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The Allstate Corporation (ALL)

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    What are the problems with this stock? I am looking to make a radical redo of my portfolio. I am trying to reduce this risk of the holdings I have from a major market collapse. In a down 30% market this year, what are expectations on what you think AllState stock would do?
  • t
    with all the small businesses going bankrupt and cancelling insurance policies this stock will fall to under 100 very soon.
  • J
    The numbers in allstates financials are terrific, this stock will take off
  • J
    making money on this puppy, good finances,
  • D
    Darrell W
    Allstate about to lose tons of customers. ALL spent over 500 million on TV adds massive CEO salary and his board Thugs to raise Great customers rates 19%
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    This is one of the best value stocks out there, yet goes unnoticed, the numbers are the best! i don't get it.
  • J
    Since most people are still commuting then why haven’t auto insurance rates plunged? Again, Congress is asleep at the helm
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    I don't know how the people in this company sleep at night. Sorriest company, won't even give old people a reasonable claim amount....
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    $NIO conversation
    Quahogger just got hog-tied today ! Poor guy, all he was trying to do was short this stock to buy himself Estorgen pills for Christmas to help with him transitioning To a female! #ALL SHORTS ARE LOSERS
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    Darrell W
    Allstate is 1 of the many Corrupted Company’s. When they get busted - is when the party starts.
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    Just bought ALL a few weeks ago. Stumbled across it and really liked what I saw. Seems like an absolute no brainer. Happy to hold this. I suspect this to be a slow and steady grower paying a handsome dividend.
  • Z
    Insider. Allstate being run poorly. Matt winter changed companies because of it. Not doing correct things to make company viable. Will go out of business if continues to make incorrect moves
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    Anyone care to explain why ALL is looking bearish after good earnings. Feel like it should be sitting around $101 right now
  • J
    Allstate insurance is more expensive than most other insurance companies
  • J
    I’ve posted before and I’ll post again, this is one of those epic moments/opportunities to go all in or fold. You will never have a better opportunity, yes this stock is super high risk, but you gotta ask yourself, is the reward worth it? I for one will not sell a single share until court has ruled a decision. I also can not allow this opportunity to pass by... #all-in
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    Any thoughts on the purchase of "The General" for $4 billion in cash? It tells me All State is doing well financially and is seeking to expand into lower priced markets.
  • M
    I am a customer of a home owner policy from Allstate. Unfortunately, I was hit by HurricanE Harvey and my roof was totaled. All state personnel had led me to believe that my roof would be covered in such an event. Instead, my policy was based on a cash value premise, meaning that my roof was considered older and only worth 40 cents on the dollars. Combined with my deductible, Allstate basically did not pay but only a few hundred dollars on my new $10,000 roof. Basically, Allstate sells inferior insurance policies which have coverage gaps that you can drive a truck through. I spoke with 1/2 dozen Allstaters up the chain of command. All I heard was how sorry they were. That did not pay the bill. So much for the "good hands people". When you see these guys coming for you with their good hands, hide your wallets. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. I WOULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARS IF I COULD. BUYER BEWARE.
  • P
    This seems like a very undervalued stock. Am I missing something? Is the risk that customers won't pay their premiums?
  • r
    Parent company Sears in bankruptcy, allstate is outdated too
  • L
    With the fundamentals this stock has, along with the capitalization, and frankly, the name recognition, I am surprised daily volume isn't heavier.