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AbbVie Inc. (ABBV)

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    By any metric Abbv is undervalued! Buffett added more.
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    Is Abbvie still buying back stock? I would hope that they would reduce o/s debt so that they can continue their great dividend policy. I think in the past they spent hundreds of millions on stock buy backs only to see the the stock crater.
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    ABBV/CLGN-entered into a worldwide exclusive development and commercialization agreement for dermal and soft tissue filler products with Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company.
    As a result CLGN received an upfront payment of $14 million and is entitled to receive up to an additional $89 million in milestone payments.
    This alone will result in a record Q1 for Collplant, about a 2000% increase from Q1 2020.
    I believe they will anounce a similar deal for breast implants
    Also CLGN has approximately $50 million of cash reserves and no debt as of this month.
    -6 mill float
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    In the latest issue of SCIENCE, 19 Feb 2021, p 803, there is a very important paper from Harvard and MIT titled " Phage-assisted evolution of botulinum neurotoxin proteases with reprogrammed specificity".
    The possibilities that are opened by this method have enormous potential in many fields. The protease domain of the toxins could be evolved to cleave specific proteins involved in the sensation of pain. One could also envision evolving activity specifically toward a mutated oncogene while sparing the proto-oncogene, targeting cancer cells while sparing other cells. Similar applications to cardiovascular diseases inflammation, cystic fibrosis, retinal disorders and other medical conditions are possibilities. ABBVIE should quickly establish collaborations with Broad Institute of Harvard/MIT to leverage Botox possibilities opened by this scientific publication.
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    Abbvie is the “Rodney Dangerfield “ of stocks, just gets no respect. Should be 200 a share. IMHO.
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    Is a Co's. large debt a concern when interest rates are rising sharply ... investment firms are zeroing in on at-risk companies....read and be aware!
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    Blake Industries
    Several (3-4) company EVP's filed disclosures to cash in stock shares of stock ~ 13K to 15k , why they jumping shiP?
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    Some other things I left out about ABBV's cash flows. Free cash flow has been growing just about every year over the last 7 years. Free cash flow in 2014 was 2.9 billion. Current FCF is now 8 times that. Phenomenal growth and exactly what I like to see. You want increasing FCF over the years....not the other way around. A company like GME has had declining FCF over the last 5 years to the point it is now negative, although negative may be due to stores being closed due to COVID. Still...that's not what you want to see. ABBV and GME are polar opposites. ABBV really is a fantastic company. The financials are like a dream. In addition to that ABBV is a profit machine...77% gross margin, 39% operating margins, 23.7% net margins. This company checks all the boxes for me.
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    Added more at 106. Don't know why the big hit this morning.
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    ABBV has cash flow per share of $9.48, and a free cash flow yield of 9 percent. 7% free cash flow yield is considered high quality, and ABBV is 2% above that. Not only is ABBV cheap in terms of intrinsic value, it is cheap from a FCF yield stand point as well. It has nearly $17 billion free cash flow and $8.5 billion in cash. It has a lot of debt but leverage is only 2.66. Typically you want 4x or less. Overall ABBV has solid fundamentals and the cash flow per share is $4 bigger than the dividends declared per share, suggesting the company can not only continue paying its enormous dividend but raise it in the future. With a solid pipeline I believe ABBV will achieve intrinsic value over time. This stock is not a value trap.
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    Got me another 95 shares Friday, hopefully price goes up , already had 630 shares around 82 but where else can you put 10K and get the kind of interest ABBV pays
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    chester lipper
    When the Abbv dividend payout % drops to the level as Merck, Novartis and Amgen, the stock should pause. Until then, it will move higher imo
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    ARK investments has invested about $44M in ABBV this week.
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    Berkshire raised its abbv share position by 20.1% (to 25.5 million shares from 21,264,316 shares).
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    $^IXIC conversation
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    The debt crisis in the US is similar to global warming — it is an incremental but enormous phenomenon that could trigger disaster at any given point.
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    Analysis: Debt sitystion

    They have maybe 7-8 billion working capital that is needed for conducting their business. This fluctuates widely and is usually bank credits at rates that fluctuate daily or weekly.

    Also, Yahoo has GAAP earnings at 2.72 $/share and P/E of 39.23. Matches most others ... including Argus and S&P.

    Paying out 5.30 in dividend is quhere...

    How much of dividend is return of capital for 2020 - anybody know that owns the stock?
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    A P/E of 39.23 is TOO MUCH for my pocketbook, PFE is a better risk here and their Divvy is covered by GAAP earnings !
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    lets see i think Abbv will raise the divi this year in the 5.72 range and growth earnings 9 percent at least over the decade. So at 104 a share or so you get a forward 5.5% yield and a stock that normally gives you long term returns of 19%. So sell to me.
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    Rohit Mehrotra
    Hello !! Need suggestion. I have a call option on this for 03/19 Expiry for $115 strike price. Currently I am in loss -38% and thinking of what should be my next move. I am positive about the stock on the whole but not sure how to play out for my option call. Really appreciates any suggestions.
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    Buffett and Woods buying.