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American Battery Metals Corporation (ABML)

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3.3350+1.0305 (+44.72%)
At close: 3:59PM EST
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  • r
    If only I had kept the 20,000 shares acquired at $0.10...
  • K
    New investor. This is the first stock my son and I have bought . Got in @ 1.44, 1.60 and 1.70. We have made 9K in 10 days! We are in for the long haul. We both work at Tesla btw.
  • S
    Happy to be in the train :D but be ready for big correction...
  • H
    If you watch the interview with the CEO you can see he is a genuine guy with a long term vision for the business. They made hires of tesla employees last year . As soon as this is off the OTC (ticker is changing to ABTC) this stock will fly as institutional investors jump in.

    Not phased by any dip as i will buy more. No stop loss needed!
  • T
    I am a long term investor in this stock, in @ under .10 per share. I put up a certain amount of money that I was willing to 100% lose, with the understanding that I would NOT sell unless either the underlying fundamentals within the company changed OR the shares rose to a valuation where I could retire (cash out and buy more real estate). When I initially began accumulating shares, this company's financials were a mess, with less than a 30mil market cap. I only decided to invest after doing DD on Ryan's technology and after Batstone came aboard (which imo added more credibility to the company). Fast forward to TODAY, this company is significantly stronger financially, AND continues to methodically make progress on implementing its overall vision. Add in the most recent DOE funding money and partnerships mentioned, this indicates further strength....not to mention the current share price which gives it even MORE financial flexibility in terms of raising capital (should it need to). Therefore, I try not to stare too closely at the price action that has occurred during the past 30 days. Yes, it has been phenomenal, however, before you decide to SELL your shares (due to a huge % gain), you need to ask yourself this one question: Is this company WEAKER or STRONGER than when you first purchased your shares?? Forget about "valuation" for a minute.....Amazon and Tesla didn't earn a dime for YEARS. Docusign is STILL not profitable (last I checked).....But they all hold value because of their business models. Everything ABML has done over the past 6 months has been positive (that I can see), and they continue to add smart people to an already strong team of individuals.

    For those posters who ask "is this a good entry point?", NO ONE can answer this question with any certainty. If you are asking this, then you have not done your own DD, or you are a day trader--and best of luck trying to figure out this stock. I was certain it would correct two days ago after hitting $1.94, only it went to $2.30 yesterday, to which I was doubly certain it would correct today, and we all know what happened today! Monday? WHO REALLY KNOWS......

    Remember, we are hopefully days/months away from multiple significant announcements: 1) Permits hopefully accepted 2) Funding (SBA?) 3) Future up listing to NASDAQ 4) Additional partnerships 5) Rumors of additional DOE funding , etc., etc. And for the life of me, I STILL cannot find an official press release for the DOE funding (from 2 days ago). In other words, there could even be more new investors coming in once this release is published(?).....

    I guess what I am saying is this: Everything recently points to ABML being a stronger, more stable company vs what is was just 3-6 months ago......so other than desperately needing the money, WHY on EARTH would anyone sell now??
  • D
    23k shares at 85c 58k profit not selling a single share long term investor here!!
  • J
    Is anyone selling above $3?
  • P
    1.55B market cap... zero revenue.
  • m
    35 days. Up 582%. $54,400 profit. holy moly
  • B
    I bought in at $2.08 two days ago with 16K ... my gains are now 60% with a 10K rise. i have to settled funds from 2 sells, but 24K should be available on Monday. QUESTION for veteran traders .. Should I jump on a BUY ( maybe it will be $3.50 ,, don't know ) Monday morning .. OR - BE PATIENT for a 'for sure pullback below $2 ??? Something in me says GRAB EVERY SHARE POSSIBLE NOW. 16K + 24K. ( 40K for buy ) - could it go beyond $20 and produce life-change gains for me ? AT SOME TIME a Sell of some % MUST OCCUR .. I have no idea how to pin down that 'golden moment' .. ANY INPUT IS WELCOME. . I am only 4months into learning trading.
  • a
    new millionaires are rising from this play.
  • N
    This will be above $4 by Feb End..Just Imagine with no news its ramping up so much...what will happen when the below info will be released.
    1. Nasdaq listing - Due Feb mid
    2. Pouring of cement / Starting the construction
    3. Approved loan for construction 35mil
    4. Collaboration with vendors

    GLTA...I am glad the hop in the train when this was 1.05. Very happy to be invested in this for the next 10yrs.
  • t
    tom j
    As an otc stock , what happens if they go public, say like, nasdac
  • M
    Volume will be close to double by end of day. Close around $3.05 - $3.10.
  • m
    Didn’t someone say yest after closing someone sold 300k shares? Hope it was worth it.
  • m
    My friend has 200,000 shares that he bought for 3 cents a piece. Very happy for him. He told me about it and I didn’t buy any. Good luck to all you guys. I may buy some in the near future.
  • A
    And no news?!?!!!
  • A
    My original $300 is now worth $7626. Is money even real?
  • A
    DuPont has a water solutions page, and under their mining tab is a video that talks about their hydrometallurgical processes. If you check out the video, skip to 2:55 minutes in. The words sound exactly that of what Melsert was saying throughout 2020. This partnership may have more to it that a simple funding notice from the Govt. Long term partnership to deal with their actual mineral resources in the ground as well. May move forward that vertical timeline.
  • p
    its called momentum investing--its the rage--you buy stocks that are rising for what ever reason,most traders don't care, and just add and add and add until someone gets crushed--similar to a ponzi scheme-last one in loses