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    Put together and updated AITX KEY POINTS list for today, 01-17-21, pretty comprehensive, nothing but facts, no pumping, hope it helps inform, and always remember to do you own DD:

    38 votes and 6 comments so far on Reddit
    38 votes and 6 comments so far on Reddit
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    I am also in Artificial Intelligence Technology integration business future is very bright hold tight you will see healthy return.
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    I bought it at 250k shares , holding strong im not making the mistake of selling early no more holding till end of year !
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    mo money mo problems
    Yo check this out. When this skyrockets I'll set up a thread where we can all meet up at the headquarters in Nevada. Party like its 1999!!! How does that sound? Who's with me?
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    The amount of interest in AITX is enormous. If only half of the intended investors buy in as promised on Tues it will hit 10 cents!
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    According to Wallet Investor (https://walletinvestor.com/stock-forecast/aitx-stock-prediction) Forecast System, Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc stock is an awesome long-term (1-year) investment
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    Key Points that forecast huge growth potential for 2021 and beyond:

    1 - AITX is a multinational company, current ~$86 million market cap, with offices in the USA and Canada, offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced hardware and software technologies to revolutionize the 128 billion dollar global security industry.

    2 - AI is emerging tech, currently a $40 billion industry that is projected to grow at a 40% compound annual growth rate, that’s a $1.1 trillion industry by 2030. The AI sector is still in its infancy - huge room for growth, and AITX is positioning itself to capitalize in this new, rapid-growth sector

    3 - AITX currently has dealership agreements in place with 15-20 security companies worldwide for device and applications deployment, including agreements with 2 of the largest security companies in the world Allied Universal and Securitas

    4 - Allied Universal is AITX’s largest dealer by sales orders - Allied Universal recently announced that they are acquiring GS4, the largest security company in the world - that means that AITX’s largest dealer is expanding and will soon be the largest security company in the world

    5 - AITX is currently offering 5 hardware devices and 3 software applications for security solutions that offer lower security costs with better, and always-aware protection

    6 - Devices and applications currently offered in 3 countries worldwide - USA, Canada and Romania - with plans for future expansion

    7 - Devices and applications currently deployed in 15 states - including some of the most populated states in the country like California, Texas, New York and New Jersey

    8 - AITX revenues are increasing Q over Q - at minimum a 133% increase in revenue expected from Q1 2020 to Q3 2020, as announced in Oct 19th PR

    9 - Great demand for latest AITX mobile robotic device, with backlog of orders representing $16 million of revenue, already with letters of intent (LOI)

    10 - Due to increased demand and sales of stationary devices - AITX is expanding production capability and recently opened a new assembly facility in Irvine, CA

    11 - Due to increased demand and sales of mobile devices - AITX recently opened a new office in Waterloo, Canada, that is 3x larger than the previous office and will include a new 10k square foot outdoor mobility technology testing yard.

    12 - R&D and innovation are constantly ongoing - driven by customer demand, new products announcements are scheduled for 2021

    13 - AITX President, Steve Reinharz, is very accessible via social media and responsive to shareholders

    14 - AITX is full SEC reporting - very rare to find full SEC reporting companies in microcaps and OTC - shows that the company is committed to maximum transparency

    15 - Recent multi-unit order from Fortune 500 client - with more sales coming and multiple Fortune 500 companies in the sales funnel

    16 - Company has not taken out toxic loans in almost 2 years and old toxic convertible debt has been renegotiated into non-toxic, non-convertible debt as of December 15, 2020, see PR

    17 - President Steve Reinharz has definitively stated that there is no plan for a reverse split, and since toxic loans have been renegotiated there is no need for a reverse split

    18 - President Steve Reinharz has very ambitious goals and has expressed his goal is to achieve NASDAQ uplist within the next 5 years, give or take

    19 - Sectors and Industries that AITX already has devices deployed in (known via PR’s and investor DD but possibly more)- the Healthcare, Transportation, Logistics, Construction, Automotive, Real Estate, Food Retail, and Film industries

    20 - Please do your own DD, read the press releases and see the growth and potential for yourself

