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Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN)

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  • Amazon buys Whole Foods for $14 billion and no one thought EPS would suffer?
  • Downgrades and lowered price targets should now be expected given the huge miss and bubble valuation of the stock. Valuation matters.......🐻
  • So you spend ~$1000 on a stock that makes $5.00 in profits -- "Houston We've Got A Problem".
  • karma for what they have done to millions of small business owners
  • Is it to late to own shares? Always wanted Amazon but I would only be able to get 10 shares. I have Netflix and was just going to add to that. I just trade casually so just looking for opinions.
  • You know if Macy's or Target posted poor results like this their stock would have gotten CRUSHED. Amazon, we give it another Free Pass
  • yeh yeh, I know, earnings don't matter. So look at cash flow after capex and lease payments. it dropped. Look at the debt level plus other liabilities , its skyrocketing. AMZN has a very weak balance sheet, and they still have to pay 14.7b for WFM.
    That's a gorilla? Give me a break
  • Kramer the idiot did it again. He guided his brainless followers into a ditch.
  • Their earnings are down because their selling items at half off and giving things away just to show high revenue like the Echo etc. . Any business can sell things and lose money but profits are key. Selling tomorrow. This could see the 800's.
  • Costly mistakes are costing this company. If you still do not realize now, you are the most stupid investors in earth.
    This is done company. WFM is waste of money and low margin business.
    How many people use Fresh. None .
    I goto near by local
    Market and buy fresh. I don't need two hour wait.
    What the heck is wrong with AMZN.
    They put money into south east Asia. They are big players out there and it is failure.
    The bad thing is they do not learn from mistakes.
  • OK, I calmed down, bought everything back, even the dog and I'm ready to roll. Let's do this thing !
  • look at all these Amazon haters. You people are a bunch of trolls!
    The company grew their sales from 30 billion to 38 billion. Amazon is reinvesting their money into high growth areas. They just spent 14 billion on Whole foods, billions in additional warehouses across the country. As well expanding their footprint in the world. I wouldn't expect them them to hit their forecasted EPS for this quarter.

    This is not a one trick pony like FB, Google, and Apple. They have diversified their products and services across the board. They have single handily destroyed one of America past times, shopping malls. These brick mortars are barely holding on for life. They will not exist in 5-10 years because of Amazon. This company does not need to be profitable right now. Its too busy taking over the world!

    I've been hearing you A.holes talking about how this is the biggest p.o.s stock since 2012. You know whats happened in that duration? The stock has risen by $850 (450% increase). This is the future of American shopping.
  • Amazon will always need to hire because bozo treats his employees like dog dirt. nobody stays their. Jeff thinks he is a King. but for real he is a Little punk,
  • I bought Amazon in November at $720. It had dropped over a hundred dollars in the week before I bought. I sold yesterday morning at $1070, for a $350 profit. The point is that back when I bought, the experts were saying Amazon's big drop was an indicator.......cause they were spending too much money.

    Sound familiar?
  • To be prepared if Amazon goes bust I just bought toilet paper at the neighborhood liquor store. I can't live this way.
  • Are people really paying nearly 1000x forward earnings on this stock? Been a long time since I checked on AMZN and with today's headlines I looked into it further. Are folks really this crazy to think Amazon deserves this valuation? Laughable. $300-400 would be EXTREMELY expensive for this stock as of right now and even that is HIGHLY debatable. I could totally understand investing based on a vision that may or may not come true, but investors are really insane enough to place a $500 BILLION dollar market cap on a company that cannot even make money?

    This is the bubble of all bubbles... We will be looking back a year from now at the complete and total lunacy at those who were buying at these levels. Just my honest take, I truly wish everyone well.
  • Come on baby, come to daddy. This pure stock manipulation POS doesn't make any money yet valuation half trillion. What the hell is wrong with you bubble buyers?
  • It's the final countdown!!
  • Amazon and Twitter have reported. Lack of earnings and a lot of debt for both companies. They should rename them amazon.org and twitter.org, instead of amazon.com and twitter.com, since they're both non-profit organizations!
  • Just a simple comparison. FedEx with $57B valuation brought in 2016 home net of $3B. Amazon with absolutely ridiculous $500B valuation could not even gat to the same net profit lol. Said thing is this bubble when falling could drag market down. Real value $100 per share max.