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Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMPE)

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    Honest Dude
    This stock is presently priced over $1 too high.... there is nothing to justify this, the assets of the company only amount to about .35 cents per share.... and the price will reflect this soon.
  • b
    Stock grinding lower on lack of institutional support and lack of meaningful progress on trials for primary product and COVID treatment.

    Macaloser can’t lie his way out of this because at some point, people expect an actual result. Mishandled vials was convenient to keep up grift success is always just around the corner.

    Take a hard look at the characters running this clown show. A printer, a former medical director with NO FDA success to speak of, and a cfo who can read the mda out of a 10q.

    They have a toy lab, use their money to pay themselves and spend the rest on promotion like the phony interviews they arranged with Macaliar and Clift.
  • a
    I now endorse an event driven swing trade strategy News on nebulizer data sell Probably best not to gamble this go around on OAK unblinking request Past direction indicates a continuation of the trial to meet the 1031🤷‍♂️
  • p
    Tomorrow morning would be a great time to realeasa FDA approval news. We can dream.
  • L
    How I see it on my charts is that it has consolidated and is ready to climb the stairs to around $2.30 and $2.40. If news comes out then it would go on from there depending on what the news would be !!!
  • B
    Ok, last post for today! In the PR today, which I believe was also announced on an earlier PR was this sentence.

    "We shared these promising results with the FDA in our recent request to expand the [AP-014 Phase I] trial. The FDA's response recommended that we forego our planned unblinded expansion of the current trial and move directly to a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled Phase II study of inhaled Ampion™ in COVID-19."

    As I read this I think what it is saying is that a decision by the FDA on OAK is now being tagged to the Phase 2 of the inhaled Ampion is it not? If so, that means the OAK decision is no longer right around the corner? Which means they will need more money, right? This leads me to believe that today's PR was just an attempt to try to pump up the stock so they could do another ATM shelf registration to get more money. Am I right? We shall see I guess unless someone wants to take a stab at me now. PETE, ARE STILL OUT THERE? You have been with this company longer than I and I trust your opinions.
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    On the plus side of things, the price today did pop enough so it is now above the 20 and 50 day moving averages. It had passed one earlier than today and crossed the other one today around $1.79. I am not a chart person and often think if the stock is being controlled they can paint any picture they want. Tomorrow's short session may tell us more if the picture here is an accurate one or not. As much as been touted about this drug, one would think the news goes beyond the Denver area. On the other hand, the more someone tries the better they get at reaching their goal through practice. This company certainly has had enough practice, that's for sure.
  • J
    Covid vaccine microneedle patch technology.
    Sir Charles A. Henriques https://twitter.com/CharlesAHenriq1
    Zosano (ZSAN) NDA Migraine Qtrypta™ ( billion dollar market)
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    Saint Fentanyl
    All the boiler room brokers who pushed this scam are dumping it themselves now.
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    Honest Dude
    Another fluffy PR with no real numbers again is meaningless, the truth is out there.
    You seek truth?....it is there for all to see, this company is so lame, no analyst will cover it, no firm will underwrite an offering, no more tricky warrant options.... the street has been lied to by management so many times that no financing will ever be available.... every trial they ran for 3 fake drugs never once reached an endpoint... always fake excuses like frozen samples or saline was too good a comparitor... seriously saline... trial failures and 3 drugs later here you are investing in a failed pivot from knee pain into viral pneumonia when in fact there is no science officer or science.... the guy who created Ampion has no shares of his own, only given shares to keep smiling.... while he appears with their drinking buddy on a local fox news station, or publishes weak information in obscure medical journals..... what does that tell you?.....so lame the manufacturing plant makes dust.... so lame a company that 2 geeks in cubicles have to create fake screenames to create a buzz here and there on chat boards..... so lame that hundreds of millions of dollars were raised and no endpoints were ever met on 3 fake drugs.....so lame, subpoenas and investigations into corrupt practices were engaged, with lawsuits..... so lame, that the CEO is notorious for lying and has a checkered history that many know of here.... So lame they couldn't even discuss the last trial, blamed covid, while most other trials went on unobstructed.....

    So lame that fake pumpers call me a liar..... with no evidence I lied about anything....

