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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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  • Hi guys, I finally reached halfway of my destination after a grueling 10 hour drive. In a hotel for now, but tomorrow is when the fun starts. I won't have Internet most of the time for a few days, and if I do, it will be spotty and intermittent. I finally had some time to analyze what just happened today. I blame myself partly for this sell off. Why? If I hadn't posted my revenue and EPS estimates with facts and numbers to back it up, most people would not have purchased AMD or would have sold off before earnings. Many people have posted on this board they would not have held, or would have not purchase, or would not have added positions if I hadn't shown them the light. In my research, I can tell you that for each person who says something, there's dozens, if not hundreds of others who remain quiet but feels the same way. Why would me sharing my research and thoughts a bad thing?

    It's bad because many of these buyers are the weak hands. A powerful structure, or anything really, is only as strong as it's weakest link. When something slightly happens beyond their control, these "longs" lose faith, lose common sense, forget to think logically and give in to these shorts (which as I pointed out are a coordinated professional group, each taking turns pounding unsuspecting investors out there). How these shorts live with themselves, I don't understand. But then again, that's why we have shady car salesmen, sociopaths, and all sorts of horrible things in this world. With that thought, I will leave you a link at the bottom for you to read. Be careful the stuff you post like your stop loss limits, what you will do, blah blah. Just like car salesman, they'll ask you questions (or listen/read these posts) and when you answer them, the car salesman uses your answers against you. They are not your friends. This is why frosty responds to almost every single post. He's checking out your answers and giving it to his short buddies. I joked once that frosty may be working for GS. You should read my links below. And my thoughts on E, sure E may be good with TA here and there and made some right calls, but be careful. My observation is E may be with these shorties playing the part of a "friend". If you give in to fear or greed, you're adding to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    This is exactly why Warren Buffet hates to associate with Wall Street crooks. Anyways, weak hands will sell at anything, sometimes when they have a profit, and sometimes even at a loss. Fear and Greed are the two emotions at play here. Shorts know it and uses all their bashing techniques to ensure you feel it. If I hadn't posted my facts, a lot of people would not have bought in, some weak shorts would not have covered, thus, when earnings finally came out, there would not have been any expectations and the stock truly would have gone up as I have noted in my analysis. But, this is not what we saw today. Today, we witnessed a lot of scared people selling off for a 5% mere profit, some for more, some for less, and some I'm sure at a loss, destroying what should have been an excellent day for longs. Not only did AMD *CRUSH* the "expert" analysts estimates (and not just one, a bunch of them, averaged out) of Q2 as your's truly calculated, they increased fiscal year guidance. That's huge, yet some people cannot see beyond a few days or even just a few minutes. Think about that for a moment.

    Yet, something that I should point out: I looked at the NVDA chart and the same thing played out, so it's not restricted to only AMD.

    Having said this, it is with deep regret that I have decided I will no longer share what little I know with the public. Even with the best intent, some of the worst things can happen as a result. Shorts may rejoice at this, but as I said, weak shorts would not have covered and in the end, longs would have won as the 2-year chart confirms, so don't rejoice just yet, shorties. You shorts play a part in the market. You cause stock prices to go lower so others can get in. And when people get in, your covering (many times at a loss - just look at my analysis of shorts losing $1 BILLION dollars over the past year) pushes the stock up even higher. The key, fellow longs, is to not let them play your emotions. Know it, believe it in your heart and mind that surely as the sun will shine each day, AMD stock is headed in the right direction. Do not panic and lose money on a stock that's trending up. If you are, you are not ready for the stock market. It is not a forgiving place.

    AMD has been doing great for 2 years, destroying the wealth of shorts and giving wealth to truly long and strong longs, way before I joined the scene. AMD will do just fine without me. As I've said before, AMD has never been in such a good position. It's unreal. AMD's entire revenue is BARELY above Intel's ENTIRE R&D budget. Think about that for a moment.

