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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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  • GS needs to FIRE that Analyst or accept Fraud. Thumbs up if you agree. TIA
  • I have a dream: AMD will be 50s in the end of this year. if you are a dreamer as me, please give me thumb up.
  • Vega launch next week. I think the momentum is strong. Then Threadripper end of July. AMD will no longer dip like previously
  • Removing my girlfriends photo and replacing it with photo of Lisa Su. ;)
  • 📣📣📣146M shares shorting AMD out there, many of them will face MARGIN-CALL tomorrow or next Monday🤣🤣😚 Indeed I am exciting...Are you? 🕺💃🎉
  • Boston Launches First to Market Server Series featuring AMD EPYC™ Processors
    Boston Limited is pleased to announce the Global Launch of AMD EPYC™ - ready servers at ISC Frankfurt 2017 - The widest range of AMD EPYC™ – Ready Servers, available today! The hotly anticipate...
  • I held despite being down 60k. I'm now up $5k. Bring on the GREEN
  • Thumbs up if you have confidence and patience and intend to see this investment through to maturity, meaning at least until 4Q earnings but perhaps for a year or two to see it come to full fruit.
  • "History is made by the DREAMERS--not the DOUBTERS."

    Tonight I heard someone very important say those thought-provoking words on TV. For some unknown reason, I immediately thought about my investment in AMD; so I wanted to share these words with all you AMD investors. Obviously, Lisa Su and her team are DREAMERS and are not ashamed of it. Otherwise, AMD would not be making this huge and exciting turn-around that we investors are fortunate to watch right before our eyes. If the bashers on this MB want to call us AMD investors DREAMERS, I accept that as a compliment and hope you will, too.
  • Good Morning Longs! Lets make some money today!
  • I woke up this morning and smelled something I have never smelled before! It wasn't bad - but it also wasn't good. I tried to figure out where the smell was coming from and I checked everywhere. After sitting down and looking at AMD pre-market I realized what the smell was - shorts on fire. Shorts were burning and they didn't even know they were on fire. I tried to tell them and they ignored me. I was literally like, "I see your #$%$ is on fire. It's burning right now." And they were like, "No it's not."
  • To the banal chest-thumpers of opposing companies:
    Dr. Lisa Su never said we will be the best in everything. She said, we will take some of their market share.

    That is, taking it from those who claim they are best in everything and have it all figured out.

    This is exactly what is happening as we speak. This is why AMD is so supported - we've been told we're irrelevant for over a decade. Yet, here we are on top out of nowhere.

    Welcome to our current pps. AMD is not afraid of any product on the market, don't you see? They are competetive with them all, superior in some and regardless, AMD is stealing sales while being chill about it.

    "Yeah ok you can run a benchmark 2% faster in some instances and I can run another faster..but I'm half the price"

    It's a classy stance, almost arrogant in its innovation. AMD is telling competitors put up or shut up while the market is asking the same of AMD.

    Funny how that works.
  • Shorts. Give a reason. Any of you. Literally any of you. Why should the stock not be testing $18 right now based on the company's growth and prospects?
  • Finally this security is being discussed.
    AMD's Epyc is a major advance in security - SemiAccurate
    AMD's Zen core has been revealed in detail but with Epyc the company added a few juicy details.Read more ▶
  • I don't understand why people keep comparing AMD to Nvidia. They both make GPU's but AMD does so much more than that. The market these 2 companies are chasing is even pretty different. Revenue from 2016. Nvidia 6.91 billion. AMD 4.27 billion. Intel 59.38 billion. Guess which one matters more to AMD? I think AMD's real battle is with Intel and I think they're doing a pretty good job with that fight.
  • How many longs held in May after earnings? It was scary but I didn't give in. Feels good to control your emotions. Paying off now.
  • thestreet says EPYC could make 1 billion in sales by 2020. This is way, way underestimated:
    Leaving out what they may sell in 2017, If they can grab 5% of the market in 2018 and 10% in 2019, the sum of their sales by Q1 2020 would be 2.04 billion. These are conservative estimates. Moderate estimates would see 15% in 2018 and 20% in 2019 or more.

    AMD EPYC is segment leader with more processing power, more threads, more PCI lanes, more memory bandwidth, and less power+heat requirements. The last two doubles your savings in the datacenter and being lower-priced than intel gives you your 3rd benefit. Three strikes, intel. You're out.

    Optimistic estimates would be much, much more.
  • EPYC is epic in nature narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic and soon to be legendary figures of AMD... like those of Dr Lisa T Su who told us "The best is yet to come."

    She has taken the plays right out of the Steve Jobs playbook and will join him in reputation in this epic journey she is leading.
  • looks like head and shoulders got squashed and is now an inverse head and shoulders- on daily AND weekly charts! if this pattern continues to form, then it means amd is going to 14.70s, then doing a pull back to 12.30s, then up to 15s- all within the next 2-3 weeks! neckline of pattern is 15.55- so, the pattern gets completed at that price of 15.55! price target of this pattern is around $20! necklines are RESISTANCE!!! so, it needs to get thru the neckline in order to even try for the price targ of the pattern! earnings in july will most likely dictate whether the neckline is resistance OR if it can get broken thru to the upside!

    tomorrow, it will most likely be a down day for the spx and for amd and nvda too! down to 12.50-13.00 is my guess for amd- based on max pain price of 12.50.

    downtrend looks to have turned back into an uptrend now! amd needs to stay above 11.90 on pullbacks in order for the uptrend to be intact! amd needs to "test" that uptrend too which means pulling back to that uptrend price before it can head up again.

    that's all :)
  • 20 dollars easily within the next 3 months. I see it around 16 before earnings, then another huge push upward. 30 by February, maybe more. It has plenty to go. A buyer by the way at about 4.89.