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  • For the record, I am fully loaded 4000+ shares, with an additional 10% on margin ready for the earnings run. I have seen runups before earnings, but I have also seen big runs after earnings with this stock. In Q1 there were only a few weeks of ryzen sales, and games were not yet optimized. In Q2 we have a full quarter of Ryzen 5 and 7 sales, along with a windfall from the crypto market of 580 sales. Gonna be a blowout. Q3 will be even better with Epyc, Threadripper, Ryzen 3 and Vega sales. Shorts are so screwed.
  • i told this board on sunday to expect a wild ride this week for amd! has that happened this week?? YES! i told this board on sunday to expect amd to get down to 13.00 this week but that options showed it was going to the 12s! it got to 13.15- so getting down to 13 came to pass- having been at 14s just on monday- so it got there in 1 day!! i told this board on tues that i was sorry for being one day off in the decline to 13.00! i also told this board on tues that amd and the spy had an inverse head and shoulder pattern on their charts and that on wednes, amd was going to the 13.60s- did amd go there on wednes?? YES it did!! i didn't tell this board what the price target of that inverse head and shoulder was - but it was 13.82! price targ met today!! i also told this board on tues that the gap at 13.80 will be looking to get filled- got filled today!! i told this board on sunday that they would drive amd down to the low 13s or 12s and then bring it back up to close to 14 and then drive it back down again to the 13 level! has amd does this kind of move this week?? thus far, YES IT HAS!! so, how is that being right only 50% of the time when this is the info i have written on this board this week- from sunday to tuesday??!! now if CARL can give ANYTHING even CLOSE to this kind of precise info to this board of what to expect for amd in the near term, then i challenge him to do it!! DO IT CARL!!! give us PRECISE prices of what to expect for amd for friday and for next monday and tuesday!! go ahead carl- DO IT!!! i CHALLENGE YOU CARL to PUT UP "OR" SHUT UP!!!
  • Intel is NASTY! Pay the fine to AMD! 1.2 Billion, this is actually a win for Intel, as they just chalk it up as "Cost of Doing Business"... Intel has made many many many more billions on their illegal activity that cost AMD billions in possible business. Intel is a mafia type business, "If you don't buy chips from us, we will make it harder for you to do business with your customers..." sounds like a bribe to me.


    Intel still hasn't paid AMD the 1.2 billion USD anti-trust fine | PC Perspective
  • If you Google "Toshiya Hari Blayne Curtis AMD Transcripts". You will not see AMD. You will see that these two guys are sent by their employers to cover Nvidia. They are in collusion bent on promoting NVDA and sacrificing AMD.

    Toshiya Hari & Blayne Curtis are at the center of a fraud on investors. Goldman Sachs took possession of 11% of Nvidia shares outstanding after converting their warrants earlier this year. GS immediately began the campaign to promote NVDA and downgrade AMD. Meanwhile GS is selling NVDA and accumulating AMD.

    This cannot be stopped by SEC. There is no proof of collusion. There is only the fact that GS is benefiting and two analysts are idiots that disagree with most every other analyst. If I dig deeper I bet I can find the Barclay has a similar interest.
  • ahhhh the bad memories are coming back. Intel and its shenanigans. Please stop supporting this evil company called Intel.


    Intel stuck with $1.45 billion fine in Europe for unfair and damaging practices against AMD - ExtremeTech
    Intel will be paying the full $1.44B fine it owes the EU after losing its bid to overturn the action.
  • I like this forming short squeeze trap scenario. Many investors are conditioned to expect a sell off after earnings. This usually happens when a run up occurs prior to earnings due to unjustified investor exuberance. This time may be different. True, there is still tangible investor exuberance, but there is no significant run up in share price prior to earnings day; moreover, the exuberance is justified - in short, we see AMD taking it to Intel on all fronts, you know what I mean.
    My take, based on fuzzy logic, has AMD beating not only analyst estimates, but the whisper number of two cents as well, and issuing encouraging guidance going forward. With some 140,000,000 plus shares short, we could well see a panic start in the after-hours as the conference goes on. Coming in at $14 or so, AMD shares could sky-rocket to who know what - 17-18 dollars?
    Once clear that a super-squeeze is on, the next trading day could take AMD to twenty dollars. Well, that's my optimistic prognosis. Caveat Emptor in this case is mainly the markets crashing, and Lisa Su marrying Intel's CEO.
  • GS bought millions of AMD shares besides the obvious reason ("Advanced Micro Devices is formidable again after a lost decade" – Shrout), to be able to stop the AMD stock rising any day they want, by selling large amounts of stock and redirecting the AMD nose down. Very ugly!
  • Thumbs up if AMD beats. down If not.
  • URGENT URGENT!!!!!!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! For those longs who emailed me, check your email for the best news yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFFFFFFFFFFG
  • finally i bought 2700 shares, gl to me
  • Who gets to $20 first, AMD or Intel?
  • Longs, if you missed it, switch to "Top Reactions" and look for my post (one of many good ones btw) titled "Hi AMD longs. If you would like to see what I've researched and would like to see what I think the earnings and EPS will be, please email me below.".

