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Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN)

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    Script numbers, courtesy of Rafunrafun ihub.

    Scripts for week ending July 23, 2021

    Overall drug TRx are -0.5% w/w

    TRx 85,070; -0.3% (-234) w/w; -2.3% y/y
    NRx 37,910; -0.3% (-108) w/w; -5.7% y/y
    Ref 47,160; -0.3% (-126) w/w; +0.6% y/y

    Lovaza (Generic & Brand)
    TRx 63,219; -0.4% (-247) w/w; +4.9% y/y
    NRx 30,998; -0.8% (-240) w/w; +4.0% y/y
    Ref 32,221; -0.0% (-7) w/w; +5.9% y/y

    Generic Vascepa
    TRx 15,623; +8.8% (+1,267) w/w; As % of total V: 15.5%
    NRx 9,038; +11.3% (+916) w/w; As % of total V: 19.3%
    Ref 6,585; +5.6% (+351) w/w; As % of total V: 12.3%

    Generic Vascepa by Manufacturer
    Hikma TRx 12,075; Generic share 77.3%; Total V share 12.0%
    Reddy TRx 3,548; Generic share 22.7%; Total V share 3.5%

    Despite CVS dropping generics, their script numbers have increased.
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    Biopharmaceutical company Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:LXRX) has appointed Craig Granowitz as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, effective August 2, 2021.
    Granowitz was previously Chief Medical Officer at Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN). In the new role, Granowitz will oversee the development of Lexicon's product pipeline. He will be instrumental in building out the medical affairs organization as the company prepares to file a new drug application for sotagliflozin as a therapy for people suffering from heart failure and living with type 2 diabetes
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    While renewing my Vascepa prescription on-line today at CVS/CAREMARK I checked the status of generic Vascepa.
    CVS/CAREMARK has a warning addressed to patients as follows:
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    Merck's New CEO Promises Dealmaking, R&D Investment -- Market Talk
    Mentioned: MRK
    0825 ET - Merck Chief Executive Rob Davis, who began leading the drugmaker July 1, outlined his vision on the company's second quarter earnings call, saying R&D investment is a priority and Merck will be aggressive in dealmaking. Davis said Merck will look to acquisitions and partnerships to add early to late stage experimental drugs to the company's late pipeline and isn't limited by disease areas or size of deals. Davis also said Merck needs to operate more efficiently and embrace digital technology. "While we are on the right path, we need to work with more speed, urgency and agility," he said.
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    Good Morning and happy Friday Longs!!! Today, will be a great day. Saying good bye to J-T and ushering in a new dawn and paradigm shift.
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    There has been a lot of discussion on what AMRN is worth based on geography . Here are my estimates and comments.
    U S
    Rob has stated U S worth a dollar. Vascepa was approved in 2012 and AMRN has never made an annual profit. Also we know about the generic competition. Therefore what is it worth. Not much. I understand AMRN strategy is to build out revenues therefore eliminating profits like all other companies would. Problem now is it is 9 years. At some point they need to look to the bottom line and address company profitability. If AMRN reduces expenses between 50 and 75 percent in the U S. It can result in profits of somewhere between 200 and 400 million dollars a year. This would result in A U S value somewhere between 4 and 8 dollars a share. If expenses stay this high and revenues continue as is the U S is worth near nothing

    The highest estimates I have seen for the EU are the 2 analysts that have buys on the stock. Piper and I forget the other. One has 2.8 billion peak other 1.5 billion. The time frame for these revenues were the 2.9 by 2025 and the 1.5 by 2029. So therefore it will take years. Expenses will be high. THey have to be to build infrastructure in all the countries. My estimate is the infrastructure buildout will be complete sometime in 23. Now the question is.Lets assume they hit a billion by 24. If there is no profitability the EU will be valued very low. If they can make 100 to 200 million on those revenues it would prove the company can make profits in the EU and should be valued between 8 to 10 dollars a share.

