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    Eddy D
    $AHT conversation
    OK FOLKS, back to Fundamentals!

    2019 FY Revenue was $1.5B... " nomral operating environment"


    Todays( 3 July) Yahoo Analysis table show a FORECAST FY $751M! ( delta -50% from 2019)

    As of last week. Common Shares VALUE VARY between approximately $800M- $1B
    Depending on share price , formula is Number of Shares Times Price.

    As of Friday, 231Mil shares * $4/share = $920M.
    Take 3.50/share and do your own math...

    As of next week and until deal is completed ( Summer of 2021),
    with B. Riley 41M shares convert,
    total number of shares would be 230+41 = 271M shares to be before the 1-for 10 Reverse split.
    If share price is $4, then Comme Share Value $4 * 271M shares =$1.1B
    If share price is $3, then Commen Value is $3* 271 mil shares = $830M

    NEW RANGE For Share Value in early July. 800m-$1.1B


    Now Back to Fully RE+OPEN 2022.
    1. We SHOULD PASS 2019 PROFITS (even if FFO is LESS THAN 2019 FFO of $1.5B). HOW?
    A - OCCUPANCY RATE ... Data in 3 weeks (7/28) will tell us how far we got in 2Q
    and waht summer Looks like

    B- INCOME from Business + LEISURE might exceed 2019!!!

    o Some catch up business EVENTS from 1H will be done in 2H...
    Competitve business spirits
    New Business - new Industry

    o Leisure 2Q2021-1Q2022 will exceed 2Q2019-1Q2020

    o 1Q Interest costs was just $33M VERSUS FY $333M in 2019 or 84M per quarter
    o This is $50M / QTR and this WILL BE EVEN Between better with the last two deals
    ( total 70M+ shares sold or to be sold).


    With ALL the Converts of Preferred Shares into Common... Say +500M and counting
    Using FFO 2022 = 2019,

    Common Share Value ( Now 800M-1.1B)
    Should head to $1.5B -2,0B

    Assume 30M shares post SPLIT...this helps to eastablish a TARGET SHARE 12 month share price
    after R-S AND CONVERTs


    Remember folks : REAL ESTATE is fixed assets!!!
    Back to FUNDAMENTALs !

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    This is where the real money is at
  • b
    Poised for a hostile take over. Could see high teens & even high $20s
  • b
    Told y’all
  • t
    high already touched today, good luck to chase from here
  • Y
    Cygnus trying to replace board at AHT means no more milking by AINC. Finally happening
  • j
    whats a realistic pt for today
  • b
    Y’all from AHT are just mad. Not our problem you invested in the wrong one. I told y’all months ago this is the company to invest in as they have minimal debt
  • G
    Greenidge Investor
    Stop stealing all the gains lol give some to AHT 🚀🚀🚀🚀
  • M
    looks like yet another shady transaction by misaligned management. Bennett considers himself a good Christian but is much more dangerous than any common street theif.
  • G
    Buying assets from board members - creepy!
  • v
    is this closing above $10 today?
  • O
    why are we down so much today?
  • N
    Game Started....
  • J
    I'd hold onto my shares of AINC. Why be the wood when you can be the termite. AINC is going to do fine as long as the holder of the preferred D shares is fully compensated and has every perk imaginable freely given to him for his outstanding ability to own the preferred D shares. He can't do much well other than be well well paid for being an owner of the D but he does that outstandingly well. As long as you own AINC, you're along for the ride for whatever crumbs the top termite in charge wants to throw your way.
  • D
    Dan Doby
    wish I'd seen this one when i was buying AHT. Up 300% afraid i might have missed the boat here
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    Halted up...
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    John Sherer
    What's up w/ the current portion of LT debt jumping from 3 to 60 between '19 and '20 statements? Looks like it's split about halfway between deferred tax and a true principle payment.
  • M
    Michael T
    With the need for multiple PPP last resort loans, are they financially unstable
  • O
    worse stock and worse company to invest has done nothing in one year but to go down. I should have never touched this 💩💩💩💩💩