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Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB)

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    This management team ran the company to the ground after being long for 7 years I finally decided I am going to sell first thing in the am. Don't buy this stock the company never delivers
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    How is this not absolutely crashing right now?? Closing aurora sky facility as well..
  • m
    Revenue down
    Closing shop in Edmonton
    No profit
    Reverse stock splits
    Where is the upside?
  • B
    Strong buy at $0.99 USD
  • G
    $4.72 loss per share...
    Analysis had expected a loss of 0.34 per share.

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    There's always a correlation between the collapse of a company's stock share price to the $5 and under level and an ever increasing risk the company may eventually face bankruptcy. The markets recognize share price movement as a barometer of the company's overall health and ability to continue as an ongoing business concern. That risk increases daily with Aurora Cannabis. Don't be deceived by the irrelevant trivia you're bombarded with each day in this forum by gamblers and speculators who have little if any experience trading or investing in equities.
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    What part of $1,000,000,000 don't you understand? ...
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    An even worst quarter than last quarter. Total sales revenue of $50.4/MCD with a operational loss of $72.4/MCD….on top of that they cleaned up their balance sheet for a total decline of $940/MCD…..I’m not sure if Canopy will be able to keep up!
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    Hmmm ??? .... Massive declines in market share and sales, almost twice the number of shares outstanding than 1 year ago, an astounding $1,000,000,000 in losses for the latest quarter, a stock share price which tanked to a NEW ALL TIME LOW on both U.S.and Canadian exchanges recently, and a management and board of directors that is h#$%$\\ bent on perpetual, uncontrolled, spending .... ALMOST TIME FOR LUNCH .. eh?
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    Well, time for another 5-1 reverse split. That will take me from losing 85% of my investment to 99%
  • J

    Stop looking at ER/FS.. everybodyblooks at that!

    You really need to look at the technicals of the chart and the stock price movement, ACB's future revenue will go through the roof, people are thinking 5 years ahead!

    The lower the SP, the higher the long term returns. The higher the SP the lower the long term returns.. fact.
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    Mark J
    Please longs, go back and look at my posts from years ago. I have deleted no posts. I was the biggest believer ever regarding ACB. They lied to us and continue to do so. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. PLEASE go back a couple of years and read my posts....It is kinda sad really. I was here back in the days of "Sales" who was a bigger supporter than me. We laid out all the positives for everyone. Problem is... the reports we were getting were not true and still are not. When will this company EVER become EBITDA positive. They have been promising it for years...NADA. I am not a short, I am, as of this morning OUT! I speak the truth. Anybody who wants to know facts about ACB history, let me know.
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    $1,000,000,000 in losses ...
    You've "turned the corner."
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    The stockholders of Aurora really got taken. The reverse split was one thing but after the split to sell another 100/M shares just to pay bonuses…. It’s a travesty, what this management team does time and time again……..yet no one hold them accountable!
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    $10 million in rec sales revenue but cost of sales is $23 million. You can't make this stuff up. They spent $23 million to make $10 million selling rec pot. How is that possible? It's ACB.
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    Lifeist has better numbers and is only worth 6 cents lmaoo
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    Congratulations to Aurora cannabis for being the first Canadian cannabis company to lose $5 billion since legalization. Any company that can lose $72.4 million on 50.4 million in sales revenue is special indeed!
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    ÷ by 12. Longs know why.
  • $
    $$MAD MONEY$$
    Earning $0 BK is coming soon.
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    No matter what you buy it at it always goes lower i just can't believe after all these years people still buy this