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Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (ANF)

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  • When do we think they go bankrupt?

    We talk around here, but we don't think and that's a shame. What about Abercrombie and the possibility of bankruptcy? For a company like Abercrombie, bankruptcy can be a choice. Should it choose to go bankrupt? Or is there a reason to hang on? We know the mall based business model is under severe pressure. Can malls recover? Will the pace at which Amazon is taking over the world slow? And are there trends here that Abercrombie buck? Or by continuing in business, is it just wasting assets?
  • When do we think they go bankrupt? I mean obviously it's not anytime soon but the declining sales and debt load makes it inevitable. Just wondering, do you think they go bankrupt during the next recession in a few years, or will the recession just weaken them enough that they struggle through as a zombie retailer like sears, until their stock price breaks the buck and the file and reorganize? So maybe in two years or five to six? How long do they have?
  • Something to remember about management; they are on the side of the shareholders, not on the side of the shorts.
  • ANF found a way to reduce the per share loss !!!! They are hannding out an additional 1.6 MILLION shares to employees. So there is more shares outstanding to reduce the per share loss. Because ANF is running out of cash, they give shares to employees so that they can take money out of the market instead of out of ANF.
    This should not be allowed in my opinion to a company that is going to go bankrupt.
  • disclaimer: I am very new to stock investment (1 week). But
    I am female and a frequent mall cloth shopper. A&F is one of my favorite. The cloth designs this year are great. that's why the in store sale still perform well.
    I also believe that although online fashion sale is booming, many ladies like shopping with no specific items in mind and only buy clothes when we try and feel good.

    I believe A&F has a very unique style comparing to other brands and will thrive again if the brand survives this round.
  • If the brand were all that toxic, nobody would be willing to pay 12 bucks a share for it. Message board analysts aren't terribly well positioned to analyze fashion because if they were fashionable, they would have better things to do than tap out postings on Yahoo of all places, about stocks. Years ago, Abercrombie had some problems with their public image. The upside is that those problems have been forgotten. The downside is, so has the company. Abercrombie is a player in a disappearing industry. That really is at the heart of it's problems.
  • ANF is a 5.00 stock based on the posibility that the Hollister brand can survive and start to compete with the fast fashion retailers that are destroying Abercrombie.
    Plus no one wants anything to do with this toxic brand. No one is going to buy a mall based retailer, that has almost 3 billion of debt obligations that are magically not on the balance sheet because of proforma accounting and the fact that they do not have to disclose all the lease obligations they signed when the brand was COOL. It is not anymore. And to falsely say that American Eagle, wants to buy a retailer which in many cases has a location in the same mall and which is losing money at a very fast clip, is just hedge fund lies that they are allowed to spread because no one holds these crooks liable for the lies they pay analysts to print.
  • To all the PROFPRMA pumpers that say Abercrombie should be bought for 18.00 a share because it has so much cash. Lets look at the TRUTH, please. NET cash....REAL cash, after this terrible quarter is about 110 million. About 1.70 a share. You can verify these numbers from the financials. But you can not ignore all the debt when you calcualte what ANF is worth which every pumper on this board does. There is not 400 million there is not 500 million in CASH. After the liabilities are paid there is 110 million and is is GOING FAST. Even though they pay everone is stock to conserve cash and have wall street pay their salaries. According to the WALL STREET JOURNAL....If you add up Abercrombie's leagally binding lease obligations, ANF's debt is THREE BILLION dollars. And you want me to beleive someone will pay 20 dollars a share for 3 billion in mall lease liabilities? I have doubts that this compay is worth the 5-6 dollar target I have. The Abercrombie inventory is worthless. So maybe 4 to 5 bucks for the Hollister name is my new target. But bankruptcy is a real concen as they will run out of cash this quarter. With 3 billion of lease debt and a market cap of 900 million. NO own will buy the most hated brand in retail.

    22.62% short
    102.60% owned by institutions
    68,ooo.ooo only outstanding

    i see a problem covering....
  • Now GPS upgraded. Fundamentals have reentered the room on some mall retailers, including Hollister. Hope the board doesn't cut the run short.
  • ANF is down -6.61% to 12.16
  • In terms of synergy, Abercrombie has a lot of stores in malls. The question, these days, who wants more store in malls? Buying Abercrombie today feels a bit like booking a luxury stateroom on the Titanic.
  • Yahoo showing book value over $17. I'd expect that as a minimum takeover number. Heck, Kate Spade's going out over $18 with under $4 book.
  • Here comes the SEC Form 4 filings where officers must report their dumping of their stock compensation. Notice they start coming after the hedge funds ran up the stock on nothing yesterday. Remember, the hedge funds made ANF switch to stock compensation because ANF has negative cash flow. They want the officers to take their pay out of the stock market because ANF has no cash. Take away current liabilities out of cash and there is zero. So now you will see the SEC filings where ANF officers will be dumping their stock so you can pay their sallaries. Hedge funds control this stock so you shoud be good if you agree that hedge funds are crooks and hedge funds control the float of ANF. This company is in big trouble and all they point to is CASH on the ballance sheet. Ignore declining sales, ignore the 91 cent loss last quarter because everyone wants ANF's mall locations, lease obligations, and worthless inventory because Abercrombie is a hated brand. GO LONG !!!
  • For all the pumpers of the most hated brand in all of retial this is a 5 to 6 dollar stock. You keep saying ANF has cash but you ignore all of it's debt and lease obligations. Notice that they are closing stores as fast as they can WHEN THE LEASE EXPIRES !! LEASE OBLIGATIONS is a debt that is not shown as a liability. And with ANF's abusive way of using proforma accounting, it is not even disclosed. They can not enen pay the rent on the SHANGHI flagship store with net sales!!!
  • Garbage. Only the senile doddering nebbish diaper wearing CEO at AEO could be suckered into thinking about buying into this turd.
  • I don't know that it is a crime to manipulate a stock. The fact is, there are efforts on this board to manipulate the stock price quite often, and nobody comments or seems to be concerned. Certainly there is nothing wrong with buy shares before an earnings report. Something to understand also about shorts. Nobody owes them anything. They are hostages to fate. Since they don't own the stock they short, the company owes them no fiduciary duty. Few people will ever sue a company on the grounds that the price offered for their stock is too high.
  • I know many of you are skeptical of a deal happening. In my opinion, the deal will happen because of 2 reasons, one, the major benefits of synergy. Two, it would look criminal to report a buyout a day before an earnings report that showed major losses and for the deal not to happen. It would be such an overt stock manipulation that no one would risk their credibility and freedom, if it wasn't true!!
  • 18,000,000 minus 2,000,000 =


  • The hedge funds own a company heading for BANKRUPTCY. The only way they can get anything out of this company is by squeezing the shorts. And they are doing it through bogus press releases. They can not sell becasue the stock is worth half of what it is trading. They are losing money and this is the only way to pull of a fraud and salvage some money out of a dead company and a soon to be worthless stock.