    Here is a link you should read. This is why you should not just trust any analyst that upgrades or downgrades a stock. Notice these same companies are the same ones that rate AMD lowly, give low targets, and/or have horrible track records. For example, that dumb (or corrupt) clown who calls himself a Wall Street analyst, Christopher Danely, has a track record of returning 2.9% of your stock portfolio if you follow his advice. Who gets that pathetically low? That's shameful. And how does he even keep his job? The article below will answer that question. The most disturbing thing isn't that this clown has a 2.9% return rate (which any good trader can get in minutes). It's that there are even more people who are ranked lower than he is, who are "Wall Street analysts". Think about that for a minute. If that's not scary to you, you and I are not living in the same world.


    Now, for some other analysts, you can see some of their ratings here. You'd have to sign up with a fake email to see most of it. Again, I don't care what analysts say or think, but for those who do, and to prove my point above, here is a link for you to do your own research of analysts:


    Now, having also said that, not all analysts are bad. There are some good ones (i.e. good track records) who have truly good intent. This page has some recent coverage/reiterations. If you don't know any better and must trust someone, at least trust the guy who has one of the best track records: Mark Lipacis.

    If you hover your mouse over the green/red arrows, you'll see more details.


    For those who seeketh the truth, ye shall find it. You know where I'm at (sort of), you know how to reach me. When you are ready, I will consider sharing my thoughts and analysis with you, individually, only after you've proven you are not a weak long or a short.

    Once people and institutions (after all, institutions are still run by people, who act like frightened animals) come to their senses, AMD stock will roar back up. The key, my fellow longs, is to be in the stock BEFORE it shoots up. I haven't sold a share and won't. My projection is still $20+ before next earnings and $30+ before the end of the year. Next year, I expect $50 by mid year at the latest, depending on how the server market does. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow we go up fast and high, trapping even more shorts just like what happened on July 5th. It happened so fast most shorts poo'd in their pants. Don't be the guy who buys at the top. Buy at the bottom my friends. Just ask your fellow longs on this board who's in at or around $2. They are the true heros.

    As I've proven REPEATEDLY with facts and math, and not just scare tactics or irrational pumping, you have the power just as the richest man ever who made his money on the stock market has taught us, to do your own research. You, are your own best asset. Believe in the facts, not the pumpers and the bashers.

    Stay long and strong my friends. And for the Wall Street crooks and analysts reading this (yes, even big doggs read Yahoo Finance boards, contrary to popular beliefs), your days are numbered. More and more people are putting their money into EFTs, index funds for the S&P 500 and not paying your ridiculous fees. You can fool the unsuspecting investor, but you'll never fool:


    Peace out, long and strong.

    Is Wall Street corruption endemic?
    Or does it just seem like it is?
  • AMD vs INTEL "SALES" Market Share update!
    Thumbs up if you want to know and share the truth.


    You can do the numbers yourself by going to mindfactory.de and copying the "AMD Desktop" and "Intel Desktop" links to archive.org to get numbers from July 3rd and July 4th.

    Guys, I said I wouldn't share cool stuff anymore (earnings projections etc., even though I'm closer than the "expert" analysts and MUCH better than the shorts. I never said I was going to abandon you guys to the wolves.

    The shorts have NO FRIGGEN CLUE what the earnings will be LOL. They don't care. Their goal is to just scare newbie investors off so they can control the stock. But, as earnings approaches, you'll see the bulk of them come out in force to scare you to sell because they themselves are scared shiznitless.

    frosty, you ready to lose more money? Losing money since $2 isn't enough, huh? LMAO!!!!!!!!