    Also, don't forget to read the one titled "AMD longs, so I was going over some websites like Amazon and Ebay and they have horrible methods for finding Ryzen processors."

    BTW, I expect us to get to or get really close to $14.5 before earnings.
  • AMD longs, so I was going over some websites like Amazon and Ebay and they have horrible methods for finding Ryzen processors. Ebay for example, when you search through their categories and it gives you "Shop by Processor Type", on the left list, it only shows:

    Core i5 2nd Gen.
    Core i5 3rd Gen.
    Core i5 4th Gen.
    Core i5 6th Gen.
    Core i7 3rd Gen.
    Core i7 4th Gen.
    Core i7 6th Gen.

    When you click "see all", it doesn't even list Ryzen as an option.

    If you click "AMD", the left list then shows you these options:

    Athlon II
    Phenom II

    For Amazon, when you go through their categories, the left list shows this:

    Intel Xeon
    Intel Core 2
    AMD Opteron
    Intel Pentium
    Intel Core i5

    If you click "see more", you get a list that looks like this:

    Intel Xeon (3,405)
    Intel Core 2 (544)
    Intel Pentium (516)
    AMD Opteron (267)
    Intel Core i7 (263)
    Intel Core i5 (261)
    Intel Core i3 (155)
    AMD Phenom II (148)
    AMD Athlon II (125)
    Intel Celeron (103)
    AMD Athlon (60)
    AMD Sempron (49)
    AMD A-Series (44)
    AMD Phenom (43)
    AMD Turion (28)
    Intel Atom (28)
    AMD FX-Series (19)
    AMD A8 (2)
    AMD A10 (1)
    AMD A6 (1)
    AMD E-Series (1)

    The point is both Amazon and Ebay search methods and options suck horribly. This becomes a problem because when people don't know what they're searching for and they look for a PC Desktop, all they see are those options, so they'll NEVER purchase a Ryzen system unless they know what they're looking for already. And as you know, there are a lot of clueless people out there.

    I will bring this up to AMD IR for them to do whatever they need to through the proper channels, but as customers, we all have the right to yell at these companies to shape up or we'll shop at Newegg instead. Newegg in my opinion is great and is perfect btw. It has the best search engine and layout out there. I overheard someone who used to work at Amazon tell me that Amazon intentionally gives random results for their search engine so people will buy random things. I do tech work with SQL and NOSQL databases so I never understood how a big company like Amazon's search engine would suck so bad.

    Anyways, I suggest all you AMD longs email, call, chat, or do whatever to be heard so Amazon and Ebay fixes their stupidity.

    Dell, on the other hand, when you search for their Inspiron 7000, it gives you an option for AMD with a 27 in ch monitor and no mentions or options for a 24 inch. If someone wanted a 24 inch, they must choose Intel's version. Seriously, right? I would suggest all AMD longs reach out to Dell and tell them we want an option for a 24 inch monitor too. I noticed the 24 inch monitor versions (Intel) are selling out faster than the 27 inch versions (AMD).

    Having said that, an "OEM" that seems to be doing very well is a company called CyberPowerPC. Best Buy has the best example of this:

    CyberPowerPC - Gamer Ultra Desktop - AMD Ryzen 5 1400 - 8GB Memory - AMD Radeon RX 580 - 1TB Hard Drive - Black
    SKU: 5833100

    iBUYPOWER is an upcoming one too.

    Surprisingly the "big OEM" manufacturers like Dell, HP, Acer, and even Asus don't do as well as smaller brands. They just need to stop bad habit practices they're so used to like when Intel twisted their arms to do questionable and shady practices. It's up to the customers to pound them into submission.

    So, in summary:

    1. Reach out to Amazon and Ebay and tell them you want to see "Ryzen" show up as an options in the left list.
    2. Reach out to Dell, HP, Acer, and all the big brands and tell them you want more options with desktops that use Ryzen processors.

    I don't know how many of you are techies out there, but I am. I've been building computers since the 386 days and watched Cyrix show up and disappear. I've never seen AMD in such a powerful position (even better than when AMD surprised Intel with Opterons). But it will take time. And, it will take even more time unless we all help. We can all do our part to change these big companies' methods. Intel has been using shenanigan techniques on them for so long that they no longer know any better.

