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    Who else is Canadian or international and cannot get onto the AMC shareholders link for the NFT coin? AA did say he will have his IT people look into. I hope he gets sorted out before the MOASS, those coins will be worth a fortune afterwards.

    AMC is #bac in the #hood
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    Short comment on #AMC. Short's managed to get AMC off the NYSE Threshold list last Friday, not clear exactly how this was done but looks like exposure converted from Fails to Deliver (#FTD) to outright naked shorts and then packaged into the #IWM ETF. I'm really not going to waste more brain power on this. Citadel is a market marker and between them and their "friend" #Virtu control 80% of retail orders. They can more or less dictate price on slow volume days. Allegations of buy orders being delayed as much as 35 days through Citadels data flow. How likely is that? Hard to verify baring an audit, but it is true that dark pool trading accounted for over 65% of volume for the last 5 trading days and over 50% over the last month.

    Meanwhile, retail orders continue to be overwhelmingly buy oriented. The only selling is coming from shorts using the dark pools to mute buying pressure. The short-ladder attacks from last week seem to shifted to a numb inducing slow drip lower.

    The degree of overt manipulation is mind blowing.

    I am told #Citadel employs a team of psych Phd's to design price moves designed to drive retail interest away. The media attacks are clearly not working so the recent price campaign has escalated, driving it from $59 to $39 last week, a brief surge back to $49 and today's slow drip from $46.50 to $42.50 at the close.

    I really think Citadel needs to fire their pysch experts. Most retail is holding and bought large amounts in March. Many likely did sell a small amount in June like I did, to cover their initial investment. For example, I was long at $9.60 and sold at $53.40, enough to cover my buy in and show a decent realized gain. My remaining position is a free rider. The price could go down to $12 and many holders would still be in the money. There were 3.2 million retail holders in March, there are likely 5 million now, there has been no dilution so how are new buyers finding shares without the price rising considerably?

    The longer Citadel delays this, the more the final bill will grow. The #DTCC has put most of their amendments into effect, so one wonders just how much free reign the #SEC will give Citadel and the 22 other shorts before strongly worded suggestions become more forcibly made directions. I thought in March the situation was a danger to financial stability. At this point I give up worrying about it as it appears officials in Washington have no clue the damage being done. If nothing else, the failure of officials to reign in Citadel all the while the stock is under a huge media spotlight will undermine confidence in the fairness of the market for retail participants. Which in turn will reduce retail activity and hurt longer term profitability for Citadel.

    So stop with the games and get on with popping the cyst.
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    BREAKING NEWS courtesy of ORTEX:

    "Intraday Securities lending data shows that the lending of $AMC shares is down with 5.5 million shares over the day. This indicates that some #ShortSellers have started to close their positions."

    "To short a stock, you have to borrow it and then sell it.

    To return it, you have to buy the stock back, wait for it to settle before returning it to the lender.

    The shares returned today have not been bought today."

    // Yesterday the amount of shares covered were about 2,6M IIRC, and that sent us flying. I'll let you do the math on these supposed 5,5M. (hint: we are going interstellar)
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    Tue, June 15, 2021, 7:05 AM

    (Corrects to $512 million from $488 million in the headline)

    (Reuters) -Investors shorting "meme stock" AMC Entertainment Holdings are estimated to have lost about $512 million on Monday after a rally that sent the cinema operator's shares up more than 15%, data from financial analytics firm Ortex showed.

    By contrast, AMC short-sellers suffered $1.2 billion in mark-to-market losses for the week to May 28, when small-time traders on online discussion groups sent the stock up about 116% by triggering a phenomenon known as a "short squeeze".

    AMC shares were up 2% at $58.12 in premarket trading on Tuesday. The stock has surged more than 2,580% so far this year, riding a wave of support from individual traders who have come together on online forums such as Reddit's Wall Street Bets.

    Recent reports from brokerages Fidelity and Freetrade show AMC has been the most traded stock by their customers, many of whom are small-time investors.

    Market sources told Reuters last week that the volatility in AMC shares had led some professional traders to use options to limit their risk as they make bearish bets on the stock.

    AMC has raised funds in recent weeks by issuing fresh equity to hedge fund Mudrick Capital and selling stock "at-the-market", as it capitalizes on the blistering rally in its stock. It plans to use the proceeds to repay debt and for potential acquisitions of theaters.

