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American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC)

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    link censored
    about re-alignment of the GRID because of Covid-19 and people leaving big cities.
    Seems pretty pertinent to me for a company living off the GRID like amsc does.
    people are moving around and it behooves the GRID to "move" in response, imo.
    What do you think the GRID should do when people move around?
    However complained about this link must think its unimportant that people are moving and the RID is standing still.
    ....."We Are Witnessing A Last Minute Mass Exodus Before The Final Collapse Of Our Major Cities
    February 28, 2021 by Michael Snyder
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    Should've, Could've - they nixed the Would've...

    Directors of grid operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) held their first meeting since winter storms that brought subfreezing temperatures for days, cutting power to up to 4.3 million people and causing millions of dollars of damages.

    Six ERCOT directors have resigned and a board nominee declined a seat amid sharp criticism of their performance.
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    Share Valuation -

    What is the value of AMSC based on today's info, and what target should the price be? The following is the criteria for the share price analysis:

    1- Government 30-year bond yield
    2- TTM Grid Revenue
    3- Last Qtr Gross Margin
    4- Last Qtr Outstanding shares
    5- Grid Backlog (see my prior post)

    Not going through the labor of showing calculations - mainly intrinsic value plus growth (backlog Vs revenue)

    The current share price should be 27.00 dollars

    As for projection, that is totally based on what comes through as announcements of contracts or deals by mid summer.

    27.00 dollars is just the value of the grid segment of the company, any wind related income will add to the share price, and any revenue growth from NEPSI (in the dark right now!), should also add to the value of the share price.

    Conclusion - the analyst's 26 dollar target is too low, and the current price is low-to-fair value with upside strong potential.
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    McGahn has made comments recently about the opportunity for amsc wrt to EVs and more specificly mining for the EV wave that's coming.
    The link is not intended to be an endorsement of any particular company, just information of what McGahn might be talking about wrt to EV mining opportunities for amsc.
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    I feel AMSC was drawn into minor market currents, profit taking, and manipulation. The current price should be $36 along the stable path to future value. Selling any share before is risky.

    If you feel you need to sell shares, buy some AMSC LEAPS first, as many as you feel comfortable with. Then you will be able to get back on-board when this rid is fully energized. There is momentum building in multiple segments, and demand will accelerate exponentially.
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    Amsc should buy the Texas power grid company going bankrupt.
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    new opportunity for FY2028
    ....."Navy DDG(X) Future Large Surface Combatant Program:
    Background and Issues for Congress
    The Navy’s DDG(X) program, also known as the Future
    Large Surface Combatant program or DDG Next program,
    envisages procuring a class of next-generation guidedmissile destroyers (DDGs) to replace the Navy’s aging
    Ticonderoga (CG-47) class Aegis cruisers. The Navy wants
    to procure the first DDG(X) around FY2028, although that
    date could change. The Navy’s proposed FY2021 budget
    requested $46.5 million in research and development
    (R&D) funding for the program in one R&D line item and
    some additional funding for the program in another R&D
    line item. The issue for Congress is whether to approve,
    reject, or modify the Navy’s FY2022 funding request and
    emerging acquisition strategy for the program.".....
    2028 gives amsc enough time to build up their production line for motor applications and bid for the motor in this new destroyer, imo. Sure its a long time off. In 7 years a lot can happen but it won't happen by itself. amsc needs to implement the finding of the UB/Brookhaven study regarding hts wire improvement and cost reduction. If they start now they probably have a chance but they have a lot to do.
    In any case, I am thinking that the SPS and probably power distribution cables are a very good objective for amsc for the new destroyer design. The Navy is taking a serious look at the motor for this new class. Wouldn't it be nice if amsc could get some of that $46 Million in R&D to follow up on the ship motor design that that they made for the Navy 15 years ago when amsc was still using 1g wire.
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    Hmm open up a shelf offering Friday and then rally Monday? interesting. I smell dinner cooking
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    More room temperature hype and An application that hasn't been discussed here. charging EVs with cable under highways.
    ....."A city in Germany recently installed a superconducting cable connecting two transformers that was cooled by liquid nitrogen. In addition to almost totally eliminating line loss, the cable was capable of sending five times more energy than conventional cable.

