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Allergan plc (AGN)

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254.9100-1.2400 (-0.4841%)
As of 11:53AM EDT. Market open.
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  • Dear Thurston,
    Although I have not posted many times on this thread, you made me scratch my head about my portfolio and analyze my position in AGN. With long positions in approximately 120 different companies I thought that I better make sure that I had not made a major mistake with my investment in AGN. After analizing my Vanguard Flagship account it tells me that my 1,600. shares indicate a profit of $178,000. I am not Warren Buffet but my return in AGN is fine with me. In fact if the other 119 companies were half as good as AGN I might start to think I was rich.
  • Come on Thurston, start typing. Coppertone needs a new pair of shoes!
  • $250 in the rear view mirror. Heading to new year high >$260.
  • Thurston:

    Please tell us if u think the major bear trend is still intact? We r dying to learn from your wisdom.
  • Thurston- How much do you bet when you short AGN? Big stakes like $500-1000? Pathetic! What a weasel you are! I wipe my #$%$ with chump change like that! Fing loser!
  • Hello Friends,I hope this Thurston #$%$ keeps typing. With every stroke of his keyboard I make at least $10,000.
  • Nice rally to stay in the green.
  • Thurston the addicted imbecile troll is showing her Frustration and anger on having to cover her $190 shorts today @ $252.
    Having posted several thousand posts since $190, this imbecile got her margin call today.
    She is very angry, especially with her other short TSLA from $130

    Hopefully she ends her life now
  • F Thurston!
  • Thurstons an idiot! He's opened his mouth so many times that he's proven his ignorance over and over again! #$%$ Thurston that mental midget! He knows #$%$!
  • So sad seeing how sick Thurston is and the suffering she endures on a daily basis. Mental disease must be such a horrendous way to live.
    I guess Thurston's only happiness is to spend her life posting thousands of posts on the AGN and TSLA message boards, that nobody ever reads. If she spent that time trying to get well, it might have made a difference. I guess not having medical insurance, Thurston can't get the treatment she desperately needs.
    Oh well, looks like another incredible day for me making so much money on FB, AGN, TSLA
  • The huge loss Thurston took today by covering her $190 Shorts @$252 will haunt her 24/7 for the rest of her life
  • Jump off a bridge Thurston you POS!
  • I see AGN behaving exactly the same as AZN. after the earnings. AGN may fall more than 15% AGN has nithibg coming out of its pipeline so it may be worse
  • The sick addicted imbecile troll Thurston usually runs away when the stock goes Green.
    She only shows up in a little dip since $190
  • As I recall, Thurston use to say it would NEVER go above 250 again, in fact would go down to 150 and lower. As usual she is being shown as wrong again.
  • Where you at Thurston? No posts in over an hour, don't be out training for a marathon in this heat. Remember plenty of fluids.
  • Looks very likely we will close above $250 today and may even close above $251.
  • AGN trades like a water buffalo carcass
  • Joe tried to complain to yahoo a year ago when he was losing huge money and I had differing opions!! He ride to go yobyahoo to delete me since my opinions were different he wa lising smassivevmibey !! But no this moron got free shares from inheritance . Honestly would you be on a yahoo message board if you had 10k or more shares? This is a true psychopath and a big time LOSER.