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Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN)

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  • Gonna be another new high today. 🍻
  • FTC investigation just announced...
  • CNBC just said Amzn going to over 1300
  • Here is reason Amazon is good short at current price.
    1.> Their all primary businesses are under pressure.

    Walmart start free 2 day shipping that likely hurt Amazon, Also all bring Black friday in July to go against Prime day & likely force bigger discount from Amazon. Every retailer now fighting and that's not good for Amazon for their main business. It's like Business is now so big and yet limited profit due to low margin that it now hurting Amazon badly.
    2.> Their Hardware business under pressure as well. Recent 50% discount on Echo & 30% discount on dot show that they are under lot of pressure.
    3.> Their Cloud business is under significant price pressure but Retailer like Walmart forcing many supplier not to use it.

    Only things in their favor are Blind Trust from Investors & their very bad & unethical practice to use Capital Lease to inflate their Operation Cash Flow & Highlighting that as real achievement.
  • Just bought top end LG highest rated 55 in TV (per Consumer Reports) on Amazon, saved $1000 ... 2 day delivery. And I shopped around big time. You guys are fools. AMZN is going to own the world. When will you believe, $1100, $1200, $1500, $2000? Govmint ain't doin' squat cuz consumers are winning. TS for Macy's, TGT, SEARS, etc. Dinosaurs.
  • AMZN aftermarket is dropping,1024?
  • News of upcoming split?
  • Did anyone notice that AMZN was very volatile in the after market and down as much as $15 at one point. Nice to see it recovered and down only $3.70.
  • Microsoft earnings & EBAY earnings seems big warning on Amazon earning.
    1.> Microsoft has great Asure number but reason likely include Walmart and other retailer's push on their supplier not to use Amazon AWS that likely help. But major news is Gross margin is going down. This mean Amazon who still lead in pricing will have even lower margin.
    2.>Ebay $ Sale value show trouble as well. Look like Online excitement is not as great as analyst expected. EBAY push more lately including advertising on TV and so this also really bad for Amazon.

    I think Amazon will have hard time keeping excitement based on those result.
  • re: environment and Amazon being wasteful of energy and hard on the environment.
    Toothpaste, etc is not made at the local big box store or supermarket. It is manufactured and delivered to the store by truck.
    Bottom line: which is more wasteful?
    FedX/UPS delivering exactly what I need to my door while they are already in my neighborhood or me getting in my car and driving to multiple locations looking for what I need.
    PEOPLE: Think it all the way through when someone spouts garbage!
  • The anti trust talk is starting to build. That will mean a stock price crash. $1000 today $700 tomorrow.
  • Last week I bought an electric clothes dryer from an amzn supplier. I first gave 3 local stores the chance to fulfill my purchase, they failed and I was being flexable. Now thats the future, baby.
  • Please run the price down on a bogus "watchdog" report. I need more for the portfolio under 1k.
  • Wonder what their dividend will be ? And, if the possibility exists for a stock split ?
  • for every 1 job they create they destroy 3
  • Re: cooking. Besides Blue Apron, Krogers and other grocers are now slicing, dicing, and preparing meal kits. It's called convenience. There's actually a whole sector called CONVENIENCE stores.
    Kind of like shopping from Amazon.
  • Tomorrow going to be a bad day for AMZN - big boys will be selling - anytime there is an investigation - sell.
  • Posted in $TSLA conversation
    Few Analyst now says storyline is driver for Stock Price.

    While I understand Vision has value, Here is huge problem with this.

    First Storyline always have effect for Price, That effect normally not as meaningful as company current execution.

    What Analyst saying and doing is They value like Story Line going to happen for sure & discount time to come-up with valuation.

    This is how Crazy analyst valuing $TSLA & $AMZN so high. They sure Now trade even higher than possible story line (due to imaginary storyline becoming trend)

    This is main reason I am so comfortable being short on these stocks.

    Let's say their story line come true. Should I concern? Hell No, It already price for that. Thing I need to concern is next storyline & So as long as I manage my losses with slow raise from here to when new next generation imaginary story discuss, Start managing loss by either trading or using calls and puts or using average up approach.
    If When storyline prove wrong you print money.

    Easy making money shorting stock then going long.

    Storyline from CEO and Imaginary Story Line is much easier to predict & if stock market keep trading that way for years, You can make money both way very easily. Just being less dump is good enough.
  • WiTh $AMZN funding $PLUG, and Amazon building out all Hydrogen new Distribution Centers, $PLUG is no BRAINER for the future
  • Politician on cnbc,saying , amazon deal could hurt people's jobs. On health insurance, they want only rich to have insurance, and screw the rest of the people. What a sham.