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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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  • Some are missing the difference between Ryzen and Epyc launch. There will be less likely of a hiccup in a post-Epyc launch. Epyc purchase decision is less likely to be swayed by public Epyc reviews. Public review can only influence retail consumer purchase decision, NOT enterprise customer purchase decision. Enterprise customers DO NOT make their purchase decision based on public reviews. They get the chip into their lab, build prototype, and evaluate the chip before making the purchase decision and designing their servers. For any analyst to come out saying that there could still be a FLOP in a post-Epyc launch, that anaylyst is only BS with the ignorant retail investors who has no idea how corporate technical sales are made.

    The fact that HPE (#1) and DELL (#2) are on board from day 1 is a big validation and vote of confidence for the smaller guys. The smaller guys will follow. There is nothing Intel can do about it. There's no amount of bribe that Intel can pay techincal review sites to biase the review to sway enterprise customers.

    There will be no FLOP in post Epyc launch. Get on board now!
  • This is why the biggest customers of AWS, Azure, and Google will insist their VM's use Epyc:

    AMD's Epyc is a major advance in security - SemiAccurate
    AMD's Zen core has been revealed in detail but with Epyc the company added a few juicy details.Read more ▶
  • GS needs to FIRE that Analyst or accept Fraud. Thumbs up if you agree. TIA
  • I have a dream: AMD will be 50s in the end of this year. if you are a dreamer as me, please give me thumb up.
  • Vega launch next week. I think the momentum is strong. Then Threadripper end of July. AMD will no longer dip like previously
  • 📣📣📣146M shares shorting AMD out there, many of them will face MARGIN-CALL tomorrow or next Monday🤣🤣😚 Indeed I am exciting...Are you? 🕺💃🎉
  • My advice to everyone is not to feed irrationally with flawed logic; into a trap designed to have you lose in the game of life. In fact, there's NO reason to sell a single share for a miniscule profit at this time. Any due diligence that's been taken prior to this moment, arms the AMD shareholder with the knowledge, that this stock is sitting on a launch pad.

    I repeat to all AMD investors, DO NOT CAPITULATE YOUR POSITION. I say this to all AMD stockholders around the globe; who, take the time to do research, who've read this message board for a year, who know beyond a doubt, THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO SELL SHARES, THIS IS THE TIME TO HOLD & ACCUMULATE. IF POSSIBLE.

    The timing for where the stock price is right now, today, Friday is a potential trap. Bait the weak hands, shake them loose of their small holding, drop the price down even two points; then BOOM, AMD shoots up to $18, just like that.
    Don't miss the boat gang, it's getting to be bon voyage time, for Paris is festooning the St. Regina with the AMD logo, anticipating our arrival and helping us celebrate our good fortune.
  • If we keep 14 today, that will show the market sentiment has really changed about AMD. It would be truly incredible to not have a big sell off after this week. It will show Investors are here to stay this time!
  • What makes me really happy? Not that this stock has gone up, and will continue to do so (with ups and downs along the way). What makes me happy is the disappearance of E. All that rubbish about selling at $12, resistance at $12.40, $12.75, $8 in October, etc. She was beaming when Ken Luskin took his licks---well, now it's her turn. Glad she finally took her charts and headed off to haunt some other board.
  • http://www.barrons.com/articles/advanced-micro-devices-bears-denying-reality-of-potential-against-intel-says-rosenblatt-1498225125?mod=yahoobarrons&ru=yahoo&yptr=yahoo
    Rosenblatt Securities’s Hans Mosesmann today reiterates a Buy rating on shares of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and a $20 price target, writing that a “high-level view is in order” of the company’s battle with Intel (INTC) for server chips. In tones dripping with sarcasm, Mosesmann refers to Tuesday’s unveiling of details of AMD’s “Epyc” server chip, and chides his colleagues on the Street for “denying reality” by failing to give AMD credit for what it’s accomplished. "Firstly, the amusing consensus view the day after the EPYC launch on the 20th is that it is a solid product (enough to gain some incremental share), and that only time can tell how it all plays out as Intel (INTC:Sell) responds." "Very value add,” quips Mosesmann.

    Advanced Micro Devices: Bears ‘Denying Reality’ of Potential Against Intel, Says Rosenblatt
    Sell-side analysts covering chip maker Advanced Micro Devices are "denying reality" by failing to appreciate how much share the company can take from Intel in server chips, says Rosenblatt's Hans Mosesmann.
  • The article on EPYC security features should start getting more attention, especially in the environment we live in today.
  • I don't understand why people keep comparing AMD to Nvidia. They both make GPU's but AMD does so much more than that. The market these 2 companies are chasing is even pretty different. Revenue from 2016. Nvidia 6.91 billion. AMD 4.27 billion. Intel 59.38 billion. Guess which one matters more to AMD? I think AMD's real battle is with Intel and I think they're doing a pretty good job with that fight.
  • Why are analysts and bloggers _still_ talking about crypto-currency? Seriously no one is buying AMD because bitcoin.
  • To think that people still have doubts about AMD is crazy. The things that CEO was able to accomplish after taking over the company less than two years ago are out of this world. She is not just restructuring the company but also bringing new innovative technologies that will be used by many reputable and big companies. Believe it. This company will do the same thing NVDA did but better.
  • I am going to repeat the story I said a few months ago about AMD. One day, a fox saw a rooster sitting on top of a treer with a large of cheese in his mouth. The fox was hungry and wanted to grab the Cheese. The fox used a tick. The fox said to the rooster you have such a beautiful feather, but when you sing, your tail feather becomes even prettier. The fox repeated this until the rooster started to sing. When he sang, the cheese fell off his mouth, and then fox jumped and took the cheese and started to run away. The rooster said to the fox, why are running away, I thought you wanted to hear my singing and see my feathers. The fox said get lost, I just made it up to get the cheese, you ugly rooster. Yes, there are several people here who want to grab AMD from your mouth, watch out because it is going over 15.
  • I don't blame anyone who took some money today. Nobody knows your situation better than you. However, I will stay Long AMD
  • Removing my girlfriends photo and replacing it with photo of Lisa Su. ;)
  • Sorry guys but until now i don't see the "huge" selloff so heavily advertised here. Shorts are like the dinosaurs before the asteroid's strike
  • How many here are holding strong?
  • thumbs up who are more excited for AMD ER on July 31 than Winter is Coming on July 17