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Agenus Inc. (AGEN)

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3.97-0.01 (-0.25%)
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  • New week ahead let's see this stock push out some more shorts
  • looking @ Daily short volume , lowest in 12 months!!!!!!!
  • It would be nice if we could clear 4.50. Lots of volume under 4.50. Those are people who bought and are looking to break even. It's called "resistance". Price gets back to where people bought in and they sell to re-coup their money.
    After 4.50, it looks pretty good.

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  • Daytraders making their lunch money. They will regret it. Green by eod. $5.00 coming soon.
  • What I think I know about QS-21:
    -Comes from the bark of a root beer tree in Chile.
    -We gave the formula to GSK who makes their own, We own royalty rights for every vaccine containing QS-21 for 10 years each, after approval.
    -GSK is using it in many (17, I think) vaccines in their pipeline.
    -We forward-sold the royalties of Malaria and Shingrix to Oberland for 100 million in cash.
    -Bill Gates' Malaria vaccine did not work until QS-21 was added to it. Malaria is approved in the EU. The WHO balked at the $20.00 cost per patient, saying they could supply mosquito netting cheaper. They did allow for pilot trials which are on-going.
    Efficacy is about 50% in children.
    -Shingrix is a home-run. Over 90% efficacy compared to MRK's shingles vaccine of 50% efficacy with NO loss of immunity as patients age. This is significant in that no loss of immunity is key in the elderly population and other vaccines GSK might develop.
    -We've used it in thousands of patients with no reported problems.
    -I've been here a while. Back in the last part of 2011, AGEN and HGSI got beaten down badly. When 2012 began, GSK bought out HGSI at a 50% discount to what it was just 8 months before. At the same time, GSK was talking to Garo and AGEN. Garo beat them back and got 9 million in cash in exchange for a "call us first if you decide to sell something" agreement. That agreement ended this April. Now....did they come after QS-21 in 2012. We don't know. I think they did. Will they come after QS-21 again once Shingrix is approved ?? Stay tuned.
  • shaking out the dead wood
  • Huge move recently in Biotech.
    Our move was not just because of the Annual Shareholder meeting next week.
    All of the biotechs were up.
    Take a look at GILD and INCY. Big moves in both.
    It would be interesting to see if GILD buys INCY and what that would mean for AGEN.
  • Just like I thought. So far so good.
  • GSK presenting today... BOOOOOMMMM
  • Well this looks like it's playing out basically like I thought. Small traders, daytraders, taking their small gains and running, otherwise it would be up higher. Now the retail sellers are out of the way, the hedge funds, mutual funds exct., will jump onboard going forward, and once they get it above $5.00 a new group that wants in, but are unable to get in until it breaks the $5.00 mark will buy in with large block buys, which should rocket it up quickly. The news today means that the many trials they have ongoing have a GREAT chance of positve results. GLTAL's.....
  • How many GSK vaccines in their pipeline contain QS-21 ??
    Is it 17 ?? I can't keep track.
  • Bollinger Bands tightening, complex bottom has been formed, Money Flow turning up. Chart looks great. News would be well-received.

    AGEN - SharpChart
    AGEN Agenus Inc. - SharpChart from StockCharts.com
  • Haven't heard anything from the shorts , seams like this pop might have some legs !
  • close $4.23 or more
  • I was wondering how long they could hold her down. News should be coming soon. Extremely undervalued.
  • 122,000 buy at 3.78
  • Broke 50 dma, now onto the 200 dma. News should be coming soon, and since this is so oversold right now, it should jump bigtime. Time for big reversal.
  • I told ya!!!!!!!!! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/positive-phase-3-gsks-shingles-132700469.html

    Positive Phase 3 for GSK's shingles vaccine Shingrix with Agenus' QS-21 Stimulon® immune adjuvant
    LEXINGTON, Mass., June 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Agenus Inc. (AGEN), an immuno-oncology company with a pipeline of immune checkpoint antibodies and cancer vaccines, announced that GlaxoSmithKline's shingles vaccine candidate, Shingrix, containing Agen
  • The gains that are never held are on gaps up. This is exactly the kind of rise you want to see. No gap needs to be filled. Very sustainable
  • Can someone please correlate the significance of June 28 with AGEN?