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  • J
    Here is what you need to know. There isn't a single analyst that understands the cannabis industry yet. It is in its infant stage and is brand new, so they still don't understand how to rate these companies. The potential for growth is off the charts. ACB is the best company to invest in because they are the world leader in medical cannabis. That is where the growth and profits will come from. I live in Oregon there are hundreds of mom and pop cannabis shops so regular pot sales are their bread and butter. There is to much competition for regular pot sales so you can't expect huge returns from the companies that rely on pure cannabis sales IE Canopy Growth and Tilray. Medical cannabis is going to taking on the big Pharma companies. Medical cannabis is where all the big money will come from because their product is a natural plant that we can grow versus a man made chemical product that will always have horrible side effects. Medical cannabis is natural medicine, and has almost zero side effects. It will be 10% the cost of big pharma medicine. Hold tight because I believe Aurora can go well over 100 per share once we wake up and realize the potential for this new industry. Go longs, buy as many shares as you can afford, especially at the huge discount that's available right now.
  • D
    So I made a point when responding to someone on my earlier post that I want to share . Singer told shareholders Reliva was accretive and EBITDA positive when it was purchased. Since then the revenue has declined and their were $0 reported in revenue from Reliva this ER. Reliva was never EBITDA positive (had they hit that goal, Miguel was in line for another 30 million payout). Reliva operates in the US, the biggest CBD market in the world, with very little government oversight, yet they had no reported income this quarter. So if Miguel failed with Reliva, why do you think he'll succeed with a much bigger company like ACB?
  • D
    Don Philippo
    This company loses market share to its competitors, has no revenue growth over one year (whereas Canadian sales exploded compared to one year before), is shutting down plants, reduced research and development expenditures for new products, is going to dilute soon to cover their losses. And this is going on for years. I do not get it, how anyone is still buying this company.
  • D
    Most thought they would have a good report, I really don't know why, which I didn't and said Put options would be the less riskiest and the way to go and the option went up over a 100% after it dropped 20%!!! The Canadian companies were the ones a few years ago but the U.S. companies, the MSO's are the way to go now. TRULIEVE, CRESCO, CURLEAF,GREENTHUMB,JUSHI,TERRASCEND,PLANET 13, COLUMBIA CARE. There are catalysts that will be huge for U.S. companies. The Banking Act, and Decriminalization at the Federal level is the huge one that will send these SP'S into orbit, they will get to deal with banks and get tax breaks so even though these companies share prices are down from their highs this year like CRESCO is down 40% but still up 300% since last March. I would like to see them come down some more like 15 to 20% at least before I start scaling in but either way there will be money to be made, I believe the analysts have CRESCO share price at $22. Their revenue is near a Billion this year and about $1.15 Billion next year and Profitable with 145% growth this year and over 200% next year!!! WOW!!!
  • G
    I would recommend that you set a loss limit and stick to it - Aurora is going to go bankrupt in the near future and thats just a true fact. Miguel Martin was brought in to be the finisher as former / current execs depart cleanly . Miguel Martin has no skin in the game - no ties to Terry Booth and thus Martin will just shut it down and walk .

    1. Revenues declining faster then industry
    2. No Leadership - Miguel Martin is a empty suit / no experience / no skill set
    3. No business plan that can even make sense as Miguel Martin avoids that topic
    4. Top Talent has left the company and those who are left are not qualified
    5. Cash burn is ramping up as revenues decline
    6. Announcement of a $300 million stock offer ( MAJOR DILUTION again ) now over 1400%
    7. Auroras corporate offices are shrinking
    8. 16 analyst just dealt a blow to Aurora with concerns of Aurora failing by early 2022
    9. No product launch / no R&D dept / no med dept / no marketing - they are all shut down
    10. Michael Singer departing from day to day business - same pattern as Terry Booth and his partners

    I am done posting about Aurora - I have made my case based on facts - Good luck
  • T
    The American weed companies are massively increasing revenue. Take a look at #CURLF, #TCNNF, #HRVSF. Hardly any that aren’t. Good luck #ACB still hold a few hundred shares that I wish I never bought before the reverse split. What’s wrong with these Canadian companies?
  • D
    I have to say there is a real problem when companies like Trulieve and Green thumb can make money (and profit) in a country where it is still federally illegal and these Canadian companies cannot in a federally legal and fully recreational market. Your losses should never be 3 times your revenue. And ACB's business transformation plan is going on 2 years now and they are nowhere closer than they were 2 years ago.
  • D
    I've been down $16,000 ever since they did the 12:00 to 1:00 I haven't sold but all I want is for Aurora to go bankrupt
  • S
    up 2.5% today. Was there a leak? Somebody must know something. Lol
  • s
    Lol my average cost per share is $101.00 this stock is a joke
  • M
    Don't understand how the consumer cannabis is half now from a year ago? They have no stores open at all? Loss of 24 million vs loss of 50 million last years quarter. At least the spending is going down with the sales down 19% year ago.
  • D
    Harry, learn to read. That was ADJUSTED EBITDA loss. The actual loss was 164 million which included 75 million loss in operations. The cash balance is where it is because they added 184 million through a capital raise. Otherwise they would be down to 340 million.
  • J
    ACB is the best cannabis company in the world. It will blow doors off the other companies in this space. They will dominate the medical sector for years to come. Thankfully all the shorts will start the massive rally to the upside. Start buying today and keep buying until we hit 100 bucks a share.
  • R
    Random Man
    Aurora Cannabis is being sued by its competitors (including Tilray) for mislabelling its products.
  • D
    Harry, there is no way you are a stock market veteran. When you miss on revenue, have bigger than expected losses, declining sales, your chairman of the board steps down and you announce yet another round of dilution, that is a disaster. Nobody thinks that's pretty good.
  • L
    Aurora River pumping out EU-GMP cannabis for the European market. ACB quarter has great potential for new increased sales in Europe. Let us hope there is a nice increase in this quarter. The Aurora River site is the company's third and largest facility licensed to produce marijuana for consumption in Canada and throughout the EU. The new certification raises Aurora's ability to serve the growing market for #$%$ in Germany and the rest of the European Union by 237% to 39,800 kilograms annually.
  • H
    Alex Miller the new EVP....was VP at Mondelēz International for 3 years.
  • M
    Mark J
    All of us who bought in early on and added thousands of shares...17k shares for me.

    I fell into a burning ring of fire
    Went down, down, down
    And the flames went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns
    The ring of fire
    The ring of fire
  • M
    Interesting uptick in institutional ACB ownership. It has been slowly moving up over the last several weeks. it is up nearly 50% since March.

    Of particular note, institutional ownership topped 20% yesterday...up from 19.41% the day before. Sizable jump after less than ideal earnings.

    Institutional buyers normally are more in tune with company variables and knowledge of new trends. It might be a good leading indicator that ACB is about to pull out of their tailspin.
  • R
    Random Man
    Strange that Aurora management would blame Covid for the falling revenues. Revenues have declined for this company for 6 straight quarters IIRC. Covid only goes back 4 quarters. Just sayin'.