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Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (ANF)

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  • P
    Seems so inexpensive with almost 900m in net cash that puts this at only about 3.5 times ebitda
    Certainly can argue it’s 8-10 times ebitda value ex cash
    Or 80
    May stall here for a month but once back to school happens it will rocket
    Everyone need new fashion headed back to classrooms !
  • s
    So Abercrombie needs a new accountant to continue the hedge fund mandated accounting rules of PRO FORMA accounting. That is where you dump 3.82 of losses in one quarter and then use the reserve to beef up the following quarters bragging and paying for press releases that gush how you beat the dump quarter and avoid any negative comp conparisons. There is no back to school rush, the malls are empty, the ANF inventory is stale and over priced, and the accounting games are a sham for a company that goes from 8 to 40 dollar a share while shrinking numbers and closing empty stores. Totally overvalued. Dump.
  • T
    Thinking of selling my last 100 shares and putting it on more gap shares. Want to have some diversity in th apparel space but gps is a candidate for over 50% gains in next 12 months
  • s
    No one finds it odd that as the institutions and hedge funds that own 98.5% of the float put buy recommendations on a stock already manipulated up over 500% while nothing is said about all the insider selling. After the hedge funds upgrade this stock to a outrageous forward multiple, the insiders start dumping. There was just 11 SEC Form 4's filed showing heavy selling by the insiders. The hedge funds pump it up and the instruct the insiders paid in ANF stock to dump. Absolutely no one cares about this heavy selling while they call my comments out. Manipulation and pumping at its finest here, folks.
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    JP Morgan just issued their retail report. ANF was no where on this list. Granted, this is a terrible hated retail brand, but you would think JP Morgan would be part of the manipulation of the stock. Guess not"

    And it calls out cosmetics spending growth - about 80% correlated with apparel consumption - a clear benefit for stocks including Ulta Beauty (NASDAQ:ULTA), Macy's (NYSE:M), and Kohl's (NYSE:KSS).

    Its favorite names in broadlines and hardlines to benefit from the recovery/competitive dislocation are Target (NYSE:TGT) and Ulta Beauty.

    Meanwhile, in department store/specialty software, top names for the rest of this year and 2022 include, in specialty: American Eagle Outfitters (NYSE:AEO), L Brands (NYSE:LB), The Gap (NYSE:GPS), and Boot Barn Holdings (NYSE:BOOT). In global brands, it likes Nike (NYSE:NKE), lululemon athletica (NASDAQ:LULU), VF Corp. (NYSE:VFC), and Levi Strauss (NYSE:LEVI).
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    Don’t forget a good cannabis play in your portfolio. CRON/CURA are excellent buys. CRON could be the Amazon of thc products.
  • e
    Company in great shape. Why not bring back dividend?
  • D
    Hey Mr. Stuckinhisdirtydiaper- did you see the latest from Jeffries?

