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Akero Therapeutics, Inc. (AKRO)

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    What's the reason for this recent bearish trend?
    Did any other NAFLD/NASH drug gain any significant advantage in this race over Akero Therapeutics?
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    Akero Therapeutics is up 5.32% to 21.99
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    Akero Therapeutics is up 5.55% to 23.40
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    Akero Therapeutics is up 5.84% to 19.93
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    Akero Therapeutics is up 5.21% to 21.00
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    This company is the most under appreciated , under the radar biotech company I have ever seen. Unknown to the general public the fact that is entirely owned by institutions and insiders is not a coincidence. Able to reverse F2/F3 Nash fibrosis in 68% of cases, if its drug is able to reverse also Nash Cirrhosis, no effective treatment avalaible, 50M+ Nash Cirrhosis prevalence globally , the market could be of a staggering size. If you then add also the F2/F3 global prevalence of at least 350M and the fact that the drug improves all cardimetabolic parameters, then I cannot really value a drug able to reverse NASH and NASH fibrosis. 93% institutional ownership is not by chance
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    For the retail buyers

    You can find the rest on seeking alpha

    I’ve linked this article several times but it keeps getting taken down

    • AKRO has produced highly competitive phase 2a data and has a phase 2b running with data later this year.
    • NASH is a vast market and AKRO looks like the real deal in the space.
    • The company is adequately financed for the next 18 months at the least.

    I covered Akero Therapeutics (AKRO) for TPT subscribers last year. Since then, the stock had a peak gain of 60%, defined as the highest gain at any point since my coverage. Right now, the stock is up 10% since my initial coverage price.
    Akero has a single NASH drug it licensed from Amgen (AMGN) for $5mn. Efruxifermin, previously Efruxifermin, is an FGF21 analog, a NASH drug space that is quite crowded. However, outstanding phase 2 data is quickly making AKRO a major player.

    The key data that is making AKRO so important is efruxifermin's effect in fibrosis, a key element of NASH:
    Of the 40 treatment responders who had end-of-treatment biopsies, it was observed that 48% achieved at least a one-stage improvement in fibrosis without worsening of NAFLD activity score (NAS) and 28% achieved at least a two-stage improvement in fibrosis. In addition, 48% of responders achieved NASH resolution with no worsening of fibrosis.
    Jefferies analyst Michael Yee said last year that the data "suggests some of the best initial data in the field with 75%-85% responders and even the lowest dose is very strong." The company also believes its Phase 2a BALANCED study results is among strongest data in NASH for both F1-F3 and cirrhotic (F4) patients. The company plans to pursue approvals in 2 distinct patient populations: F2/F3 & F4 NASH.
    The short, one-to-two hour half-life of native human FGF21 limits its potential as a pharmaceutical therapy. Efruxifermin has been engineered to extend the hormone's half-life to about 3 to 3.5 days, enabling once-weekly subcutaneous administration.
    The company has licensed from Amgen, on very benign terms, a very strong set of patents and know-how.
    The company has 10 quarters of cash remaining, although it will need more cash as it moves further towards the market.
    On the flipside, the NASH space is really crowded, and even FGF21 analogs are already in trial in NASH, so AKRO needs to be able to differentiate itself well.
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    The company is going to announce cirrhosis data for F4 patients in the next month or two. If positive which it should be based on phase 2 a results for F3 and F2 patients, the stock could move up substantially .
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    Great News!
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    1 product in the pipeline. No other products. If it fails p3, it's over if you don't have anything else.
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    Anybody? Got any ideas why the selloff?
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    I suspect the stock does not move because it is all in the strong hands of institutions and insiders, who are not selling There is no volume and no interest in getting the word out. Quietly holding for when the treatment will be approved. A drug able to reverse liver cirrhosis in one third of the treated patients after only 16 weeks of treatment is unheard of. If I was the company I would extend ph2b treatment for cirrhosis for more than 24 weeks as benefits will be increasing with time
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    I am expecting they will issue more shares tonight or tomorrow morning
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    Why is this stock down @ 27 from 34 ?
    The cirrhosis data was pretty good, wasn't it?
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    look out....lift off, lift off
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    here's an excellent overview of NASH roadmap.

    Although the first wave (the companies with drugs at Phase-3) is already at the finish line, the effectiveness indicators of these drugs are far from being stro
    Although the first wave (the companies with drugs at Phase-3) is already at the finish line, the effectiveness indicators of these drugs are far from being stro
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    Obviously you must get in heavy shares of Nabriva as well NBRV

    SAGE gets jan pop, like reta and IRWD is a good idea.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Akero Therapeutics is up 5.78% to 26.55
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Akero Therapeutics reached an all time high at 40.96
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    NASH data will be nice