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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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  • I noticed somebody mentioned the possibility of AMD being down on Monday... don't let something like that influence you to panic & sell your shares. It will dip here & there due to the volume lately from day traders etc. AMD has multiple product releases underway, as we all know, which is more than enough to help us maintain this upward trend. The media will only cause very temporary dips, as the company itself hasn't actually encountered any set backs. stay strong! Hold for big bucks - it's right around the corner. Good luck fellow share holders
  • “As the world’s largest Chinese language search engine and leading AI-Tech company, Baidu prides itself on simplifying a complex world through technology,” said By Dr. Zhang Ya Qin, president of Baidu. “The AMD EPYC processor powered one-socket server can significantly increase our datacenter computing efficiency, reduce TCO and lower energy consumption. We will start deploying with the launch of AMD EPYC and I look forward to our cooperation leading to scaled EPYC adoption this year, and ongoing innovations.” Little quote from Baidu.
  • Let's repeat last week. 4 days up and 1 day down this upcoming week would be just fantastic!
  • I beseech everyone search out a post issued some 15 hours ago by smlwmg, claiming AMD to be full of hot air; unless, they successfully achieve paramount numbers; over, the next few quarters. I've rejoined this adversarial entity in a combative manner and would appreciate everyone's support in decrying, despoiling, annihilating his/her position on the matter of AMD's imminent success. I rarely seek overt support of this type; but, feel in this case, it is a requirement for AMD shareholders to exhibit a show of force, dominance & unshakable confidence. The world of commerce, technological revolution & common sense is wrapping itself around the ideology of AMD, there IS no question of success, the question is HOW HIGH CAN AMD GO?! (Now i'm going to jump into the pool and cool off; I love everyone here, there & everywhere, have a great weekend).

    With all due respect smlwng, your interpretation of historical data, plus the ramifications, emanating from your vision of causation & affectation are fundamentally flawed. You seem to persist in the notion, that no one learns from experience; therefore, we're all doomed to repeat our mistakes and fail. I say, NO! NO! IT AIN'T SO, JOE! All critical thinking people would conflict with your line of reasoning. Adaptation to one's environment, learning from experience, generation over generation, actuates a progression of thought process; which, advances the possibility of ideas & therefore, civilization..

    I don't know if you're catching my drift; so, let me cut to the chase. You are from an old school, one that attempts to dictate behavior, a philosophy; which, societally has wreaked havoc & continually fails. Once a populace finally catches on and revolts, maybe, just maybe, civilization advances. In this case, make no mistake, AMD is not your father's AMD. This iteration is Advanced Micro Devices is powerful, vibrant and technologically ahead of ANYTHING you've ever seen in the market place & in your life.

    Now, would you rather buy into that rationale, or the preachment of continuous failure you persist in prescribing to everyone?! I ask for everyone on the board to respond to this post; which, I deem as a critical juncture in the direction we perceive AMD and we, are headed. PARIS!
  • Folks, the game has changed last week. The trend since early May is broken. If it wasn't Amd would have retreated to $13 on Thursday and more so Friday. But it kept the gains along with record volume. This is technically a very bullish action. Play accordingly.
  • There is a reason many on wall street perpetuate the myth that the short seller/daytrader tends to be smarter than the retail investor. The truth is that 90% of shorts/traders end up losing money and 100% of these folks miss out on the huge gains. "From the impatient to the patient". I for one am not interested in obsessing over the ticker all day in hopes of snagging some scraps. Rather, I am concerned only with the HUGE gains to be had by the "dumb" patient "investor"! Best of luck to you all, especially my fellow investors!
  • Where in the world do people on here get their so called support prices and price targets from. Do some of you just make them up?

    Someone posted that there is support in the $12's or low $13's meanwhile the true technicals say there is a pivot point 1st support at $13.82.

    80% RSI is up in the $17's so this stock has plenty of room to run until its temporary over bought. Then it will adjust to higher prices.

    Seriously if you don't have facts or good technicals please don't post BS
  • Has AMD been added to the Russell 1000 Index? Or is this just a rumor running on this MB?
  • This is good stuff to hear for AMD vs NVDA:

    AMD is stealing market share away from NVIDIA, according to the latest data from Jon Peddie Research, with the former's stake in discrete GPUs rising impressively year over year during the first quarter (from 23.2% to 27.5%). Over the same time frame, NVIDIA's market share dropped from 76.7% to 72.5%, according to this research.
  • Any linkage between crypto-currency and AMD's share price is FAKE NEWS. Last week's gains were entirely based on the release of EPYC.

    AMD Will Take Server Market Share From Intel With EPYC, It's Just A Matter Of How Much
    How much share AMD will take is the $64,000 question but Intel’s lucrative Data Center group is the company’s high profit cash cow. If AMD is able to chip off even 10% share it could mean billions in new, high-margin business for the company.
  • Share price will explode this week
  • With the latest iMac Pro design win, AMD had kicked NVDA completely out of the Apple Mac product line including MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac mini. If you look at the tech spec for these products, they can only be configured with Intel integrated graphic or AMD discrete graphic. There are a few reasons why I think Apple adopted AMD only for the discrete graphic.