    (Reporting by Sagarika Jaisinghani, Aaron Saldanha in Bengaluru and Sujata Rao in London; Editing by Anil D'Silva)
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    I just sent this letter to the SEC it only takes a few seconds, email address is ( everyone needs to do the same, you have to fight these people from all ends, don't be lazy!!! LETTER BELOW:
    Just copy and paste!

    Subject: Market Manipulation - AMC Entertainment

    Dear Mr Gensler

    I would like to draw your attention to market manipulation activity happening on an industrial scale on range of stocks including AMC listed on US Exchanges by market makers operating in the dark pool.

    Brokerages such as Fidelity which routes retail orders through NYSE reports day in day out the buy orders for AMC outnumbering sell orders by nearly 2 to 1, yet the price has been falling consistently now for the past month. It is falling because brokerages such as Robinhood,TD Ameritrade and Charles Shwab, attracted by payments for order flow, are routing retail orders through dark pool market makers such as Citadel and Virtu which routes sell orders to lit exchanges on receipt and park buy orders in their books; eventually releasing it to lit exchanges as and when it favours them.

    In fact, on option expiry days, you can almost exactly predict to the dime where the price of stocks manipulated in this manner will finish at end of day trading.

    My question to you Sir is: Why is the SEC allowing Citadel and other clearinghouse money makers/broker-dealers to route over 50% of all the AMC retail buy orders to dark pools and sell orders to the market, thus effectively truncating AMC market price?

    United States prides itself as a free fair and competitive market driven economy. However, the above practice appears anything but. It is pure manipulation by and to the benefit of a single entity Citadel, and to the detriment of tens of millions of retail investors. This needs to be investigated and the practice ended as a matter of URGENCY,

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    $AMC conversation
    Boy this definitely warrants a short share recall. Numbers aren't even close to adding up with retail owning all of 500 million shares that doesn't include institutions, , borrowed etf's, and insiders. Now if we take all the shorts my guess is we are way, way, waaaaaaaaay beyond the 102 million reported by ortex today. We could be well over 1.5 billion shares short we just don't know. We must, must must call in the short shares as a shareholder with thousands of shares I believe it is necessary beyond a shadow of a doubt so I know my shares are not being diluted by synthetic shares. Yea or Nay shareholders this is a huge catalyst. We shareholders demand all short shares be recalled due to the numbers that just do not add up. "Yea or Nay"
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    Today is a big day, and this week is a big week. While $AMC share price has been suppressed in last few days, we just had the announcement today about $AMC share counts. The news release shows an image which all of us have recently been talking about, and it is basically consistent with what we thought.
    I am sharing a simple summary that may help to draw a clear and simple picture based on public data.
    - 501,780,240 shares outstanding as of June 2, 2021
    - approximately 4.1 million individual shareholders eligible to vote at the upcoming Shareholder Meeting
    - More than 80% of AMC shares are held by a broad base of retail investors with an average holding of around 120 shares.
    Shares held by retail investors ~ 80% x 501,780,240 ~ 401,424,192
    - As of June 9th, 2021 from a top brokerage firm:
    Institutional Stock Ownership 12.6%
    Institutional Mutual Fund Ownership 10.4%
    Mutual Fund Ownership 3.2%
    Insider Ownership 6.5%
    Other 67.4%

    Total of institution ownership:
    12.6% + 10.4% + 3.2% = 26.2%
    Total of the rest excluding individual retail investors:
    26.2% + 6.5% = 32.7%
    Equivalent number of shares covered by record excluding shares from individual owners:
    32.7% x 501,780,240 = -164,082,138 shares
    Shares needed to cover the records:
    -63.72M = 501.78M - 401.42M - 164.08M
    - Synthetic shares:
    total number of synthetic shares: Z
    naked shorts: X
    naked call contracts: Y
    other naked shares: W
    Z = X + Y + W
    Short interest:
    Assuming 21% SI which is about 100.4M shares
    Minimum number of synthetic shares from public records:
    100.4M - 63.72M ~ 37M (assume all 63.72M shares were still amid transactions, this is very unlikely)
    Hidden number of synthetic shares:
    U: a lot discussions in forums estimate that this number is huge.
    Minimum number of synthetic shares
    37M + U
    - Bottom line:
    37M or MUCH MUCH MORE synthetic shares will have to be covered by real shares, most of these shares need to be from individual investors.