    AITX Expansion Underway
    ~ Current ~30 employees and plan to hire more
    ~ Actively hiring engineers and will continue through 2021
    ~ New facilities (Irvine, CA and Waterloo, Canada) are already up and running
    ~ Goal is to move manufacturing to Michigan
    Important Dates/Time Frames To Keep Up With 2021 $AITX

    JAN 15 - 10Q is released(Companies performance & financial statement that is filed with SEC) 📃🧾📊
    January/February - PR expected to be released within the next 60 days. 📈💸
    February- Something with “national visibility” is planned ( CEO Mentioned in Discord chat multiple times)💰💸🌟
    February 28th - Steve mentioned they set a specific monthly sales number that they are aggressively working to hit by the end of the fiscal year (February 28th 2021)

    "Large opportunity" SCOT & AVA (12/22)
    -Civitas Group (romanian security company) ordered all of RADs products (12/17)
    -WALLY order from large medical device co w 50,000 employees (11/24)
    -ROSA orders from a large construction company(11/17)
    -ROSA orders from a large auto dealer chain in SO cal (11/10)
    -Strategic alliance with swan Island networks (11/5)
    -Largest dealer agreement renewal (10/29)
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    it's still gonna be volatile but that's not the company it's justnpenny stocks. In the end it always comes down to fundementals and that's why this company is good for the long term. Just do yourself and don't check every day like I did when I started investing. This will cause you to get.emotional and sell at a loss of money or opportunity .
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    I called it earlier today @ .05. If things go well with the new contract underway we could see .10 next week and $1 by summer. Stay strong, hold long.. this company is undervalued.
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    Vito Corleone
    Can someone tell me when AITX had their last stock split and what was the ratio of the split? Thinking about buying in on Tuesday and trying to read as much as possible beforehand.
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    "Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) has received an opening purchase agreement from Civitas PSG, one of the largest security companies in Romania for RAD devices."
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    the chart/volume.... looks like it's going to bust out tuesday....moving the price higher...cheers !!!!
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    We've reached the point where day-trading AITX is a dubious proposition, and shorting it is extremely risky. We've finally shaken some of the dog-poo off of our shoes. Stability, and steady upward progress is our reward for patience.
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    Millionaire Dreamer
    Let’s just see what happens and don’t get too high or too low. Keep your expectations in check. The stock will fluctuate for a long time to come.
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    To put things into perspective I made more today than I would in a year driving bus. need more days like this in the future so I can quit that job after 6 years since it seems like its going away at some point in the future.
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    This is the best time to load more. Could be too late 30 days from now. Agree?
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    One can feel encouraged by the post by Franco about 1/10/21-
    through overview!
    Paragraphs #17&#18 focus on the CEO’s comment re no need for reverse splits because toxic debt has been dealt with-so no longer a driving force against progress!
    As one who picked up a comment by another here re a “‘better-bagger’” (in my amateur lingo) re. DPLS ! It has a glowing future us a terrific price, but has still got the “led sinkers”, admitted by the co as “toxic debt’” ! also they had “no income for 4 years, so this visibility breakthrough due to international contacts re their “engineered laser” deep listening technology” !
    Actually (as this writer has noted they should join operations with DPLS! Under-mining, with piracy-like underground activities against gov’t security, against manufacturing, pipelines, (esp) industrial & manufacturing security all services now started in ar swllinh ti will be sold internationally (etc.) all point to the future high value, but the eagerness could be usurped in some part by their toxic debt. They are a solid engineering firm!
    Buy 2x DPLS (amateur’s guess?) of tge amount, what “you” want to end up with!
    Great help re AITX vs DPLS, 🗝is I had (for me!) many shares in 2019 a good co, but more heavy-style engineering it appears to this former & returned follower to DPLS,
    Great success!
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    One month graph shows steady gradual rise which is good sign to show the stability
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    This is just the beginning. You will see that this stock will start trading at $5 very very soon. I have 100K stocks. How many you have?
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    I also saw that forecast on Wallet Investor, but I just don’t trust any of these sites that offer free forecast. I do love the optimism on this site about AITX, but do we really know what to believe. That being said I got my first 2,000 shares last week at 0.02 and I am buying some more on Tuesday