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  • Great news today!!!
  • Anyone knows if the company still exists, it's pretty silent lately.
  • Well, apparently I was a bit early.
  • "In addition, we are submitting proposals to and have received indications of interest from other government agencies to expand the funding of AEOL 10150 as a medical countermeasure against the pulmonary effects of radiation exposure and sulfur mustard gas exposure." https://finance.yahoo.com/news/aeolus-announces-second-quarter-financial-210000113.html

  • I am ready for some news here. I am tempted to buy more, but want to hear the game plan.
  • What the heck is going on? Today's PR is basically calling out the Government's upper management as liars. BARDA has chimed in saying that the loss of funding is BS. Also what's up with putting the drug in healthy people other than to avoid showing good results in cancer patients? This is really starting to stink of malfeasance.
  • AOLS mentioned in today's bloomberg article:

    Wow that is coming directly from Dr. Rick Bright, the director of BARDA. That makes me think everything is not finished with BARDA. The company has been quiet and has not returned by last email, which is unusual as we have an email tread that goes back a couple years. I hope they are in talks to get to redo their presentation.

    Syria Nerve Gas Attack Points to U.S. Need For New Antidote
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  • If you want to know what happened and you understand BARDA is part of NIH then just read here. http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/healthcare/325268-proposed-nih-budget-cuts-could-have-disastrous-impact-on

    Proposed NIH budget cuts could have disastrous impact on progress in cancer research
    OPINION | Disrupting NIH means more than the potential loss of research, it means unnecessary distraction for the legions of individuals running thousands of ongoing clinical trials.
  • My unsupported guess is that some pharma company wanted a piece of the action and lobbied for the rejection. I am a former medical director for a state government for bioterrorism preparedness and this company was developing an urgently needed antidote. "Something smells in Denmark".
  • I recently sent an email to David Cavalier regarding the BARDA decision and he responded back with a very nice email. He suggested that I write a letter to my members of Congress. I did write the following letter and urge every AOLS stock owner to do the same. Either write your own letter or cut-and-paste the letter I am posting here.

    Your Congressman's name,

    I am writing you today to ask that you investigate why BARDA is de-prioritizing funding for radiation countermeasures that have demonstrated efficacy.

    Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority ("BARDA") is the office responsible for procurement and development of countermeasures principally against bioterrorism, but also including chemical, nuclear and radiological threats.

    With the proliferation of nuclear activities by rouge nations such as North Korea and Iran and the potential for a terrorist to launch a dirty bomb on American soil, we must be prepared to protect our citizens. That is BARDA's responsibility. I am shocked, stunned and angered by a recent decision from the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response ("ASPR") that ("BARDA") elected not to exercise options under its contract entitled: "Advanced Development of AEOL 10150 as a Medical Countermeasure for Pulmonary Injury Associated with ARS and DEARE.". Furthermore, it appears their recent rash decision to defund this critical program was based on FALSE data - yes, false and incorrect data!

    Below is a short overview why this program is so critical to our nation, but first let me get right to my point and ask what you can please do for me:

    1.) Contact BARDA and request an answer as to why options on the "Advanced Development of AEOL 10150 as a Medical Countermeasure for Pulmonary Injury Associated with ARS and DEARE." were not exercised.

    2.) Request that they re-review the data that their decisions were based upon. Specifically ask they supply you with the latest data from the company advancing this nuclear countermeasure, Aeolus Pharmaceuticals, which completely contradicts and proves false the data BARDA based their defunding decision upon.

    3.) Request that they reconsider their decision and provide funding for this critical program.

    In my own words, a short overview why this program is so critical to our nation:

    In the advent that our citizens are exposed to nuclear radiation from a direct nuclear attack or dirty bomb, the human body must survive three phases of acute radiation syndrome (ARS).

    1. In the first 24-48 hours the hematopoietic system (your blood) must be treated. BARDA is currently stockpiling a drug call Neupogen from Amgen to treat this phase.

    2. The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is compromised. While there are no know treatments for this phase there are several compounds being developed.

    3. The third and final phase to survive is Lung-ARS. Radiation exposure causes inflammation and scarring of the lungs and often leads to death. There is only ONE KNOWN DRUG being developed for this phase of ARS and that is AEOL 10150 which was just defunded by BARDA based on false information.

    Imagine you or your family painfully surviving phase 1 and 2 of ARS only to succumb to Lung-ARS because our government was too foolish to fund a promising and relative in-expensive drug that could save lives. Especially when the defund decision was based on false data. It seem a classic example of a "penny wise and pound foolish" mistake that our government is making. Please help!

    xxxx xxxxx
  • Not the news I was expecting. Looks like someone found out about it yesterday before close and dumped their shares.
  • I know many are hoping for a suitor. I would much prefer that they go it alone if feasible. I have invested in biotechs for 30 years and a buyout always screws investors while the execs all get big payouts to approve the deal.
  • so what does this news do to the reverse split
  • Volume is pretty low. Looks like maybe one or two panic seller. If insiders aren't dumping, they may know something...
  • Got a reply from AOLS. They said the BARDA letter was "ambiguous". They said they were talking to many suitors as the research has been so effective, well funded and far down the road. A "ballsy" move would be to buy more down here!?!?
  • Phase 1 trial begun...finally. some good news and hopefully will begin to move. Needs some analyst to start covering it.
  • You will find on page 15 that project bioshield (aspr) where BARDA's direct funding comes from was cut $160,000,000 for 2017. https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/fy2017-budget-justification-phssef.pdf

  • Really nice movement on today's news. Good times ahead for sure!