    The ability to generate massive amounts of electricity with minimal waste will be an integral part of upgrading our infrastructure, which will include smart cities and smart roads that charge our electric vehicles via contactless charging. The first in-road wireless charging project broke ground in 2019 and successfully charged a Renault Zoe EV at 8.5 kilowatts over a 20-meter section of road using one 15-kilowatt receiver. ".....
    Nearly $5 trillion up for grabs in retrofitting work and a way to reduce emissions created from the current U.S. power grid? It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.
    Nearly $5 trillion up for grabs in retrofitting work and a way to reduce emissions created from the current U.S. power grid? It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.
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    ....."Two Wind Farms in Texas, Rattlesnake Wind Farm and the Heart of Texas Project, were purchased and built by Goldwind America’s, a subsidiary of Shanghai-based Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology — the largest Wind Turbine manufacturer in the world.
    A 2016 report by the Houston Chronicle highlights large and invasive investments by China’s Solar Power companies, like Goldwind, that have seized control of many of Texas’ infrastructural investments.
    Goldwind, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, bought into Texas’ energy grid for the first time in 2016 with the acquisition of the Rattlesnake Wind Project, a project that would be the Chinese company’s largest wind farm in the United States. Goldwind told the Houston Chronicle that a planned second phase would double its size.

    David Halligan, chief executive of Goldwind, told the Chronicle that, “This investment in the Rattlesnake Wind Project highlights our long-term commitment to the U.S. wind market and represents our first step of a five-year growth strategy to capitalize on the extension of the production tax credit.” (A Clinton-era policy to give federal subsidies to “green energy” projects at a rate of roughly 2 cents per kWh produced by the facility.)".......
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    Defect-Tolerant High-Temperature Superconductor for Coil Applications
    Navy STTR 21.A - Topic N21A-T007
    NAVSEA - Naval Sea Systems Command
    Opens: January 14, 2021 - Closes: February 24, 2021 (12:00pm EDT)

    What are the odds AMSC submitted one?
    Navy - 21.A STTR - Defect-Tolerant High-Temperature Superconductor for Coil Applications
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    AMSC is only traded 7000 shares this morning with 1.3 million shares short good luck with covering those shares.
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    American Superconductor files for mixed securities shelf offering, no amount given
    (AMSC), (Trade)
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    Grid Revenue Vs Grid Backlog -

    The grid backlog is a tough trick to crack! My guess some analyst are having tough time with it as well.

    The following is based on assumptions that can or cannot be accurate - but it forms a uniform baseline.

    1- DVAR items of all types have a life time of 12 months - revenue within 12-month period.
    2- HTS items (REG and SPS) have a life time of 24 months - revenue within 24-month period.

    TTM grid revenue as of last qtr (12/30/20) is: 64,156K
    TTM/24M Grid Backlog as of last announcement (2/18/21) is: 75M => 117%

    TTM grid revenue as of prior qtr (9/30/20) is: 62,302K
    TTM/24M Grid Backlog as of announcement on 10/20/20 is: 66M => 106%
    TTM grid revenue has been growing since the third qtr of 2018 (12/30/18)
    TTM/24M Grid backlog has been above 100% since 12/30/18

    With that, I don't see how the stock may not keep ascending. as for shorts (factorable or not), I don't see their case!
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    Things are falling into place.
  • A
    Another great buy day!

    Just picked up some super cheap calls!
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    Commonwealth Fusion Systems - MIT energy startup hones in on fusion, with plans for 47-acre site in Devens (former home of AMSC). This is based on the ARC tokamak concept. "Recently, a new high temperature superconductor has reached industrial maturity." Only the shadow knows...
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    @jthinkhouse has a price target of $8.😂😂 that would put AMSC at market cap of 250mil ish... when the enterprises value is 600mil LOL. they do over 20mil a quarter in revenue. growing since 2018... current ratio over 2.7 !!! 50mil in cash that they can't burn fast enough!!! :) and NO current debt on balance sheet. and littleraly a few mil in long term debt...nothing. growth sector with projects underway huge catalysts. good luck to Shorty pants 😂😂
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    Nothing to be alarmed about. Apparently, Northeast Power hit their ear out targets. This should be priced in already. So, it’s good-news bad-news....bad news they have to pay. Good news they are performing!

    EDGAR Filing Documents for 0001193125-21-060535