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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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    AMD's current price activity is so disconnected from what the Company is doing financially and technically. Today's activity looks like sheep following rotation. Much of the share price drop prior. was manipulation as evidenced by significant short interest jump. The Company is doing great and rotation should come back. And shorts will have to cover. Selling now would lock in losses or reduced gains. Would only make sense to me if the Company's performance warranted it, which it doesn't. Seems that eventually the share price will catch up so I'll simply avoid checking the stock price and boards for awhile.
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    AMD Scores Highest Server-Market-Share Gain Against Intel In 15 Years
    (NASDAQ:AMD) grabbed the largest market share since 2006 against rival chipmaker
    (NASDAQ:INTC) in the server market with EPYC processors in the first quarter, according to Mercury Research (via CRN.)

    According to the report, AMD's server CPU share grew 1.8 basis points to 8.9% compared with Intel's decline in Data Center Group revenue for the first quarter. AMD's server market share in Q1 was 3.8 points higher than the same period last year, the CRN report said -- citing data analytics firm Mercury Research.

    AMD sold fewer low-end CPUs and more high-end CPUs in the first quarter resulting in an overall increase in average selling prices for its chips, recording its fastest growth since 2006.

    "This explains how AMD reported in its earnings that it had record server and client revenues, even though units were down in client and server units are far from the company's record shipments of 15 years ago," the report said citing Dean McCarron, president of Mercury Research.

    AMD designs microprocessors for the computer and consumer electronics industries. The majority of the firm's sales are in the personal computer and data center markets via CPUs and GPUs.

    See Also: AMD Is Firing On All Cylinders But Its Profitability Depends On Lean Operations

    AMD's server CPU market share peaked in 2006, rising from around 5%-7% to about 22% in only 18 months boosted by its 64-bit Opteron processors, according to the report. Intel however regained market share leading to a steady decline for AMD server CPU shipments over the following 10 years before the chipmaker started its comeback in 2017 with EPYC.

    AMD reported a strong earnings report last month, guiding a revenue growth of 50% YoY in 2021 whereas Intel expects a revenue decline of 1% YoY.
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    It looks like crypto, AI, the future of Auto, Medical research, new vaccines, gaming, video content et. al. rely on the three companies AMD, NVDA, and INTL. I believe I have to buy more of these stocks to gift my grandkids and they will thank me later.
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    Patient Investor
    All the negative posts will do nothing. Amazon who had stellar out of this world numbers went down 10% in price. That’s the way the market works. DD and patience wins the day.

    GL longs
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    Intel downgraded: "we do not believe IDM 2.0 provides an answer to market share losses to AMD." How true indeed!
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    I think the hedge funds are shorting all the tech stocks
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    Second BIG NEWS is related to a previous leak thought to be fake, where AMD has made an ARM based mobile APU integrated with Mediatek 5G radio! Now this cannot be as we only know about Samsung partnership and Mediatek makes its chips on TSMC's 5nm fab right?
    Well.. Here's the big insight. AMD using already a Mediatek design rebranded as part of its WiFi 6E chips! This can easily be a 5G cellphone radio too for always connected laptops, as well as next gen Nintendo Switch rumored to use AMD's chips too - search for it! So yhis article is very significant not on the quantities of a Windows based handheld devices for gaming but the principle of Mediatek connection with AMD to allow many more products including that ARM chips rumored before!
    Computex Taipei June 1st is going to be amazing
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    Intel is now AOL and Blockbuster. AMD is cool and all the kids wanna be AMD for Halloween this year.
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    Welcome to the Big Guys Market, only Dow goes Up. He is very Excited about how he has helped the Dow.
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    It is traders that are ruining this stock. There are 3 to 400M tradable shares each day. When the acquisition goes through there will be more tradable shares. No $100 in 2021 or 2022. Lisa su has put the brakes on AMD's SP for the foreseeable future. The trading float turns over twice a month. The more outstanding shares the harder to push the SP up. Just wait.
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    If you read my posts over the past five years, you can see Shorts started with a short interest of 150 million shares back when AMD was about $9. They covered about 100 million shares when AMD reached $95. Their lost in AMD was quite massive, around $10 billion USD (considering that they may have started to gradually cover when AMD reached $55). Shorts will lose another 10 billion USD in AMD by the end of 2021.
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    CNBC: Right now: Intel down 2% as it was downgraded to 'underperform' by Atlantic Equities, as it loses share to AMD. Intel's new plan won't solve their problems.....
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    Buy the dip
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    David Smith
    AMD stock went from January 1, 2020 at $47 to $92 then back down to fridays $78.81
    I hope this year it goes up like the past years and of course does much better.
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    Will it hit $100 this week? It was only a couple months ago that question was actually a legitimate question. No we are all wondering “will we see $60s before we see $80s?” Blowout quarter, raised guidance, increasing market share, etc, and the price of AMD seems to drift further down every day. The overall market keeps rising to record highs on little to no good news, but when AMD gets great news it tanks. It literally makes no sense. And no, the Xilinx merger has nothing to do with the recent significant drop. Both merging companies are doing extremely well separately right now.
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    Why do we do this? Longs hold long and strong suffering through dip after dip before going on up... why?

    I just witnessed why.

    When I retired early last year I started a home renovation project. One addition was a 40’ x 24’ screened in pool that has a 12’ circular 12” kids pool with center bubbler. My wife and I have a nonverbal autistic 4 year old grand child. He LOVES the water. He jumps and dances in the water and around the bubbler with squeals of joy.

    Watching my wife play with her grandchild in the pool reminded me why we do it. It’s not about the money. It’s about seeing the joy brought to a child’s and your spouse’s face.

    Stay Long! Stay Strong!
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    what did I say two months ago:
    AMD has apparently increased its 7nm orders by 80% for this year compared to last year.
    Dr. Su will raise the revenue forecast for Q2 maybe 400 million.
    the Q2 forecast has been raised from 3.2 Billion to 3.6 billion. Dr. Su made it.
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    My Fav comments from the new Motley Fools article out this morning-
    "A seriously disruptive force in PCs and data centers"
    "While Intel is struggling with flagging sales even during a global chip shortage, AMD is booming. Revenue was an incredible 93% higher year over year in Q1, driven by growth across the company's portfolio of products. Adjusted net income was up 189%, driven by the surge in sales plus adjusted operating profit margin increasing to 22.1% versus 13.2% last year. Management sees continued strength in PCs, laptops, and data centers, and it forecast Q2 sales to be up another 86% and full-year 2021 sales to be up about 50% from 2020."
    "AMD is about to get even more profitable too, once it finalizes its pending acquisition of field-programmable chip specialist Xilinx (NASDAQ:XLNX). Xilinx generates a higher free cash flow margin from its smaller operation, and the two companies will combine developmental forces to further AMD's battle for market share against Intel -- especially on the data center and networking front as organizations around the globe start to ramp up investment in new hardware in support of new cloud-based operations. Once complete, the new AMD with Xilinx's assets will be a formidable player in the semiconductor world."
    YEAH!!! GO AMD!!! GO LISA!!!
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    Disappointing jobs number. That means money is flowing back into tech today with the assumption that the economy won't be opening up quite as fast as expected. Should be a good day for AMD.