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    Unreal short interest up to 7 million. Easiest short in the market year after year
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    im actually happy for the current pps because ive got 55k shares now at 85 cents and im not selling a share till 10 bucks and even then i will hold some till pretty much all catalysts come to fruition,god bless and good luck
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    They have over $2 million in cash so they probably won't do another offering for at least another month or two .
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    the big money is made in bad times not good,aezs is an absolute steal at this pps,the shorts know these things take time and jumped on this at 3,when aezs submits covid pill vaccine to fda and eu what will pps be,what about when they approve the trials what about when the 1 time pill vaccine actually actually gets approved,same goes for final pedi trial for pedi test which again is for an unmet need,sales will be big as there is no way to check kids for ghd,asian licensing deals coming for adult test who sales will increase now with all the new licensing deals,what about when all these new licensing deals with the universitys for different things lead to new trials,what abut aezs 108 which has proven to help shrink tumors by more than 30 when used as a combo chemo drug,these things again take time,aezs has lots of different positive catalysts coming,it would take a major unforseen disaster for this not to hit,it went over 3 just on news they are working on a covid pill vaccine,gain the only thing needed here is patience,they also just did a 30 mill offering at 145 that sold out in 3 days,over allotment also,when news hits shorts will cover and this will fly,it might go a little lower but not that much,the risk reward ratio is fab,either u got the stomach for it or u dont,klauss has done an excellent job inheriting a mess,look at what he has acclomplished in under 2 yrs and these catalysts havent even come to fruition yet,klauss will maximize all aezs assets especially macrilen will be used for far more than a test for ghd like the usa cancer cachexia trial which looks like it has made it to phase 3,are these not faacts klauss has talked about many times,he has connections in eu as ll the new licensing dals show,u must hold however,as it starts to rize u can take do what u want,to sell now is whacky with all these different catalysts forthcoming,ive been averaging up and will continue to do so at this ridiculously low pps considering whats coming,aezs is a little gem and is not a 1 trick pony,klauss will maximize everything aezs has also do new things as th all the recent licensing deals show,this is a no brainer but again u must be patient,god bless all
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    Just got proxy to vote. Didn’t remember I even owned this so I checked 5 year progress. Bingo, lost 77% during the most robust 5 year period in the markets history. As such, voted accordingly.
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    As soon as the Covid vaccine is on the table this baby will fly to the moon !! Just wait ! Like OCGN some months ago 0.3 ...
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    what about all the coming catalysts ,of course it would be better to be at 3 yet still if u cannot hold till these catalysts come to fruition nobody can help u,why in the world would u ever even consider selling now ,im not going to go over the different catalysts coming,look at klauss press releases the last 4 months,what will pps be when the covid pill vaccine becomes reality,patience is a virtue sometimes can mean everything and thats the case here,thinking of selling now,are u brain dead or just wimpy,with all due respect,i was once down 90% in aezs but i never sold and loaded up at the bottom and am now in the green by 30% even with the recent drop,i know in the long run 3 bucks will be nothing when aezs starts announcing these different catalysts have come to fruition,the cancer cachexia phase 3 in usa using macrilen is an indication of macrilens potential uses,if macrilen can be used to increase peoples appetites with cancer what thats worth alone,im averaging up,bought another 1k shares today,just hold people,ive had this for 5 yrs and could have tripled my money at 3bucks but im not selling myself short and neither should u,this is an easy 10 bagger and probably more if u just HOLD or ADD and HOLD,we are way way underpriced considering whats coming within the next yr,god bless all and remember no chance no dance
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    Aeterna Zentaris Inc. (AEZS) News old or new matters in China and Asia: Vaccine history. false claims
    Aeterna Zentaris Successfully Reached a Key Milestone in the Non-Clinical Development of its Oral Prostate Cancer Vaccine Candidate, AEZS-120

    Aeterna Zentaris announced that it has successfully reached a key milestone in the non-clinical development of its live recombinant prostate cancer vaccine candidate, AEZS-120, for oral administration

