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Airbnb, Inc. (ABNB)

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196.42-9.93 (-4.81%)
At close: 4:00PM EST

198.00 +1.58 (0.80%)
After hours: 7:59PM EST

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  • M
    Airbnb is a good pick for the long term in 2021. Doesn’t make sense to watch everyday.
  • R
    Amazon had historic revenues, and the stock tanked. ABNB has no revenues, and the stock skyrockets. Everything is upside down.
  • A
    Can anyone confirm lockup expires tomorrow and they are releasing 28 million shares tomorrow? Or share release might take some time??
  • W
    Never buy a negative equity company. This stock will crush once the hype is over.
  • M
    Tomorrow is the partial lockup expiry. There will be another lockup expiry (the official and final one) in 3-4 weeks from now. You need to read the agreement between the underwriter and ABNB. Long story short, because the SP went up that high, the agreement lets them sell 27.8-33.5 million shares tomorrow, all the way down to around $110. This is a pre-scheduled dump. Meaning, all these shares (28-33.5 million shares) will be sold on the same day. ABNB's management are not stocks day traders. Nor do they have a trading room with an expert trader doing trades for them. They give the shares to their broker/underwriter who then sells them at market price. The broker gets his commission no matter what price he sold it for. Take note that the underwriter is obliged to support the SP only if it goes bellow $94. They have to support this price ($94) up until the official lockup expiry date (3-4 weeks from now). Let's just say that for the next few weeks it's "safe" to buy it around $94 and very risky to hold it at this level. Based on other IPOs, stock loses 30-40% as it gets closer to lockup expiry.
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    Lockup expires today...28 million shares releasing
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    Feb 26, 2021 4:31 PM GMT-5
    Brian Fitzgerald of Wells Fargo is expressing concern about a partial lockup expiration for the stock. "With the stock well above its IPO price, satisfying conditions for the 'second release window,' we believe 27.8MM shares will become eligible for sale on Monday 3/1."

    27.8MM shares is more than 3x the daily average. This will surely bring the stock down on Monday. The question is by how much. 10-20-%?
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    Wow. Nasdaq up 400 points and ABNB down 5% with 15M shares traded. The average daily volume is 9M. This means that only about 6M out of the 33.5 M shares were dumped today. Namely, instead of dumping it all in one day, they will dump it over a period of a week (6M X 5 trading days = 30M shares). If so, this is even worse than dumping it all in one day. Why? Because if 6M extra shares brought the price down by $10 (on a day when market was on fire), then $10 X 5 = $50 down. And that's if Nasdaq goes up 400 points every day. Chances of Nasdaq going up 400 points every day this week are slim. Therefore, I except the stock to go down more than $50 by end of week. I think than $70 down by the time they are done with this dump is reasonable. So, $130-135 by end of week.
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    Read ABNB Form 10-K Airbnb, Inc. Annual report published on Friday Feb 26th after market closed. This is a very long report but if you took the time to read it, they made it clear that they will dump some 33.5 million shares today. Basically they pumped the stock on Friday while hiding the fact that they will dump 33.5 million shares on March 1st. Pump and dump.
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    Pity shorts are looking for insider sales. With that hope keep shorting. Look at SNOW it went to 450 as people were thinking they will sell. They did not.
    GL for your short thesis.
  • C
    I bought 2 shares of this at $160 should I sell now and then buy when the dip occurs when this lockup happens
  • J
    all hotel booking stocks are falling today. wall street manipulation?
  • S
    230 coming this week?
  • P
    ABNB will be a trillion dollar market cap company in 2 yrs
  • T
    Any one tried booking for round the world cruises. Can't find any as they are booked through 2022.
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    Guys, from the information available, tomorrow they will dump some 28 million shares. This one falls under the category of "partial lockup expiration". Since the price reached a certain level, it allows ABNB to sell these shares even though the official lockup expiration date is still a few weeks away. That means that another wave of selling, and a much bigger one, is to be expected sometime in next few weeks. This is when employees will be allowed to sell their shares. When you think of it, these employees were excepting the share price to be around $94 (38% above the $68 IPO - according to the agreement). Could you blame them if they dump their shares at anything above this price? Especially after seeing that the company dumped 28 million shares as soon as they had a chance to do so.
  • X
    ABNB miscalculated "revenue", it doesn't own any properties, but this middle man agent somehow "managed" to "count" all hosts' incomes as its revenue... it should only count the fee it charged to both ends(travellers and hosts) as its revenue.

    Just like a real estate broker, it can't count the million dollars house transactions it brokered as its revenue

    This is just an application, its assets are only a few servers, the program and database running on these servers with a few IT guys supporting the application..plus some corporate service (mainly administrative) staff and a few customer service agents in the back office...

    ABNB valuation should NOT be as the same as Boeing, should NOT be as the same as Hilton+Marriot+ Hyatt+...combined...

    This is just an Application( platform), nothing more than that...it can be easily replaced by another application when hosts and travellers getting used to another better application...
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    We need to go through this to get the next wave of real growth. We will see the true potential once all shares become available. Until then, we'll get this one more time & off we go. Minimum $300 by summer.
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    This is just round one. Markets are up big and ABNB in red. If markets give back some of the gains this one will sink. The huge dump is coming in 4-5 weeks, when employees will be allowed to sell their shares.
  • j
    I buy when it hits 80