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Altimmune, Inc. (ALT)

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  • Tony... please tell me specifically what fraud has taken place. Fraud has a legal definition, which does not apply here, IMO. When thinking fraud, Enron, Worldcom, global crossing are good examples. I get you are unhappy about the share price... but that is not fraud. Prior to the merger, PIP had value in the cash on hand and their IP. In exchange for ALT stock, we chose to give up these assets. This was accomplished by a vote. Not sure how fraud comes into play. I do think that ALT has the potential to be grossly undervalued, but that is dependent on their ability to have success with their product creation and monetization. This is 2-5 years out, at least. In the interim, the shorts will manipulate the price, shareholders will leave, and the stock price will fluctuate. None of the actions are considered fraud. None of the actions are being done by ALT. Suck it up buttercup, as you bought a lottery ticket for a drawing many years from now. If you were one of the gamblers who thought PIP still had 200M after they had already paid it out, that is your mistake for not doing your research. In any event, please stop filling up this board with your accusations and whining.
  • WTH is going on here? My holdings are down 67% since the merger for no known reason.
  • INVESTORS the FEDERAL TRADE COMM. wants to hear from you 202 326 2000 we need 12 complaints
    for a full investigation CALL
  • ALT is the new Drys
  • SHANE,,,,,, bless you for getting out of this fraud,,,,,,, shareholders are hoping the FED starts making arrests
    starting with BILL ENRIGHT
  • Facebook is asking questions Bill ENRIGHT a scam and his management team,,,,, should the
    FED step in now YES......... its late but YES
  • So glad I sold all shares before the merger
  • PIP share holders have to be #$%$ about what has happened after the merger.
  • call MAD MONEY and get CRAMER to get the ENRIGHT on the show,,,,,,,,,, and watch his face talk#$%$ he belongs in a federal prison
  • Why does this stock jump around .40 cents every day after close.....then drop to a negative at open the next day?
  • Heading to another 10 -1 split.. ;(
  • AS long as Bill ENRIGHT is CEO this stock is #$%$ and going to $2.00
  • Altimmune has too strong a roster of drugs to fall off the cliff at the $3/share psychological level. They need either new funding or movement on a drug approval and with 4 drugs with commercial potential that's enough chips on the table to keep funds interested. Look for profit takers to move money into small biotechs like these when the market turns sour.
  • Tony this stock is going to go a whole lot lower then $2.00. Wait until it drops below a dollar.
  • THERE is a FOR LEASE sign in front of there building,,,,,,,,, and there is no ALTIMMUNE logo
    google earth at real time and see my filming.
  • this going to .88 cents where the FRAUD all started with BILL ENRIGHT,,,,,,,,, he bought the shares for 1 cent
  • DEPT OF JUSTICE 800 877 8339 also the board needs to be investigated,,,,,,, ENRIGHT should have been OUSTED
  • AVEO today guys. Move your money to AVEO. Will pop today Tony. You can regain your losses.
  • DCTH the place to be if you want to regain your losses.
  • Don't listen to jonathan he has not played this insanity like these thiefs people,,,,,, you see people Bill Enright and his board of thiefs don't have the gutts to throw them selfs out of a window don't you with this falling knife,,,,, it was a bad merger