    So lame.... that you must steer clear here and invest elsewhere-- and thank me later
  • p
    Today's drop likely only due to being caught up in all of the youtube/reddit stocks being crushed again today.
  • R
    as expected no real news. all revenue came from "atm" or borrowing from investors impact of pushing share price up. no revenue because for years they have still yet to get a product to market. once again they say the FDA is suggesting they do certain things. this reminds me of a mom telling her kids to do something to keep them busy and out of her way. not sure why the pop after hours, but with no product and most likely no fda approval ever!, this will slowly drop back down below $1. good luck to those who keep believing this CEO fraud.
  • B
    Pete, or James or Rob or anyone that has been in this thing for at least three years please answer with your best guess as to what is going on now. I can't figure it out. I would hate to have held for 3 years and miss the train, but I just do not trust it right now.

    1) Share price is holding up nicely indicating there is strength. I hit it yesterday many times with 5,000 to 10,000 shares on the bid selling 150,000 shares and it really surprised me with the strength.

    2) Announcement could come at any moment. Earnings are meaningless at this point. The business update is the key tomorrow.

    3) OAK announcement, just on filing may pop this. It could also drop on news thought too.

    1) Overall market appears to be weak after yesterday's run up.

    2) If the drug is as good as everyone is saying, then why doesn't it show up in articles or news other than locally in Denver. There was an article yesterday on six drugs for treating Covid-19 and Ampion was not mentioned. Where is the media interest outside of Denver?

    3) Company could be doing an ATM to raise more money before tomorrow if news is not good so they have money to continue their efforts.

    4) Big Pharma may want this thing to die rather than succeed.

    5) If OAK is a no go then this thing is dead.

    6) Why is it taking so long regarding the Covid-19 trials? If the drug is as good as everyone says then why hasn't the FDA given them EAU?

    That's all the obvious I can think of right now. I just don't get it. This thing should be moving up in share price recently if there is good news coming, especially yesterday with the DOW up almost 700 and this thing was up a few cents?

    Many thanks in advance for any input. I sit on the sidelines not as a short, just watching for now is all.


    BTW There are two Bruces on here! I feel for the other guy named Bruce.

  • B
    Hey balloon-head HD! I have stated several times that I do not own any shares of this thing at the moment. I sold out for a profit of over $20,000 on 100,000 shares. I may buy back in at some point, but for right now I do not trust this thing. OAK decision is coming, yea or nay. If this drug is as good as everyone is saying then why hasn't it made the news other than in the Denver area? Call it PTSD from 3 years ago, but it seems as if something can go wrong with this thing IT DOES! We shall see. I am waiting on the sidelines right now.
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    For the record I completely bailed today. I or my kids own no shares now. Between my account and my kids I sold 150,000 shares today. I must admit that every time I hit the bid with 5,000 or 10,000 shares it held up nicely.

    But considering the Dow was up almost 700 and this thing was up only a few cents with what's suppose to be good news and an earnings report coming out in a few days it was time for me to sell. Hope I am right in what I did. It took me over 3 years to get back my losses and end up with a $30,000 profit in this stock. I could be completely wrong of course.
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    Bermuda Jones
    Aytu breaksout to $11+ then sells off against news of a merger with Neos. The same Florida Investment group owns big part as well as Cytodyne or the other stock someone was pumping. Ampio also owns 1 million plus shares of Aytu. Of course the management of these bio's all come from the same pie. All have mingled co-mingled for a decade plus. Gould, Macaluso, Disbrow etc. Whats ironic is to see the wolves "litigate" each other for granting stock warrant options etc. Eventually one or the other will buyout one or the other and repackaged this decade old game of chasing tail. Where are those gamestop investors! Let's get this pumped!
  • T
    People here shouldn't knock Honest Dude. He has a handle on what he's talking about. I was so impressed by his Recommendations on "GET OUT OF AMPE" and "Buy CYDY". That I sold all of my holding on AMPE 1st part of March and Bought CYDY. Yes, Honest Dude Really has it together
  • p
    Hey Honest Dude. Do you have any update on CYDY for us? Since you know, we were supposed to get dunked on by it and all today, wondering if you and Frank could give up a quick update.