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Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACHN)

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  • The CEO is a scammer. He had said they achieved 100% suppression of the complement system at the lowest dose and now seems to be implying that 4471 has some efficacy but not enough to justify going up against a more powerful drug in the same category (soliris) so they will shift to other potential areas. The clinical update will just provide some color on what they will do next with this information.
  • We really need one of the large shareholders to start putting the heat on management and the BOD to start focusing on shareholder value and getting stuff done on time. Too much science talk, pipeline, next generation, not enough business action and accomplishments. Why go after a therapeutic area where there's an established drug before going for the therapeutic areas with no good therapies??? Seems like a terrible business decision and management needs to be held accountable for these very expensive mistakes and delays.
  • Deshpande tries to sound noble in that he will not spend he time and money unless he can make a substantial difference.......except he has already spent the time and money as he makes error after error in his management with absolutely no understanding of the purpose of his role in a publicly held business. Thankfully they still have commercial value based on the hep c science.
  • good size buys on the close!!!
  • I agree with Bio Im staying with it because I also think they have something very valuable!!! or the plug would of been pulled.Were all under water but if we can hold our breath a little longer I think we will all be doing the Jig !!!
  • Investors were very disappointed they didn't get the news we all anticipated - 4471 update. ACHN decided not to release any updates until Q2. This leads me to believe the data was not good. I'm really confused b/c the company stated the 4471 update was going to be released by June 30th. Now we have to wait another five weeks for this update. Who knows maybe a blockbuster release in Q2 concerning FD studies. Very disappointing.
  • We need RA Capital, or Orbimed to get active with management and the BOD to get this company turned around and provide some value/return to the shareholders. I think the CEO is probably a brilliant scientist/chemist and they probably have something very valuable, but they seem to lack in business decision-making, strategy, execution and never meet their own stated timelines. I'm going to hold this because I do think they have something and I'm under water. I just have no idea when something positive will happen and if there will me a lot more pain, or time before gain.
  • Any news from the JMP conference?
  • Biotech flying. ACHN, well, it's like a boat. Maybe if we we throw more money at it....
  • Monster MicroCaps SPECIAL ALERT to ACHN shareholders – NWBO $.19 and climbing, just announced $11 million financing with convertible debt payable in 3 years at $0.25, $.50 and $1.00. NWBO expected to release final Phase III Trial results any day from now until mid-July. If results are comparable to preliminary data, shares likely to explode to yield enormous percentage gains. Announcement could be huge because DCVax-L and DCVax Direct are also proven effective against 13 common cancers and has only mild fever as potential side effect. This breakthrough immunotherapy might replace the $100 Billion chemotherapy market.

    NWBio Closes 3-Year Convertible Debt Exchange and Financing, and Completes Payoff of Last $5 Million of 2014 Bonds
    This completes the Company's payoff of $11 million in principal amount of bonds, plus associated interest and forbearance fees, over the period from March through June of this year in accordance with an installment payment agreement with the bondhold
  • I can't get to the numbers right now, but I could swear they were at like 600 thousand shares traded at about 3:30 this afternoon; now I come back to see over 2.4 million shares were traded today? Was that all at the bell?
  • ACHN will be presenting results of their FD studies Tuesday at the JMP Conference in NYC 2:00 pm. Hopefully we will get some positive data from these studies.
  • Jan options seem very inexpensive. Not a recommendation, there could be a reason they're cheap, but considering there's potential for a few meaningful events, I think they are inexpensive. Also, lots of talk about biotech turning the corner. Maybe the large ones have, but many small biotech firms are waaaay of their 12 month highs.
  • We are in Q2.
  • ACHN has developed over 2000 molecules related to inhibiting factor d in the complement system............. but has only located 2 patients to test the 2000 molecules on over the course of this a year of effort utilizing 81 full time employees........... management by M. Deshpande. I agree with those posting their frustration over where their families savings have gone.
  • why would an idiot by 887 shares pre market at 5. when the ask is 4.45. they just gave away 500 bucks for nothing.
  • Why is the C3G study still listed as Not Yet Recruiting, it was supposed to start in MAY??? This company is not meeting timelines or expectations, needs to find a buyer with the funds and talent to get things done. Get moving!!!
  • why are ACHN down 5%?? i don't get it.
  • Stocks are not trading based on whether a businesses’ prospects look favorable for the future value of the company.
    In the old days, through fundamental analysis, investors would estimate the future cash flows a company could generate and would then discount the cash flows to the present to determine the value of the company. This analysis captures whether the company is being mispriced in the market.
    But in today’s market, investors and traders are going in and out of stocks for all sorts of other reasons. “Stocks are increasingly caught in powerful cross-currents of passive and quantitative investors.” Investors may abandon the idea of value altogether and trade based on patterns they see in stock price charts.
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  • J&J have $41.3 Billion in Cash as at May 2017 .... .