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Sphere 3D Corp. (ANY)

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8.00+0.10 (+1.27%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
8.01 +0.01 (+0.13%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT
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  • B
    Crypto’s are on 🔥
    Next week it is all about crypto stocks
  • T
    Looking back across the past year on the ANY chart you will find it has never
    been priced over this level but once. It was on September 2nd of this year
    and was a great news spike and over zealous buying during a one day event.
    Go look at the chart... you'll see the spike. Two days later the price had fallen
    right back down and the low was $5.92, lower than before the spike..!
    Why did that take place... not enough volume to support that move.
    Now you are witnessing something totally different from that type of spike
    anomaly running the price to $11.98.
    This is a gradually and steadily increasing wave building on volume and
    news that continues to show great promise for future wealth.
    This is why so many are coming into this stock at this time.
    Price opened on Monday at $6.90 and this morning in premarket
    $8.33? That's a 21 percent gain on a week that the DOW has now lost over 600 points
    and the Nasdaq is down over 200 points.
    ANY is a safe play and bucking the downward trend and people will be attracted to this stock
    or so I believe and the latest volume levels support what I'm saying.
    Stay with ANY and you will reap amazing profits over the next few days, weeks, months and years.
    Just an old guys feelings so you decide... GO LONGS..!
  • j
    LMFA 5000 miners by 3rd quarter 2022'. $7 AH
    $5.74 high today.

    ANY 71000 miners by Dec 2022'.
    40,000 by June.
    At least 10,000 by end of this December.
    $8.20. BTC $61,500.
    I would think it would be $10 at least at open when
    BTC is $60,000.
    Any other wisdom on this?
  • T
    You would be wise to study the ANY 1 day chart right now at 11:05am.
    What you will see is a triple upside cross-over which occurred this
    morning at the open as the current price, 10 day and 50 day moving
    averages crossed up over the 200 day average on the Yahoo 1 day chart.
    As you take a look now the price has been driven down but
    look close... the current price is now bouncing very nicely off the 200 day average.
    A very Bullistic signal... GO LONGS..!
  • C
    RIOT jumped from $6-$60 within months with 98m shares outstanding. ANY has 58m shares outstanding and seems to be the 'clean energy' BTC mining favorite. I might be late to this party but I'm LONG in this one boys. I only hope there's a massive sell off just so we can load up!!
  • T
    If you’re shorting ANY & look now at the 3 month chart then what’s going to be your exit strategy? Get out now or over $8.00 or $10.00… or $20.00, or more?
  • C
    I can only envision green tomorrow with as slight of a correction that we saw today. Support seems strong at this level. Let’s see if this can reach $10 tomorrow.
  • A
    A Yahoo Loser!
    ANY don’t own any mines at all. Gryphon currently have 600 mines that are active. All the other mines are on order. Gryphon expect 600 a month but they have only confirm receipt of the first batch of 600.

    The 60000 on order is an intent. Further capital raises will be required and more dilution.

    Don’t compare RIOT and MARA, these companies have 5000+ mines that are active.

    FORT.V even has more active mines than gryphon.

    ANY will dominate and merge but it’s gonna be a few years before they will be mining at capacity.

    Do your DD
  • D
    It took MARA 1 year from 2.18 to 41+ today. Imagine ANY will be 10 times bigger. I strongly believe ANY will get there in the shorter time.
  • C
    SEC already approved BTC ETF (BTCR), any mining related stocks will depart to the moon, the first in the line is ANY.
  • T
    Read this and weep shorts and bashers.
    ANY low Tuesday Oct 12th $6.92 High was $7.98
    ANY low Oct 13th (yesterday) $7.10 High $8.43
    ANY low today $7.72 High $8.69
    Need I say more?
    How much more obvious could this be?
    The trend is nothing but up on both lows and highs.
    Stay the course... let's all get rich together..!
  • D
    ANY / Gyphon will be mining 1245 Bitcoins per month x BC price of 60k = $74,700,000 .. Thats right almost 75 million per month almost a billion per year. Read the PR. You will look back just like I did when i bought NFLX in 2006 and still own it today. ANY is my new NFLX for 2021
  • A
    Sphere 3D Corp (NASDAQ: ANY) is trading higher Wednesday after the company announced it entered into an agreement with Gryphon Digital Mining for approximately 230 MW of carbon neutral bitcoin mining hosting capacity to be managed by Core Scientific as hosting partner.
    The hosting agreement is the largest order in Core Scientific's history and represents another step forward for Sphere 3D and Gryphon Digital Mining in becoming the world's largest carbon neutral bitcoin miner.
  • T
    If your shorting and didn't just take profits... you missed it. If you're were thinking of
    going long but weren't sure where the low was going to be today,
    you just missed the afternoon low as well... Still not to late to make a boatload off this stock
    which quite frankly is just getting started. You'll all see soon.
    BItcoin price now $61,400.00 as I type...
  • W
    ANY should be trading at $20 ...WAY UNDERVALUED for what they have in their Bitcoin, Ether, NFT and mining machine pipeline along with a 200,000 square foot facility. ANY will be the BIGGEST and GREENEST CLEANEST bitcoin mining company in the WORLD. ANY is the BEST Bitcoin play that will be catching up to MARA within 1 year.. Mark this post. Better buy now at these CHEAP prices because the Bitcoin Run has just started to 100k. Happy Investing..
  • T
    Trade Daddy
    The merge should price this at $10 to $12, then as things go on and they get more mines it will go up. Still cheap.
  • L
    Little E
    This is a great day here. Slow and steady keeping the RSI down. We don’t want a big fast move up.
  • B
    I trying to understand why Sphere 3D is loaning money to Gryphon two notes both for $3,650,000.00. If Gryphon is getting 77% of value what are they bringing to create that value? Sphere has diluted the shares to get the physical assets. I just trying to understand the value equation why is Sphere 3D stockholders only getting 23% of company?
  • X
    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
  • g
    This should be north of 9$ with bitcoin knocking on 62k.