demand looks very strong.
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    Everyone knows Apple will be up next month, why wasting time just loaded it up. Monday I plan to add 2000 more shares in my portfolio. I am long on Apple. Love Apple.
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    No BS
    .......Apple usually always goes up before a watch and iPad lunch.Then it goes down after the announcement.This is normal because the big boys want to get the SP down so they can buy it that much cheaper before the Extravaganza launch of the 5G iPhone.Nobody likes this but There is always give-and-take.Thats What happens in the market you make moneyYou give money back then you get it back again if you’re in a winner like Apple. The future is bright if you’re an apple shareholder. Over time it always goes up.So sit back and have fun making money and don’t panic because the conclusions is always the same.💰💰💰👍
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    I didn't realize India was the 7th most wealthiest country in the world. Even though there are poor areas & poor people living there, there's also lots of wealthy folks in India, too. Apple should have a nice couple of weeks beginning tomorrow.
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    Listen no one know whether apple will go bellow $100 or above $130. What we do know is that apple has an amazing cash flow and will report out of this earth earnings calls in the upcoming quarters. With 5g, watches and more kids needing tech for online schools, apple is the solution. In the next 5 years, it is safe to say apple will be $300+.
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    No fears gang,Apple will sell more phones than ever in Q4.people are flush with cash,no where to spend it.apple no interest credit card for Apple products will be a huge profit maker.12 months ,interest free.Apple is a iconic product,its a status symbol,that’s why they prominently display the large Apple icon on all their products.it has cache,no other product does.you are proud to own Apple and with cheaper,iPad,I watch and iPhones being release price is less of an issue.itll be 3 trillion valuation soon.
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    Not sure if anyone noticed, but Amazon was pre-ordering Apple Watch 6 and SE all week to be shipped on Fri. I had one in my cart. By Sat afternoon, it already said "thanks for your order - this usually ships in 1 to 4 weeks." Not sure if I should be irritated waiting for my watch or glad as an investor that, like everything else they make, it's sold out and on backorder. Shrug. Not sure who was selling AAPL stock the last month.
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    Tomorrow is looking green so is most of next week! I am so glad that I didn't buy put to get my calls covered! Hopefully we will rise up
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    I just googled for this info: Number of iPhone users in China vs that of the US. In 2017, there were 228 million iPhone used in China vs. 120 million in the US. The data was 3 years old for sure. But recent Apple earnings reports showed the most of its growth was from China, meaning the gap is now even bigger. But this wechat ban may be a gigantic disturbing force for the Chinese iPhone users. You may still think this everyday drop of apple shares by 3-4% is a normal correction, as I wish it to be, but watch for consumer behaviors change due to politicians interference of free market. This wind and rain can develop into a gigantic hurricane. Its rare but if it happens will be devastating.
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    15% short squeeze likely starting Monday on Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet according to present charts and data.
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    I added some more today. Big picture perspective helps. With day trades and swing trades and some core positions I’m still up over 18% from pre covid highs. This tech selloff has allowed me to pickup aapl amazon and Facebook on sale. I buy in stages so I won’t ever try and time the bottom. But shares of Apple I’ve been buying since under $120 will eventually big worth much more. Will it retest $95? I don’t know. My guess is buyers start coming in soon as iPhone and holiday hype takes over. Either way owning the stocks I own I can sleep nice at night regardless of daily price action. That’s important too.
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    My major indicator of when to sell AAPL is did Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway sell any of their shares of AAPL? The answer is no he/they didn't. I'm holding long, in fact I've been buying the last two weeks. Also, iPhone super cycle at the end of 2020, and Apple getting into India.
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    Maintains Jefferies: to Buy 9/17/2020
    Maintains Needham: to Buy 9/16/2020
    Maintains UBS: to Buy 9/14/20
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    Doesn’t matter if it went down last week or this week in a row, Apple always goes up in the long run to break new highs just look at the all time chart, Apple was just meant to keep going up like the s&p 500 and nasdaq, yea they dipped a lot before but always reach higher highs don’t stress this if you bought high this is apple we are talking about now lol shorts never win long run on this company they will eventually get squeezed coming day :)