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Angi Inc. (ANGI)

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    Get in. It’s going up after such a good earnings
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    This space - home repairs/rehab is such a fragmented market that ANGI has a real opportunity if they can pull it off. The biggest hurdle is there arent enough good contractors to fill the massive demand. With so many homes being sold, the opportunity will only rise. Will buy on a pull back below $15
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    shorting this
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    Now this is a good board!! Very little toxcicity.. Great board people! Smart folks here. Intelligent.
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    sold my 3k shares today.
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    This company is all about scaling, like any marketplace. If fixed pricing catches on (I think it will), watch out!!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ANGI Homeservices is up 9.41% to 16.63
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    Better places to put your money
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    The February metrics stink, which is probably why they canned the old CEO. The number of requests was up nicely, but actual dollar booked down. Smaller projects? Europe looked good for once. I imagine we see a drop in the stock tomorrow.
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    lol why would you invest in a company like that i mean the ceo was incredible except he never answered how they make money in the transaction but honestly...that is not the futur. good luck to all.
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    Market likes news on new CEO. I have a feeling the initial boost may fade some, but if this is a good change of jockey than long run good news. We shall see. It may be we won't see great February numbers when reported. Diller won't brook poor performance below the targets for long. But I may be off, who knows. Weathered the pandemic fairly well so far, I'd say.
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    Selling off AH on earnings release, afternoon 8/10/20.

    They beat on revs and earnings, but didn't quite match the top revenue estimate.

    FCF is up nicely, and for first 6 months of the year up to 103.1 million from $63.9. So trading at about 36x FCF based on a 12 month run rate, net of cash. But that's with a growth in FCF of over 60%. Admittedly off a smallish base.

    The issue I think is broken out in the IAC release. Revenue growth rate was only 7% in July. 10% marketplace, -2% advertising. Service professional enlistment ticked back up, and marketplace service requests still going up strong, if not like last quarter quite.

    But if July revenue growth is 7%, that doesn't match the average growth estimate of almost 11% y over y. Would eed a strong pick up in August and September to hit that. And now where close to hitting the high end revenue estimate. Ridenour has ben touting the strong revenue bounce back, but this looks like a small slow down in the growth rate again.

    It may be the Covid surge in some states and re-opening pullback. But he will need to explain tomorrow on CC, and may need to temper. Partially why they went from quarterly guidance to reporting month to month numbers.

    Over the long haul, this still looks promising. But with the runup, and a lot of the Covid winners selling off recently, this'll probably take a bit of a beating for a bit. And with unemployment benefits down some (at least based on executive order). I trimmed exposure on way back up, sometimes too soon, but probably was prudent.

    Ha, this was a nice Covid play after weathering it initially. Now it'll likely go down some and be a post-Covid recovery play as vaccine comes into play.

    Take care all. Although seems like I am talking mostly to myself. :)
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    I own a medium sized painting business with 20 employees. We used Home Advisor/Angies list for the first time starting in March. After figuring out that not every lead is great and that following up QUICKLY is important, we still make pretty decent ROI on their leads. The problem is they overwhelm you with leads and eventually when your calendar is booked off you have to 'turn them off'. I think the 3rd quarter will be slower for them because of this as a lot of contractors in all professionals are overwhelmed with workload. Overall, though once contractors learn to trust the process I think long-term its a decent stock. Im neutral for now. thx
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    It's down because they released their September sales metrics. Market place revenue up 12% in September year over year, which is down from a 15% uptick in August. Ad revenue was up a tad, 2%, after dropping a tad last 2 months. So North America overall 10%. Not great with a bit of deceleration, but not too bad considering no new stimulus yetand all things considered, fairly much in line with rev growth projection by anaylysts of 10.2% for the quarter.

    But Europe down 5% again, and that's likely renewed lockdown related, but also lack of traciton in europe.

    Combined that's 9% revenue gain year over year for month of September.

    Problem is with estimates of up 10.2%, having reported 3 months, we likely have just released a preliminary miss. With July +7%, August 12% and September 9%, rough gage is 9.33% growth just averaging out (unless August is their big month somehow). MAybe revenues of $390.5. Just a guesstimate. Average estimate is $393.5, with a low of almost 387 and a high a tick over $400.

    Nevertheles, growth in this environment. I'll see if my recent average up at $10.20 will hold.

    Like Ricky Ricardo says, Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do. We'll see what they say when they report next month. They will likely have October numbers almost in hand when they report the September quarter in early November. Reporting today, October 8, is a week before they reported the monthly number in September.

    Since no stimulus still (Although one now seems likely after the election if not before), October may be tepid, too. But we shall see. Frankly, over the longer term, showing the resilience of the model it seems to me.
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    Best home improvement e-commerce in the US, also company own 12 premium brand in they portfolio, I waited long time for the pull back
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    Big bounce in the hot growth names again today while the value names stagnate (last week a bit of the reverse as ANGI, CRWD, DDOG etc had some tough days). Won't last forever, but ANGI strong again today. Right around $16.
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    About half the revenue growth is due to an accounting change starting in 2020.
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    Monthly sales metrics should be posted soon. Last time the release was done independent of the quarterly report was Wednesday, October 7.
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    Idk how I got into this stock!! I want to sell it but I wont go over 13. Bet as soon as I sell it, it will fly, like the usual.
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    So, the shareholder letter says service requests up 27% and 34% in May and June year over yar. Monetized transactions up 8% and 10%. Transacting service professionals up 4% and 3%. So that is decelerating, and that is their major issue. As some here on Yahoo Finance were saying. This is hitting the stock fairly hard today. Revenue growth of 15% and 14%, so down from pre-Covid, but still pretty impressive considering. BUt they need to find better ways to engage service professionals.