    Teenage Dream: Lift ANF to Buy on Brand Strength, Cost Saves. 40%+ Upside
    USA | Dept. Stores & Specialty Softlines
    Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF)
    BUY (from HOLD) , $41.15 PT: $57.00
    We raise our rating to Buy on (1) our view that years of brand elevation efforts are now yielding benefits, especially at A&F, (2) our expectation for GM gains to prove more sticky than anticipated, (3) structural benefits to op margin from occupancy reductions, which we believe the street underestimates. Even following significant upward revisions post 1Q, we believe cons. estimates are likely too low (33% ahead for F'23). Lift target to $57.
  • M
    stuckinsidemobile... question.. exactly how do institutions manipulate the stock please answer that question
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    I have followed this stock for many years and for many years I have even owned the shares. For all that time, people have complained about hedge fund manipulation. That is pretty much the nature of Abercrombie stock ownership just as it is in the nature of knives to be sharp and for Swiss cheese to have holes in it. Abercrombie is a very small fish in a very large ocean, one of the things that attract manipulators. If you don't like the way it tastes, why did you choose these waters to fish in?
  • s
    So, again, the hedge funds set this up. While they AUTHORIZED the buy back of shares, they actually issued additional shares because they pay everyone off with share of this sham stock. Then they put price targets at 50 dollars and trade the stock back and forth to run the price up over 500%. Then Frannie Fraud and the insiders start selling into the bloated price. You should see quite a bit of that this week. Look for the SEC Form 4's as the insiders dump this manipulated stock.
  • K
    Tue, June 15, 2021, 6:42 AM
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. retail sales fell more than expected in May, with spending rotating back to services from goods as vaccinations allow Americans to travel and engage in other activities that had been restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Retail sales dropped 1.3% last month, the Commerce Department said on Tuesday. Data for April was revised higher to show sales increasing 0.9% instead of being unchanged as previously reported. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast retail sales declining 0.8%.retail sales fell 0.7% last month after a revised 0.4% decrease in April. These so-called core retail sales correspond most closely with the consumer spending
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    Abercrombie trading has been dominated by institutions for decades. Why does anyone think that will change? Why does anyone think that should change? Why should this small, risky, out of the way stock be traded by ordinary retail investors? Could they prop its share up price the way institutional investors have from time to time? I do know there are short sellers who are upset with Abercrombie, but they need to bear in mind that no one owes them a fiduciary obligation. No one is working on their behalf and tens of thousands of people are working quite honestly and in pure good faith against their interests.
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    How Exciting !! Abercrombie was able to beat last year's quarter when stores were closed and employees were let go because Abercrombie did not qualify for PPP and they treat store workers poorly. I still remember when they took a case where they were clearly bias and racist and lost in the Supreme Court. So they dumped all their accounting games for a 3.29 loss and now beat the drum because they did the reverse and created out of thin air, and amazing and fantastic beat quarter with actually proforma earnings. So not that the stock has been manipulated up 500%.....How much more is this hated brand really worth? 50....60 dollars a share? From 9 dollars a year ago and the hedge funds and institutions that manipulate this trade continue to pull this sham off.
  • s
    You do realize that this Tic Tok fashion show that Abercrombie thinks is cool is the latest bad decision of the puppet CEO. This company is a joke at this valuation.
  • L
    Models from Hollister doing the slit eye and the V- -V, good luck selling in Asia, ppl still remember.
  • s
    Numbers only. Up 108% year to date. Lost 1.82 last year to set up bogus number this year. Up 390% in one year. Up 415% off multi year low. Currently at a 8 year high despite declining sales and closing empty stores. Analyst paid to pump saying there is room to run here. Using 2019 comp, sales numbers (if you believe them ) are only up 6% year over year. And this hated brand is a buy???
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    This stock is heavily manipulated by crooked hedge funds using Fannie Fraud as a paid puppet. Sales up 61% over last year when stores were closed and only 6% over 2019 comparbles. Retail is using 2019 numbers for sales comparison. ANF is only up 6% over 2019 will all the hype. A year ago, when the huge loss of 3.29 was announced, the stock held at 11.60. Did not go down because the institutions held the bag. TWO YEARS AGO, after another disappointing quarter the stock was at 17.00 (2019). So now the stock has DOUBLED from 2019 despite flat sales, a full year loss last year of 1.82 and then a baked in profit to make it look like closing stores is the only way this hated retailer can make a proforma cooked up profit. Sales are continued to decline and reporting a profit built off a 3.29 loss base is fraud. Notice they said NOTHING about same store numbers because ANF never mentions the bad numbers only pumps what they can to appear positive. This is a dying mall retailer and if you listened to Fannie Fraud, she really had nothing positive to say because her only goal will be to sell the shares she is paid as compensation because ANF is cash strapped. It is a total joke that this stock is at a 6 year high as stores continue to close and sales decline.
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    As you know, ANF is notorious for misleading financial presentation under the umbrella of PRO PORMA accounting. Then they pay press companies to twist the misleading numbers to make them appear positive. For instance, last year/firs quarter.....3.90 loss to clean out the closet and then pump up numbers in this year. This is to support the 545% run up in the stock price and to forget that closeing hundreds of stores is not a good thing for a hated brand retailer. So listening to the Frannie Fraud show, she was bragging how they are shrinking the size of the stores and how wonderful that is for this dying retailer. But wait......if you look at the financials, and actually read financials, you see that year over year......sales per square feet have declined. Even when looking at the pandemic quarter, sales per square foot have gone down severely from 6285 per square foot to 5189 per square foot. And there you have the puppet CEO bragging how wonderful shrinking store size is for ANF and saying exactly what the hedge funds tell her to say to support the manipulation of this terrible stock.
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    On March 6th, 2020, this stock closed at $8.61. They then posted a 3.29 loss quarter and finished up 2020 wil a full year loss of 1.82. Here we are post pandemic at 43.00 a share. Based on what? Hundreds of stores closing and Fannie Fraud saying a 6% increase over 2019 numbers justifies a 550% stock price increase. And there are crooked bag holders calling for this stock to go over 50 !!!! This is a sham on every measure.