    All techies know that Ryzens outperform Intel's top class i7s when it comes to mult-core, multi-threaded applications and scenarios, by as much as 50%+. That's HUGE! The FX series never even got close. Ryzens do not have overheating problems like the i7-7700K for example. Don't believe me? Go read the VERIFIED BUYER reviews on Newegg. The ONLY thing Intel's top dogs can do better right now is playing certain games (not even all games) like Grand Theft Auto. That's it. Ryzens cost less and are better performers for everything else. But, AMD needs your help. If you're spending your hard earned money being a long you owe it to yourself (and to your kids - sorry, didn't mean to go there) to do your part.
  • Let me see how good my vision is for AMD? $14's BE and $16 AE, Longs would love to hear this, but would my vision 20/20 or better? Disclaimer Note: I hold long on AMD, I want it to go up, not down.
  • So----@Kris, are you glad you didn't wait for the $13.03 that E was calling for? How about the $12 she said to sell at? How many people wished they had sold at $12? People are wondering why they have not heard from her----it's because she doesn't know what the devil is going on-----better to stay off the message board when you have no clue, but you want everyone to think that you do.
  • I can't wait until Tuesday. I feel like a kid at Christmas just wondering what to expect from the boxes under the tree.

    I'll be in Europe...hope to get a late night surprise!!!
  • AMD = $18 by years end.
    AMD market cap is $12 billions vs. Intel = $170 billion vs. Nvidia =$90 billions
    Revenue is $4.4 billion/yr vs. intel = $60 billion/yr vs. Nvidia=$7.5 billion/yr
    Gross Profit is $1 billion vs. intel=$36 billion vs. nvidia=$4.1 billion

    Here's WHY as of 2016
    CPU market = $30 billion
    Server market = $21 billion
    GPU market = $15 billion

    June 20, 2017
    Epyc CPU will go on sale, taking about 10%-13% market shares from Intel by end of 2017
    and eventually goes up to 18%-20% by next summer of 2018. >>>>>adding $1.7 billion to $2.2 billion
    August 2017
    Vega will go on sale. take back about 10%-15% of market share from Nvidia by end of 2017.
    >>>>$400-$600 millions
    Threadripper on sale in summer, >>> adding about $500 million by end of 2017
    Ryzen 3 goes on sale in OCtober >>> adds about $100-$150 million in sales.

    Total will add at least $1.5 billions to about $2.6 billions by 2nd Quarter of 2018 to AMD earnings.

    As of 07/2017, IF...........

    Nvidia is worth $164/shrs with "only" $7.5 billion sales per
    2nd quarter and $4.1 billions in profit


    what do you think happen to AMD when
    AMD have $4.63 billions in sales/3rd quarter and $1.18 billions in profit...
    what is it worth per shrs?
  • I looked this Curtis guy up from Barclay... first history I pulled on him was NVidia. He had a sell on NVDA in Jan16 when stock was at 28. Then another Sell in May16 when stock was at 40. Then ANOTHER sell when stock was at 62 four months later...then finally a HOLD when stock was at 80.... which it has doubled from since then. There is no doubt he is a shill - moved up the ranks fast due to his ability to "perform" when needed. With this kind of history, I think this downgrade from him is very good news...indicates that AMD is out of control (as was NVDA) and those hurting are throwing all stops at it as they did NVDA.
  • Analysts will gradually be ignored by the investing community as clowns; see the recent downgrades on AMD;
    4/6/2017 GS initiated AMD as "sell"
    5/2/2017 Macquarie switched AMD from :neutral" to "underperform"
    5/17/2017 Loop Capital switched AMD from "buy" to "hold"
    7/18/2017 Barclays switched AMD from "equal weight" to "underperform"
    All were negative to AMD, but AMD holds on its own so far.
  • and by the way- technical analysis told the tale on amd in february to expect it to get to 15.42 - due to that being the price target of the inverse head and shoulder it completed on its daily chart- i wrote about that price on here in february- it got to 15.55 in feb! technicals told the tale of where amd was heading to in price! just like on tuesday when i wrote here of the inverse head and shoulder pattern on amd's (and the spy's chart)- and told on tues that amd would get to 13.60s on wednes (due to technicals of the daily chart) - it went to 13.74 on wednes! what i didn't tell this board on tues was the price target of that inverse head and shoulder for amd or the spy- but i did tell this board on sunday that the spy's price target of the inverse head and shoulder pattern it completed already (last week) was 246.37 and i told this board that the spy would try to get to that price target this week- it got there! so, the price target of the inverse head and shoulder pattern on amd (of the pattern made on tues) was 13.82 and on the spy's inverse head and shoulder pattern made on tuesday, it was 247.37- both achieved their price targets of those patterns! achieved today! technical analysis can be used on ANY stock and on any index or etf- it works on all of them!

    people who say it can't be used on a certain stock (which i've seen many people say for stocks like nvda last year, tsla in 2013/ 2014, etc) just don't know what to look for in the charts OR don't know how to read charts or options- because no, that isn't at all true to say "technical analysis doesn't work on amd"- because yes, it most certainly does work! my accuracy in calling prices ahead of time on this board for amd since february this year is proof enough of that! sometimes my timing is off by a day or two- but the prices i post about do come within a day or two and within usually 10 cents of the prices i've called for! and the only way i can do that is by reading the charts or reading options- hence, doing technical analysis ;)