    QUEBEC CITY, CANADA | July 20, 2011 | Aeterna Zentaris Inc. (NASDAQ:AEZS - News) (TSX:AEZ.to - News) (the "Company") today announced that it has successfully reached a key milestone in the non-clinical development of its live recombinant prostate cancer vaccine candidate, AEZS-120, for oral administration. The program, partially funded through a grant from the German government, encompassed the full development of a GMP process, including GMP production and quality testing of a clinical batch, as well as a non-clinical safety and toxicology package, as previously agreed with regulatory authorities. Subject to a positive review by German regulatory authorities, the Company aims to start Phase I clinical development in 2012.

    The principle of AEZS-120 is based on the recombinant expression and secretion of the prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the approved attenuated vaccine strain Salmonella typhi Ty21a using a proprietary technology. The technology allows for the expression and secretion of an antigen genetically coupled to the non-toxic B subunit of cholera toxin to enhance immunogenicity. In principle, this platform technology is suitable for any prophylactic or therapeutic vaccine indication by varying the antigen.

    AEZS-120 has been developed through a research collaboration with the Department of Medical Radiation Biology and Cell Research, and the Department of Microbiology of the University of Würzburg, Germany. The collaboration was funded with a total of $890,000 for Aeterna Zentaris and $870,000 for the university partner by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for a period of three years. As part of the collaboration, a melanoma vaccine based on the recombinant expression of a modified B-Raf protein has been generated.

    Juergen Engel, Ph.D., President and CEO of Aeterna Zentaris stated, "We are very enthusiastic about the potential of AEZS-120 which represents the first off-the shelf oral tumor vaccine in development and offers a favorable cost profile compared to individualized tumor vaccines. We believe that this successful key non-clinical milestone for AEZS-120 validates our strategy of employing public grants for the early development of highly innovative therapies."

    Joachim Fensterle, Ph.D., Director, Head of Vaccine Development at Aeterna Zentaris and spokesperson for the research consortium added, "We now plan to fully complete the non-clinical package and discuss the data with regulatory authorities. Following a positive outcome of these discussions, we aim to file a clinical trial application at the beginning of 2012."

    About AEZS-120

    AEZS-120 is a live recombinant oral tumor vaccine candidate based on Salmonella typhi Ty21a as a carrier strain. Salmonella typhi Ty21a is an approved oral typhoid vaccine which has been safely applied in more than 350 million doses. The principle of AEZS-120 is based on the recombinant expression of prostate specific antigen fused to the B subunit of cholera toxin and a secretion signal in the presence of the Escherichia coli type I hemolysin secretion system. The proprietary system allows the secretion of the antigen together with an immunological adjuvant which has been demonstrated to be required for optimal induction of CD8 T-cell responses by recombinant Salmonella based bacterial vaccines. The proof-of-concept was already demonstrated for the mouse homologue of AEZS-120 in a mouse tumor challenge model.

    In general, by varying the antigen and/or the carrier, this proprietary platform technology is suitable for virtually any therapeutic or prophylactic vaccine indication with a relatively favorable cost of goods expectation in large scale.

    About Aeterna Zentaris Inc.

    Aeterna Zentaris is a late-stage oncology drug development company currently investigating potential treatments for various cancers including colorectal, multiple myeloma, endometrial, ovarian, prostate and bladder cancer. The Company's innovative approach of "personalized medicine" means tailoring treatments to a patient's specific condition and to unmet medical needs. Aeterna Zentaris' deep pipeline is drawn from its proprietary discovery unit providing the Company with constant and long-term access to state-of-the-art therapeutic options.

    Aeterna Zentaris Shares Are Trading Higher On Announcing Licensing Pact For Development Of Prophylactic COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate
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    Sir Charles A. Henriques
    Opening Head of Quality Assurance

    Zosano Pharma Job Opening for Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance
    Regulatory Fremont, California

    Zosano is looking for a Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. This person will be responsible for developing and leading the overall strategic management of quality assurance systems, in addition to leading the regulatory strategy and operation of the company’s products.

