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  • H
    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
  • s
    This is what it means to go long. I bought in at 3,200. I for the first time decided to go long . I will not touch this for the next 10 years. I have 5 shares.
  • B
    A perfect buy opportunity here for AMZN and Google. Neither company is remotely close to Snap's small and limited business model.
  • D
    Credit Suisse cut it's target price to $900 above today's price, so people sell. LOL. They are adding 150,000 people, because their sales are BOOMING, and they will just pass on those distribution costs and higher wages to the consumer, because they have zip for competition. He clearly has no idea about their launch into food distribution next year. Back to school buddy.....back to school.
  • A
    Amazon should get rid of all the workers. They should make mostly robots and machines to do the work. Amazon offers these people a job in these tough times and yet people are complaining. They give them above minimum wage and health insurance. They could go work for another company, go drive people around, go flip burgers. As my brother says who is an amazon deliverer, nothing is good enough for these workers they don't know what they have until its gone.
  • C
    Wasn’t it last week that the retail numbers were so good and Amazon went up over $100? How is it possible that stock drops today?
  • D
    Only way this will breakout to upside is if split announced. Why else buy a company whose stock price has gone nowhere recently and pays no dividend.
  • m
    Only thing I know is that I have been ordering from amazon at least twice a week for the last few years and everything I want is there online and delivered in a day or 2 right on my front porch
  • S
    if you guys look at the charts -- this 1 year area of consolidation (stock moving sideways) is historically normal for this stock -- with a little bit of technical analysis (fortune teller abilities) you can conclude that this stock will explode in the next 3 months -- I have been trading this in and out for the last 3 months but this last time I bought I am going to hold because I feel an explosion coming in the next 3 months that will be a bigger gain than the trades overall (and much less work on my part)
  • B
    Bulls will continue.
    Analyst have been estimating since last year AMZN at 4300-4500 level at least. This time , P/E become cheaper than last year. CORRECTION will come this time in Q4. Shopping spree is now
  • w
    wow boy
    $4000 after earnings
  • S
    Saroj Nandi
    $12.10 is d earnings whisper number.
    3rd Quarter September 2021
    Consensus: $8.72
    Revenue: $111.63 Bil
    $3800 easy.
  • C
    Common Sense
    Amazon shareholders hang in there….earnings are catching up quickly. Soon will reach a mid high 20s PE and then it’s time for the stock to move higher again
  • R
    AMZN split announcement coming during earnings calls…hopefully.
    $4200 in the horizon.
  • C
    Common Sense
    PE at 58….AMZN has not moved in 15 months but that’s ok. It’s because the eps needs time to catch up to the price run up. Let that PE drop with eps increase. Tesla is going to need like a decade lol!
  • L
    Stop knit picking! Tremendous Growth in year over year Revenue & Earnings.
    Anticipated Growth should make AMZN a $5000.00 per share stock next year this
  • H
    I bought more here. SHORT SQUEEZE will be fun to watch. AMZN shopping has started since LAbor day. that's why banks had a great earning. retailers transaction thru the moon. That's only q3. what aboutbthis Q4...AMZZ 4500 will come. Buy more , TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. FUNDAMENTALS will prevail. Shorties will cover in mass soon
  • a
    Amazon passes fed ex in shipping for first time ever. Knew it would happen soon and glad. Fed ex is terrible at handling packages. They either come crushed or delivered to a neighbor.
  • G
    Anyone know why there’s such a drop today?
  • S
    I ordered (expensive) beef stock jelly from Amazon (around £30). I received chicken stock jelly instead. I wen ton the site and they told me item is not refundable, link to contact Amazon right there. I click the link and it leads to an automated service that tells me they will give me a full refund in less than a minute.
    Amazon has not only revolutionised retail. It has revolutionised customed service and customer satisfaction in a way inconceivable only a couple of decades ago.