    No idea and no one else does for any company not just AMRN. I have said this before. ISRG had their divinci robot approved in China around 7 years ago. No revenues for 6 Years. This year they are pouring in and surgeries are booming. For 6 years on every conf call ISRG would say China is a very complicated place and we have no estimates on when we will be selling there.
    Rest of the world
    I believe Brazil can be at least 50 percent and as high as 75 percent revenues as the EU. I have no idea what the statues is. THe rest of the countries are minimum
    A new CEO starts next month so I am looking to see if he addresses the issue of profitability. Something must change.
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    yep - perfectly planned - give us a raise beginning of the week only to take it all away by Friday - very predictable pattern for a stock so easy to manipulate right now. Hang in there...not easy, but a bright future is ahead.
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    Most bio stocks up yesterday big are down today. Nice to see Amarin holding.
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    seeking alpha just gave $10 price target on AMRN. as a strong buy. says very undervalued. projected sales of 5 billion by 2030!!!!!! let's go!!!!!
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    A solid $4, down nearly 85% from its $26 high :) :) :) A rough lesson for all of us investors into a single medicine bio-pharma company. About the riskiest investment possible and I went for it...
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    Happy weekend, hoping Monday brings a new flavor to the Amarin Cause. What would be a great entrance by Kareem is to let his investors know the path forward.
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    Need a few more days like today. This stock is worth much more than $5.
    I loaded up and now am at $4.15 avg. on 16k shares. Today looks like a great start.
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    What is the chances of a Merck buyout
    Seen it many times before in the space. New CEO and the company gets sold in a quarter
    Plans are never revealed until the C suite crowd has bought in and that may be happening right now
    Holding since $26
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    AMRN needs to clearly define what the heaven they are going to do to stem to tide of generics generics. I have been saying this since that Judge Dru ruling and I will say it again, AMRN needs to suspend USA TV ad marketing, layoff at least 75% to 80% of the USA sales force AND match the generic price.

    Focus on Europe while we wait for China approval. We have a great partner in China and I expect scripts to
    rip once the Edding sales reps are turned loose.
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    Here is my reflection on this stock. I bought quite a lot of stocks in the 20’s thinking it was going to the 40’s. When it dipped below 18, I bought more thinking it would go back to the 20’s. And it kept on dipping and I ended up buying more. Finally, I came to the term that this stock does not possess the future I thought it would and I started to slowly sell and move away earlier this year. As soon as the stock price started to come down from 9 few months ago, I thought this would be a great buying opportunity and started to buy in the 5’s. Oh boy, was I wrong every time. I see folks are out here saying now it is a great buy. Buy here only if you have the money to throw away and don’t expect anything in return. For me, this is a lost investment and it is not even worth selling it.
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    Merck needs to buy us out
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    SV will be a long-wall-flower in August, Stockvadar-invites others.

    Longs, let's back off for one entire month (August). Niall that's you too! We say: Let NO ONE DEFEND WHAT YOU KNOW YOU HAVE. NO ONE. Don't respond to the CC or PR's. Sit tight.

    Let's simply sit back and let history unfold. We bought MORE SHARES at $4 and have no regrets. It's our money. WE unashamedly think Karim is a major part of the Amarin story. Blessings upon Karim, he is a good man with a strong vision and a major responsibility to prepare Amarin for its acquirer.

    So as much as we would like to post about what we're learning, we herein state we will not post again until 1 September. We are long. Take care all of you (Warren our dear and trusted friend; Niall our drunken pony boy; and of course, your faceless names like Elisabeth who talks to her friends about holding shares and how JT's exit is a part of the strategy; THANKS ELISABETH!!!)

    Take care everyone, -sv (long)
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    Maybe the stock is moving in anticipation of possible merger discussions......They have cash but no pipeline.....If they announced a merger with a company with a late-stage pipeline, with many preclinical drug candidates, I could see the shares moving up nicely.....Their current strategy is not working.....I wish the new CEO well.
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    New numbers from Raf
    Scripts for week ending July 16, 2021

    Overall drug TRx are +5.6% w/w.

    TRx 85,304; +7.1% (+5,662) w/w; -2.8% y/y
    NRx 38,018; +10.7% (+2, 697) w/w; -6.6% y/y
    Ref 47,286; +4.4% (+1,997) w/w; +0.6% y/y

    Lovaza (Generic & Brand)
    TRx 63,466; +6.5% (+3,847) w/w; +1.8% y/y
    NRx 31,238; +13.3% (+3,670) w/w; +3.6% y/y
    Ref 32,228; +0.6% (+176) w/w; +0.0% y/y

    Generic Vascepa
    TRx 14,355; +20.8% (+2,470) w/w; As % of total V: 14.4%
    NRx 8,122; +22.4% (+1,485) w/w; As % of total V: 16.2%
    Ref 6,233; +18.8% (+986) w/w; As % of total V: 11.6%

    Generic Vascepa by Manufacturer
    Hikma TRx 11,158; Generic share 77.7%; Total V share 11.2%
    Reddy TRx 3,197; Generic share 22.3%; Total V share 3.2%

    * the generics are now obviously picking up scripts beyond skinny label. The infringers need to come out with a real effort at preventing infringing use.
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    Teva reported bad numbers and bad guidance and said they don’t have a lot of money to offer for settlement of opioid lawsuits. Stock up 12%. Lol. Welcome to the contrarian world.