    The incumbent must:

    With a focus on corporate goals, ensure that the Company’s quality system is implemented and maintained in accordance with FDA Quality System Regulation, ISO 13485 and the GMPs, and other applicable standards or regulations.

    Direct and control activities in the following functions: product release, complaint administration, internal auditing and supplier management.

    Successfully develop and deliver Regulatory and Quality Assurance training.

    Collect data from internal and external audits and report metrics and trends in order to drive improvements to process and services within relevant organizations.
    Manage internal as well as external manufacturing activities in order to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory standards.

    Function as the primary company spokesperson with the FDA.

    Create, collate and complete all regulatory submissions pertaining to investigational and pre-commercial products.

    Oversee the promotional, and scientific information review process when a product is commercialized.
    Interact with members of senior management to make policy decisions regarding quality and regulatory strategy.

    Lead quality improvement activities and/or continuous improvement process for the operation.


    BS Degree in a scientific discipline or equivalent.

    Minimum of 10 years relevant experience in a regulated industry, pharmaceutical, life sciences technology or medical device company.

    Proven success building and leading regulatory teams; strong track record of successful submissions and approvals.

    Excellent working knowledge of drug development process and knowledge of FDA regulatory requirements.

    Experience with development stage regulatory compliance and quality requirements.

    Experience in leading regulatory interactions with FDA with combination products.
    Develop and drive end-to-end product quality from non-clinical development through the life of the program, including commercial launch, in alignment with commercial business drivers and process development capabilities.

    Provide and represent QA’s perspective and expertise on development teams.
    Identify key product quality issues and risks. Raise full awareness of the risks, including weak signals and potential blind spots and escalate as appropriate.

    Interpret and apply applicable Health Authority regulations and guidance.

    Support product regulatory filings by driving clarity and consistency with specifications and CQAs. Support product transition from clinical to commercial, new product introductions and tech transfers across the network.

    Ensure alignment of product changes and collaborate with key colleagues to develop bundling strategies that maintain supply while improving product robustness.

    Define and monitor product quality health metrics, including authoring the executive summary of the
    Annual Product Quality Review

    Zosano Pharma offers a competitive compensation and benefits package, as well as the opportunity to be part of an outstanding organization. We strive to provide an exciting, challenging, and rewarding work environment, where each team member is a critical component and contributor to our success.

    An employee regularly working a minimum of 30 hours per week, is eligible to participate in an outstanding benefits program. One may also choose to enroll family members, and/or eligible children. Benefits choices begin on the first day of the month following one’s date of hire. Zosano has consistently offered benefits choices at a shared employee cost significantly below the prevailing market rates. In addition to low cost benefits, Zosano is proud to offer a generous time-off program exceeding most PTO programs. It is our philosophy that such rich employee benefits translate into high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.
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    Once some news will come it will skyrocket again, like Vaxart or Ocugen. It has good basis for good product.
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    I'm following global Pharma investor, music and movie man
    Sir Charles A; Henriques https://twitter.com/CharlesAHenriq1
    AEZS due diligence and 30 year history will open your eyes.
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    I am getting money from 2014 lawsuits. is another lawsuits in the work to compensate recent investors?
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    Aeterna Zentaris Inc. (AEZS) Red Flag Analyst Maintains Sell.
    Low revenue projection till 2023. Target 55 cents
    Sell during high volume, or when you need cash back.
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    I was rooting for this stock for long. See chat if you doubt it. But I sold my shares, sell your before it get back to $1. Every-time a news pumps it and then it fall down. See the chart for your reference. I’m done :|
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    Looks like Livenli was right again. 10 bagger with time and patience. From .20 this time??
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    Everyone wants to be a millionaire in a week, or a month. Hold your shares. The news are not even out.