    Hope this post can be helpful to some of you to understand the current picture of $AMC. The ride is still going forwards while it may not be as easy as some of you thought. GLTL.
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    6:45a ET 6/1/2021 - BusinessWire
    AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Raises $230.5 Million of New Equity From Mudrick Capital
    Mentioned: AMC
    --Proceeds to be used primarily for acquisition opportunities and investments in existing AMC theatres aimed at growing AMC revenues, as well as for deleveraging purposes

    AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AMC) ("AMC" or "the Company"), announced today that it has entered into an agreement to raise $230.5 million of cash from the sale of equity to Mudrick Capital Management, L.P. in exchange for 8.5 million shares of AMC's Class A Common stock. The equity was raised at a price of approximately $27.12 per share. The cash proceeds from this share sale primarily will be used for the pursuit of value creating acquisitions of additional theatre leases, as well as investments to enhance the consumer appeal of AMC's existing theatres. In addition, with these funds in hand, AMC intends to continue exploring deleveraging opportunities.

    Commenting on the transaction, AMC CEO and President Adam Aron said, "Given our scale, experience and commitment to innovation and excellence, AMC is being presented with highly attractive theatre acquisition opportunities. We are in discussions, for example, with multiple landlords of superb theatres formerly operated by Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres. With this agreement with Mudrick Capital, we have raised funds that will allow us to be aggressive in going after the most valuable theatre assets, as well as to make other strategic investments in our business and to pursue deleveraging opportunities."

    Aron added, "Given that AMC is raising hundreds of millions of dollars, this is an extremely positive result for our shareholders. It was achieved through the issuance of only 8.5 million shares, representing less than 1.7% of our issued share capital and only a small portion of our typical daily trading volume. This transaction underscores the real value of having some authorized share capital available for us to opportunistically capitalize on shareholder value creation possibilities as and when they arise."

    Aron concluded, "With our increased liquidity, an increasingly vaccinated population and the imminent release of blockbuster new movie titles, it is time for AMC to go on the offense again."
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    List of reasons to HOLD until the stock is above $2500. (Some I don't understand but they sound positive, the rest is common sense)

    Short sellers have to buy the stocks they borrowed. Sends the price up.
    Option traders have something to do with it too. (buy puts? sell calls? left foot in? do not pass go?)
    SEC is investigation naked shorting. Making HFs buy actual shares not synthetic ones.
    Moody bumped AMC by 2 scores to a better rating.
    AMC to become a part of the Russell 1000.
    Large mutual funds will have to buy AMC because of R1000.
    All Russell1000 companies have to buy shares of AMC.
    Dark pool trading is 2 week indicator of the stock price. Last week AMC was over 1500 in dark pool.
    AMC CEO Adam Aron is a big Ape supporter and a hater of short sellers.
    Citadel and other Hedge Funds bought 70trillion in insurance, expecting to get burned on this gamble.
    100M shareholders worldwide united for the same cause.
    The word has gotten out to every ape to hold until peak, then take profit on the way down. THIS could drive it up to an astronomical figure.
    AMC has been rated a 100 out of 100 as a sure fire short/gamma squeeze scenario.
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    ORTEX Twitter Account: #AMC - Short Interest Update
    There has been a lot of share lending activity in $AMC today. #ORTEX has seen over 10m shares borrowed, and 17m shares returned.
    The current estimated #ShortInterest is 18.43% of free-float.
  • J
    hedge funds are trying their hardest to short ladder $AMC. Just hold your stock, buy more if you can afford to! Check out real time trade stats by googling: "Nasdaq AMC real time trades" and you'll see all the trade orders are 100 share volumes every millisecond. These are desperate hedge funds trading their stocks back and forth for a lower and lower price, driving the price down. The price drop means absolutely nothing AS LONG AS EVERYONE IS HOLDING, this will explode!
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    A short message to share in addition to all positive information from others in this board.
    1. looking into the $AMC daily chart, a very clear volume-price divergence trend is shown in last three weeks.
    2. this data shows a potentially very strong uptrend run in following days/weeks.
    3. apparently short squeeze seems delayed by some force, this has been tried hard to try to shake off the paper hands, to buy more time as much as possible, to reduce the power of squeeze, etc.
    4. major margin calls seem not starting yet, it can start at anytime.
    5. newly approved NSCC-002 seems not really being executed in practice yet, when it is effectively in action, changes will immediately show up.
    6. price strongly standing around this level (mainly around $50~$60) for three weeks looks very much like a consolidation before a big blowing up.
    7. it seems a lot of "buy the dip" and FOMO catching up in last a couple of weeks.
    8. data shows still a lot of short attacks in last few days, hence price moves shows there has been no major sells from longs.