    ImageAMD vs Intel Market Share 7...
  • The worst thing to do as a long is to watch this board. If you have a position in this AS AN INVESTMENT, there is no reason to sell. The product quality is evident, the demand for the market is growing, and earnings were a positive sign of things to come.
    If you have positions, AS A TRADER, then sure, pump whatever schpiel you want. Listen to some individuals that do their homework and hopefully everyone makes money. But again, for any long investor, unless this company does something very wrong or produces a product that ends up being horrible, selling is illogical.
  • you just got a taste of what is coming in the aug to oct time period- for the markets- and for amd! the REAL sell off will start sometime in august- don't know when EXACTLY in august- but it'll be starting in that month- and end in october! been telling you this info now since march/april!! this is the info i've given several times on here fr the markets and for amd: bad in june, up nicely in july, bad in aug to oct and bottoming in october! today was your taste of what is coming!
  • THUMBS UP IF YOU LISTENED TO ME. Where's MARK, JOE, FROSTY/BIG, and all the short #$%$ who came out of their poo holes the past few days? They crawled back in there with like $200,000 less? I TOLD YOU SHORTS LOST $1 BILLION ON AMD ALREADY this year.
  • Thumb up if you like to say thanks to Dr Su
  • E believes this is headed to $8 in October.
    Two points:
    1. AMD reports $.02 and we hit a 52 wk high of $15.65
    2. In roughly 3 months, they expect $.07
    If you connect those 2 dots, and you come up with a share price of $8, then you, like E, have mush for brains.
    Can I get an amen?
  • AMD is now a buy and hold investment.
  • My entire net worth is in AMD
  • Analysts downgrade because they missed the boat and want to buy shares cheaper. Nothing to worry about. Lisa will put them in their place. She's the real deal like Ryzens are 4 realz. Analysts have been downgrading AMD since $2 like shorts been shorting since $2. Look where it got them LOL. AMD is hitting $20 before earnings whether these clowns like it or not. $30+ by end of year. Mark this post. Plus these "expert" analysts were so wrong on their estimates. Just proves they are useless. Whoever listened to GS and Barclay's downgrade missed out. Simple as that.
  • Thumbs up and comment if u hold a position on the best stock
  • Brace yourself. Asians are buying today and there aren't enough shares.
  • Thumbs up if you agree it will be breaking $15.5 tomorrow
  • Reading this thread is more entertaining than watching a movie. Keep it up guys
  • ask bobdole when the decline will stop! he told this board that amd was going to the 16s today for sure! and that it would be at 18 by friday!! he also told you to not give in to the shortsellers and hold your shares and let the shorts come to YOU! well?? where is bobdole??? we need to know where amd is going to in price by friday?? is it still going to be 18 by friday?? ohh where is our new buddy who makes the best price predictions and is sooo humble and modest as some wrote on here yesterday!! oh where is bob?? the board needs his great wisdom and price calling prowess!!! where is he??!! "one hit wonder" in price calling i questioned earlier!! hmmm, bob, you said 16s today for sure and 18 by friday!!! gawwwd!!! whatever!!!
  • If you need a reason to have confidence, check the multi-decade chart.

    Historically, AMD has periods of a few years in which they innovate and do well. This is one of them. Check the full chart that shows pps from day one in the 1970s to now, and you'll see those peaks and how this is shaping up to be one of them.

    Don't worry about the daily up and down if you're an investor. At the very least, look to earnings in 3Q and 4Q. There are new products being introduced next year as well, exciting stuff.

    I hold, and I don't stress out about the fluctuations. They can be a little disconcerting, I know, but the big picture is the real story. Don't let the spammers and manipulators panic you.

    Above all, this is now a company to believe in.

    Stay strong, and good luck to us all.
  • E: Just reviewed your response & thanks. I along with others ( & trust me there are quite a few of us) are very thankful for continuing this advise. I still have a hard time in understanding as to what are the issues that these bashers have? If they don't like it then be it; but why spoil it for others ? There are quite a few comments that I don't agree from bunch of them and some of them are down right ugly; but if that's where they derive the pleasure, let them & I shall ignore. Their derogatory comments are not worth exerting any stress. Just be generous and pass it on. If they don't see your strong desire to help them make right decision, then its their fault. None has questioned your motivation & should not. I am glad to see you back; so please continue fine work without getting disturbed by such noise.
  • Comical - I saw Frosty say he flipped 2200 for a scalp trade. First of all....you don't really believe he bought on earnings day and then sold within .09 of the high, do you? Second, even if he did, 2200 / 14.50 is only 151 shares so he made a big 160 (or so dollars) if you believe him LOL!! Sorry Frosty, we all know you have no assets and live in your mothers basement. DO us a favor and pay off your student loan so we tax payers don't have to subsidize your basket weaving degree.
  • Can't you just hit $20 already