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Allergan plc (AGN)

NYSE - NYSE Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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246.09-2.82 (-1.13%)
At close: 4:01PM EDT
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  • Thurston, yes I'm still tracking our bet and I'm still beating you by 4.3% after three weeks even with everything going against me the last two weeks
  • Does that Thurston kid still post here? I muted her long ago and I dont think you can un-mute people... I just wanna see if she ever poked her head out from under her rock after this nice rally. I remember all the ridiculous claims about being insolvent, going to $100, "never see $200 again" , "never see $220", and my favorite, "this will never ever break $240 - ever" ... wow, how many times can one person be wrong on the same stock??
  • never said I was a sophisticated trader, in fact not a trader at all- just better than you. I invest in companies selling at a discount to their growth rate to produce better than market returns
  • Here we go right back down unfortunately I am not short and I feel. Aked
  • AGN is the major holding of two of the most successful investors of all times.
    The first one is Seth Klarman which is probably the second best value investor these days (second only to Warren Buffet).
    The other one is David Tepper who made 20% a year in the last 10 years.
    Some patience folks and you will have a very nice return on this company!
  • Hi little Kevin are you still monitoring day to day prices when you put an 18 month time frame on your bet?
  • Ready fir another failed attempt at 250 geese?
  • This Thurston.....She really embarrasses herself daily, doesn't she.
  • Longs Burt themselves in the sand when the stock goes lower!! When tgecentire sectir rallies AGN is pulled up with it because of etf buying nothing more. Fundamentalsxare deteriorationg rapudly
  • The only thing crashing are Thurston's stock picks-#proventobeafraud #onehitwonder
  • AGN is a pike of junk!! No natural buyers! No one wants to pay these inflated prices forcthis junk
  • Thurston's put options expiring worthless. You win some you lose some.
  • AGN headed to the septic tank beautiful reversal!
  • Will AGN get a bailout or will the government let them fail?
  • AGN getting torched again!! More value in vrx like I called
  • AGN closes on the low !! Look out AGN looks like the coubterendcrally is over and the bear market is resuming
  • Do all AGN longs see the massacre
  • AGn is being avoided like the plague all money knows to dump this junk anywhere near 250
  • AGN has mad. Ow disease
  • AGN looks sick