    Expectation will be that when the critical line is crossed, explosion follows, 🚀🚀🚀 time coming. GLTL!
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    Daniel Plainview
    We broke through 60 multiple times today. Both the floor price and support levels keep rising. New AMC stockholders:Do not be discouraged by down days , focus back and realize we were trading at $2.04 to start the year. 2,500% gain ever since.
  • S
    If you plan to buy more $amc standardize your order quantity to 1 share. 1 order for 10 shares is not nearly as effective as 10 orders for 1 share. We need more orders to increase volume. Number of orders is more important at this point than number of shares in order. Play the game like they do.
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    AMC: Do you realize with that the media and everyone saying that the retail investors are causing all this market crashing, conditions that they feel we should just do the right thing and sell our stocks at a loss to protect the "system"? Even other ticker groups blame us for doing exactly what they are doing. We don't buy from dark pools. We don't use synthetic shares. We don't go into Ftds on owned shares. We don't pay millions interest and fines. We don't use computer driven algorithms to our advantage. We don't short the entire ETFs to get to the one stock we need. All we do is buy stocks and hold for a better price. Isn't that the name of the game here ? Nobody even wants to look at the real problem.
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    Share some of my opinions here. Very sadly speaking, I think a Gamma + Short squeeze to $AMC may be coming, may be right ahead of us. I just looked at AMC option chains, data about shorts, share flows, recent price moves, and trading picture last week. I still cannot find any reason to deny this feeling in my mind. I am a long, so this just gives me a feeling that I never had before. Let's all keep focusing on the price moves in following days/weeks, and see what will be happening.
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    Read this carefully.. $AMC results are pushed to March 2 nd.. This is actually good news -
    1. We don’t break the momentum.
    2. Call options are going to get exercised in the money getting more shares bought and virtually nothing to short
    3. Earnings are for Q4 with no business which is already known to the world.
    4. Reason for pushing the results is to declare positive news like a buyout or completion of fund raising and grown in Covid free summer to come.

    We can very well be in 20s this Friday, in 100s after Monday and in 1000s after positive newsboys earnings.. life changing returns to gain and nothing to loose really.
    Hit like and keep on top so everyone understands. Let go to the moon 🌝 and beyond 🦍 🦍
  • U
    AMC OS Is 98.5% Locked Up By Retail

    As of June 2, there were approximately 4.1 million 1 individual shareholders eligible to vote at the upcoming Shareholder Meeting.

    More than 80% of AMC shares are held by a broad base of retail investors with an average holding of around 120 shares

    As previously disclosed, there were 501,780,240 $AMC shares outstanding as of June 2, 2021, the record date for the Shareholder Meeting scheduled for July 29, 2021

    Advance voting will begin on June 16, with most shareholders eligible to vote by internet through 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time on July 28
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    Short positions collectively lost more then 10 billion alone in June and during that time short interest has remained pretty consistent. You don’t suffer through losses like that if you have exited or can exit a bad position. They’re still stuck and together with MM’s and brokers are pouring through mountains of trading data to try and sort out a strategy that allows them ti exit without devastating losses. SEC has afforded them some time to try and sort it out without risking a broader market crash if hedges are forced to liquidate to cover but eventually they will start enforcing these news rules.
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    The Golden Goose
    Maybe the SEC is currently taking real action against the hedges' illegal price manipulation tactics or maybe not, I don't really know. What I do know is if they're not, we don't need them anyway. It might take longer for the MOASS to happen without their involvement but we're going to win this one way or another.

    I saw a comment from someone who said the squeeze will take years. Like the hedges are going to pay millions in short interest everyday for years. They will end up paying billions anyway. You really think they are going to go that route? What's much more likely is one or more of the hedges are going to finally take a chance and stop with the illegal tactics (which is the only thing currently holding the price down) long enough to let the price hit $100 in the hopes that enough of us will take the bait and be satisfied with that and sell out.

    If you think the media FUD articles trying to pressure us to sell are bad now, wait until AMC cracks $100. When it does reach that price, don't be that person who bails out on us, no matter how great the temptation. AMC is going WAY higher than that if we stick together.

    I personally have a lot of shares and could cash in at $100 and make some serious coinage but that's not even a consideration. I'm holding for 10k, 100k, even 500k, depending on how it's looking once we get to each of those price levels. I will hold not just for me but for our brothers and sisters in arms who don't have many shares.
  • R
    $AMC is a buyMONDAY, if $AMC closes above $10 today all the calls expire in the money and market makers will be forced to buy shares back therefore on Monday the price would rocket starting the AMC short squeeze, copy and paste this so people know how long to buy and hold for!