    1. Probably a lot of their media applications are GPU accelerated. If Apple uses both AMD and NVDA GPU, they will have to maintain both OpenCL and CUDA codebase. By adopting AMD GPU only, they can scrap the CUDA development and save on software development cost. No one like proprietary technology period.
    2. AMD is more price competitive.
    3. AMD GPU performance has to be at least on par with NVDA

    I can also see these as the reasons why cloud service providers will favor AMD GPU over NVDA GPU for datacenter. Keep in mind that AMD has the Trojan horse in EPYC as well. AMD can bundle EPYC with VEGA to give them a pricing edge over NVDA. Look for a quick adoption of AMD VEGA GPU for datacenter!

    Unless Intel licenses the GPU core from AMD, with Raven Ridge coming online in the 2H, there is a good chance that AMD will slowly displace some of the existing Intel SoC in the Mac product line, just like what AMD did to NVDA. Ryzen CPU is now just as good as Intel while VEGA GPU core will be superior to Intel integrated GPU. For those that hasn’t been following AMD history, AMD had almost won the Apple business with the Liano launch a few years back, only lost it due to manufacturing issues. Please google for Apple AMD Liano! I think the Intel/AMD licensing deal will happen but in AMD terms and conditions and to honor Apple’s request only. Whether the Intel/AMD licensing deal happen or not, AMD will win. AMD Raven Ridge will slowly displace the remaining Intel SoC in the Apple Mac product line or Intel SoC will embed an AMD VEGA GPU. In the end, it will be all AMD GPU core.

    The ATI acquisition is finally coming into fruition this year I think.
  • I'm going to faint. Another semi positive article from the Fool and comparing us to their little darling NVDA. Did they fire the other writers or just bought a million worth of AMD stock is the question. Yes, they named Nitero this time also.
  • AMD is launching the long awaited Vega Frontier on Tuesday the 28th. The Best is Yet to Come!
  • King CON Acehole, there is no need to promote old tired obsolete yesterday technologies when consumers now have a choice of new technologies like Ryzen, Epyc, soon Vega......... Your horse is old and tired with no teeth to eat. Please, join the AMD horse with fresh teeth and ready to run.... to take you to places you never been. Don't waste your PHD on something obsolete.
  • This stock was worth $15.50 before we knew about epyc.
  • AMD was mentioned this evening:

    3 Top Virtual Reality Stocks to Buy Now
    These three tech companies are leading the charge into tech’s next great computing interface.

    Andrew Tonner
    Jun 24, 2017 at 7:08PM
    Like many emerging technologies, virtual reality (VR) is a nascent industry, that is long on promise and short on mass-market products. Only a handful of companies currently ship VR products, and many of those products still fall short of their much hyped, game-changing potential.
    However, as plenty of past tech trends have demonstrated, investors who are patient enough to allow this trend to develop could ride this wave to ample profits. Keeping that in mind, let's review why shares of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Sony(NYSE:SNE), and Advanced Micro Devices(NASDAQ:AMD) each make for interesting potential investments in this still-blossoming tech market
  • https://techiuk.wordpress.com/boston-release-epyc-powered-servers/

    Boston release EPYC powered Servers
    Boston has announced it will be releasing EPYC powered servers. The first to market solution servers will be dual processor server featuring up to two AMD EPYC 7000-series processors, up to 4TB ECC…
  • Great post TestBunny. Now go to Bloomberg.com. June 20th article if you want to read the commitments from Baidu, Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMare. This is huge. Surprised this stock did not shoot up higher last week. Don't know how I missed this article. I read and read, then I read more. That's why I buy more and more at this ridiculous cheap price. In 2 years as Lisa Su hints at god only knows how high this will be. See you in Paris Lou !
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  • An unspoken AMD strategy (tactical execution) from Lisa Su's team, is a "RAPID firing" with new releases, incrementally reap the low hanging fruits enough to support R&D budget growth to further attempt some next challenging designs ahead, sort of using "Millions of rapid bullets" to kill the Intel Giant. Brilliant!

    Bullet 1: Xbox, PS2, dominating all game consoles
    Bullet 2: Zen base, for Ryzen 7, 5, then 3 rapid series of releases
    Bullet 3: Zen base, stitched together like lego, the Thread-Ripper release
    Bullet 4: Zen base, stitched together by Infinite Fabric (great stuffs), EPYC data center attack.
    Bullet 5: Vega 10, win some market share for gamer and Pro graphic workstation
    Bullet 6: Navi 10, Navi 10x2, etc.
    Bullet 7: Vega 20, to strengthen Double precision floating point, attack Tesla Line of NVDA.
    Bullet 8: EYPC ++>, maybe stitch 6 Zen chips together
    Bullet 9-20: Zen2, 7nm, pipeline enhancements, and the derived products
    Bullet 21-30: Zen3

    It is not some weak bullets, watch how AMD customers responded. In reality AMD has small R&D budget, "was" losing money..... now AMD is in the break even situation, and even a small profit 2017 will help funding "Aggressive" big projects in 2018 and beyond, I believe the bullets will turn into some cannonball size. Watch out Intel!

    AMD is more than Intel (Intel is good in CPU, not Graphic, now trying to branch into other areas).
    AMD is more than Nvidia (Nvidia is good in Graphic, no CPU, good penetration into AI).
    AMD has all of Intel's + Nvidia's. And market opportunity in VR, AI and Data Center will be a big play for AMD for the next 5 to 10 years.