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American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO)

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11.93+0.42 (+3.65%)
At close: 4:04PM EDT
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  • Prime Wardrobe . Remember those words when AEO files BK
  • Looks like someone figured out grampa #$%$ still in charge. Slow march to bankruptcy, or fast if the senile diaper pooper actuly tries to buy out ANF. Done deal,Come on Shotty, go to the Alzheimers ward where you belong!
  • AEO is up 5.06% to 11.84
  • Amazon has "BUSTED" all Mall stores. The Malls competed and lost market versus Kmart, then Target, then Kohls and then even Walmart. Amazon has started selling groceries and soon it will be selling big ticket merchandise like appliances and furniture.
  • Mr. S. and sons may also be taking a look at acquiring Columbus based Ascena retail??
  • Guess grampy Shottie poopied his depends today! Another down day for this loser POS!! Die Shottie die!!!
  • Nice collapse, good thing this pile set new multi year lows week or two ago! Old Shotty still chasing the white whale of ANF. Senile doddering old fool
  • Did no one think to put a M80 in Shotties mouth and say "Happy Memorial Day cigar sir light it and run?? No gratitude anywhere. Wonder if the drooler in charge took a 40 pct pay cut like the SP did? Naaaah, gramps needs his Depends and geritol for those meetings where smart people are suckering him iinto buying into that pile of #$%$ ANF. Keep drooling gramps!
  • Douglas this is you. Your views are one-sided and more times than not inaccurate. Don't listen to this toddler.
  • $2B market cap seems too high

    A $1.5B market cap is a more likely fair value. Need another 25% haircut, or under $8.25/sh to take a chance on the dividend income. Need even lower for much of a chance on share value appreciation imo.
  • OMG that senile demetia ridden #$%$ moron fool of a CEO is really thinking about taking over the god awful ANF brand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the name of all that is holy someone pour bleach in his tapioca afternoon pudding, merging with the most hated brand in the US would be nothing but a nightmare disaster. Is there no BoD to tell this mouthbreathing fool how bad an idea that is ????????????????????
  • We have more downside from these sub 12 levels. A lot of weak hands will be throwing in the towel. I'll let it drop lower and bottom out before I take a position. I would really like to see 9 print sometime this quarter.
  • Guess the market figured out old Shottie wasn't going to kill himself or resign in shame while presiding over an almost 50 collapse in the share price in less than a year. Guess he doesn't mind the company going the way of the dinosaur . listening to that wore out geezer talk about womens jeans sure made me want to kill myself, can't figure out how he doesn't feel the same way.. Drink bleach and die Shottie as you don't have the decency to resign!! Will be back to 2008 level s within a week,.
  • Listened to the concall. Old Shottie should just do everyone a favor and kill himself now, and let someone who is less than a 100 that knows something about the current environment have a shot before the wore out brainless no energy turd runs this thing to zero. Repurchased shares? How'd that work out for you loserface? God, so hard to listen to the wheezy old fart drone on using buzzwords his nanny had to write for him. Get out now you leeching useless piece of know nothing #$%$! Get someone that can actually do a concall rather than make you want to end your own life just not to hear your voice again!! Drink bleach already and do us the favor!!
  • It just because now people are buying online more than at the shopping mall?
  • Really, who thought a 65 year old denture wearing midwestern nebbish jew could sell bralettes to 21st century diverse urban teens and millenials? Plan should have been to ease gramps out years ago. Retire or drink bleach and die Shottie, you wore out loser piece of garbage!!!
  • Share price falling nicely today catching up with the rest of the retail sector. Expect further downside near term. We'll eventually get a bounce but there's just no good fundamental reason for that to happen anytime soon. I'll start looking for entry sub 9.
  • Margin calls will be hammering people next couple of days and panic selling continuing the downward spiral. Expect sub 10 no later than Tues/Wed.
  • OMG saw the geezers photo on Wiki.Cannot conceive of anyone less likely to be in tune with market trends than that pale milquetoast turd. Better hope someone else in charge of the company and he's just a figurehead with someone who changes his nappies, because he has the presence of a moldy wet blanket without a fresh idea since the 70's.God have mercy on the company, that chump will lead the company nowhere future wise,