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    How durable is this business? Really? Will it still be going strong in 20 years? And is the debt load a concern?
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    I have seen this stock promoted multiple places, but I don’t see the draw in a REIT with a 2% yield. What am I missing here.
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    Congratulations to all you believers that bought more while on the little slump and ignored the Muskies that sold in their little panic. AMT rocks and has all but paid off my mortgage just in dividends over the last 10 years. If you look at the past history of ups and downs they always come back strong.
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    Read this on Reddit. I'm long on this stock. Just trying to figure what the future holds.

    From Reddit:

    Imo what StarLink is going to do in the long term, is put up their own ground based Towers. And because these towers don't need access to ISP backbones on the ground, they can go anywhere, places where towers can't currently go. So they're going to acquire those rights for cheap and out pace the competition.

    StarLink will design ground towers to connect to star link in space and then beam off each other via LOS, radio, etc.

    So imagine you have 20,000 ground towers talking to star link, All they need is power, nothing else, which could be primarily solar and battery backed up (and they have Tesla Batteries to tap into there).

    These towers will be designed to relay off each other, so if one tower can't get to the Sky (clouds weather etc, it'll patch in from the nearest other tower it can talk to) so every tower is always online regardless of which towers have access to the Sky.

    Star Link will eventually obsolete ground based ISP's and back bones and eventually Oceanic Fiber too, upsetting a billion dollar industry.

    In some cases, routes to StarLink and back to earth are Shorter than current routes over the ground. And routes through space will have less hops than routes on the ground. So what is currently a 250 MS latency from say Australia to Idaho might be 100 ms over StarLink.
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    Any thoughts on the possibility of AMT buying UNIT?
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    Without fanfare AMT just raised the dividend to $1.24. Annualized this is $4.96 compared to the $4.53 last year or 9.5% higher. But, most likely $4.96 will increase as each subsequent quarter dividend is raised as is historically the case. The $1.24 dividend paid in April 2021 compares to a $1.08 dividend paid in April 2020 which is actually a 15% increase year over year. If they raise each quarter by 15% then this years dividend would actually be $5.20. Which would only be about 55% of 2021 AFFO. So, $5.20 is reasonable to expect and that would equate to a 2.6% yield. Not many REITs growing dividends at 15% and still only paying out 55% of AFFO.
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    Double digit average growth of AFFO through 2027 equates to AFFO of around $16.50 per share or more. Dividend is likely to be over $10 per share which implies it is still only paying out 60% of AFFO. Which means there is room for the dividend to be as high as $12 or $13 and still be safe. Based on today’s price it will be yielding as much as 6%. That is based on visible growth in the bag already. It does not include additional accretive M&A or new service revenue which they are working on. AMT is solid asset to hold the next 5 to 7 years IMO.
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    The pendulum has swung too far. The Covid/Reopening plays are attracting all the money. The steady long term growers with a clear stable growth path are being sold since they held up during the shut down. So the less quality stocks with more unpredictable cash flow and growth are being chased while the steady growth and cash flow producers are being sold. Opportunity is at hand. Don't miss it by second guessing yourself. The chasers will end up being wrong.
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    Owned AMT for 15 years. The growth investors have fled to quick money trades. New CEO, new acquisitions, unfounded fears of interest rates rising and fear of satellites taking over airwaves have institutions weary. Think we have more pain until safe haven mentality comes back to market. Stock is way oversold and probably will stay that way until Market seeks safety and new CEO proves he can provide growth. Until then reinvest dividends and stay long. Will be back over 240 after new acquisitions starting ringing the register and Dish starts leasing.
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    Why would AMT invest in SpaceMobile if satellites are a threat to tower companies?
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    I tried to post a link to this last night.

    Interesting read over at Seeking Alpha titled - SpaceMobile: The Future Of Wifi Could Be Here

    Look in the comment section. Very interesting the info there
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    Double whammy. 1) Rotation out of REITs in general. 2) AMT short term is being hurt by loss of Sprint leases.

    Longer term growth is intact with 5G and the loss of Sprint will be offset by growth provided by acquisition of Telxius Towers.

    Everyone has known of the Sprint churn since the merger so why it is now an issue makes no sense.

    I am buying a little more every new leg down.
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    Are satellites a threat to AMT and CCI. Is the technology viable yet????
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    Drop has been painful, though AMT announced a new partnership yesterday:

    American Tower Launches First Data Center Channel Program with ‘Pure Channel’ Approach
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    Really thorough piece on Barron’s giving the case AMT can go up 90% in the next 5 years
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    It was a great buying opportunity
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    this will be back above 230 next week. they are about to anounce dividends
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    Zııt Erenköy
    Long and Strongg
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    interest rates up, AMT shares down. lock step decline in low dividend payer reit