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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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15.53 1.42 (10.06%)
Pre-Market: 4:03AM EDT

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  • THUMBS UP IF YOU LISTENED TO ME. Where's MARK, JOE, FROSTY/BIG, and all the short #$%$ who came out of their poo holes the past few days? They crawled back in there with like $200,000 less? I TOLD YOU SHORTS LOST $1 BILLION ON AMD ALREADY this year.
  • Thumbs up if you agree it will be breaking $15.5 tomorrow
  • Goldman Sachs just upgraded on Bloomberg to $25 by year's end.

    "We misjudged the demand for AMDs mew products and crypto-currency products," said John Smarsh. "It happens, but congrats to AMD."
  • i don't know what to expect for today as the chart is suggesting amd can go above $15 this week- BUT, options are suggesting it is going to the $12s this week! and the price action of today of NOT being a "BIG" UP DAY "OR" a "BIG" DOWN DAY- is suggesting nothing regarding what it will do after it reports today!! so, i'm sorry guys but there is no clear indication for today- unlike the earnings from last time and from january (and from last oct or nov er) which were all very clear of what amd was going to do after it reported! being up or down by 10 to 20 cents on day of er (pre er release) gives no indication of what it will do after it reports! if it goes down to say 13.50s by closing time today, then it should do a nice up move after it reports today!
  • Gonna sleep easy tonight! Been long this stock since $2.4 with my first ever investment with a measly $300 when I had no idea how investing worked, now Its my biggest position by far with a lot more on it! Hopefully it will be buying me a new house at some point! Long and strong brothers!

    Peace out!
  • Remember the golden sacks 25% drop in one day? How about a 25% up day tomorrow?
  • Can you say, "Apple iPhone" semi custom! 7nm... As I follow AMD and all the engineers who are involved with ARM and x86 technology there is a HUGE chance that AMD is in with Apple deeper than we all know... just saying!

    AMD Vaults 10%: CEO Su Says Expect Another Semi-Custom Project in 2018
    AMD chief executive Lisa Su talked to Tech Trader as her company's shares surged by over 10% in late trading, following better-than-expected results and outlook. Su says there'll be another "semi-custom" chip win that will ramp in 2018, though she ca
  • 7/25/17 4:30PM @BobDole--you are so accurate in your estimate! If it hadn't been for you, I would have sold and got out. Thank you, BobDole!!! You are the BEST!!!
    This is what you said last week:
    Analysts Low Estimate: 1,150
    Analysts High Estimate: 1,200
    AMD Guidance from Q1 (up 17% sequentially): 1,151
    Analysts Average Estimate (Whisper Earnings): 1,160
    My Earnings Estimate: 1,281
    Revenue difference/surprise (in millions): 121
    % up sequentially from Q1 to Q2: 30.17%
    Difference from AMD guidance: 13.17%
    Whisper EPS: 0.01
    My Estimated EPS: 0.024
  • I say all of this respectfully and in sincere honesty..I have been working with the Govt exclusively for almost 30 years and the biggest technological advancement in human history is AI, and Brain Computer Interface (BCI)..along with ALL the technologies associated. I work under GSA Schedule 84 I'm not a stock expert like some of you. I'm in Security and Defense and I deal with world leaders daily. I'm not saying this to impress anyone because in the big picture I'm minuscule. But I assure you AMD and NVDA and anyone else who can keep up are on an extraordinary path that is unstoppable and will continue to accelerate exponentially like nothing we have experienced. When I hear people talking on this board about bitcoin and video games I always wonder how many people realize what's truly happening. I want everyone to hear what I'm saying. This world is changing we are heading into a different wave of technology that will change EVERYTHING in such a drastic way most of us can't even begin to imagine. It's both exciting and concerning. I am not a unreasonable person I'm not a conspiracy theorist. With how AMD is positioned Eventually stock will be bigger than bitcoin and amazon combined unless technology Stops. We all of us are witnessing an evolutionary process way beyond gaming and bitcoin. The Govt has already formed a group to oversee real concerns both from a defensive and ethical standpoint. With a little digging online much of it is public information. It's astounding to me that most people are completely oblivious to the facts. All I want to convey to you is AMD is at the forefront along with NVDA. So if you are thinking this stock will stop rising then you think technology will stop. AMD stock will surprise even the best analysts wildest dreams. I wish I could say more but here's a good read to examine the thoughts and predictions our world leaders are planning for. Again I'm not disclosing anything that isn't already public information you can find yourself
    Check it out and use your brain my friends. I wish everyone the best. Enjoy the read!

  • AMD just broke out of that cup and handle pattern. I would not sell this for anything right now as it will run this entire week. It will be interesting to see when all their products are launched for a extended period of time. What are the earnings at that point ? Personally I have been in the market for 29 years and this would be a good buy and hold for at least the next 2-3 years
  • The best part, as Lisa put it is yet to come. More institutions will be buying with AMD's proven record today. We are witnessing an historic moment. I don't know if you guys realize this. History is being made. I've been building computers since the 90s. This is the most challenge any competitor has ever given Intel.

    As OEMs and consumers start trusting AMD, more and more OEMs will sign up. What company doesn't want to pay lower processor prices and make more profit?
  • Big, I can't see your posts (I have to log out to see them), but for you and all other shorts, seriously, chalk this up to a learning experience. Everyone wins and everyone loses. No one wins all the time. No matter what side you're on, when someone comes along and gives you facts, proof with links, and does the math for you, that should open your eyes. The numbers do not lie. People misinterpret and lie all the time, but numbers do not lie. Charts do not lie (barring some critical news or event).

    Stop replying with ridiculous responses like "belly roll" and read, actually read. Someone going to those extremes to find out the truth (i.e. me) wouldn't spend that much time just to make stuff up. If they're posting it, that means it's at least worth a read.
    Take it like a man and learn from this experience. Everyone's been there before. Heck, the first time I got into the stock market years and years ago, I nearly lost my shirt too. But now, I have discipline.

    In fact, one technique I use is momentum trading where I read charts to tell me how to get in (basically close to all in) for just a few mins, just to get 1-3%. By doing that 2-3 times a week, I was able to get a 11% return in just two weeks. That works out to over 1,000% returns a year. This takes discipline though, but will be able to get you your money back if done right. Always use settled funds (in a cash account) or ensure you have enough round-trip trades (in a margin account with $25K so you don't get labeled as a pattern day trader) to get out out in case something goes horribly wrong. Discipline and principles.
  • On April 21, 2016, AMD beat earnings. After hours was in the 20% range.
    The next trading day it ended up 50% - DO NOT SELL. Let those bloodsucking shorts cover higher.
  • Someone posted on this MB yesterday that Lisa needs help in her presentations as though she's boring. Well, I was extremely impressed with her delivery in today's conference call. Her voice inflection certainly keeps my attention and, obviously, she knows her subject extremely well. Too bad I'm not a techie and can't comprehend much of what she said. But I'm invested here for the long-term anyway because I'm confident in AMD's products, the management team, and the company's future.
  • 20 more server partners later this year.
  • Lisa Su has a surprise for the shorts. They each get her forgiveness, and an office supply.
  • Thank you BobDole! Your brilliant analysis was a triumph. Good luck and God bless!
  • 15-22 percent gain tomorrow and another 5-7 percent when intel report a loss
  • If shorts BELIEVED earnings would be bad, they would pump this thing so they could unload at the top. INSTEAD, they are begging everyone to sell now so they can cover before earnings because they are scared $hiznitless going into earnings.
  • Big please don't joke about killing yourself or something if it's serious please get help, money should be the last reason to kill oneself, work harder and you will be able to stand up again!!
    Please man, all the bashing one side, if u lost money I feel for you even though u laughed at me when I was long and losing!
    Please take care of urself and think abt how important ur presence could be for ur family!!