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Aphria Inc. (APHA)

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13.97-2.31 (-14.19%)
As of 1:09PM EDT. Market open.
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    the Bullish Report on Aphria Inc.

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    NEVER sell on a day like today, making profits requires patience and not following the trend.
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    Do you think it will go back to $ 18?
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    Welp. Looks like I’m stuck here until a video of Elon Musk smoking pot goes viral.
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    When we look back in the future this would have been a buying day
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    Better taking the hit now for the shocking ER b4 the merger right? So the bad news is out the road.. Hopefully nothing but good news from here on in. And after merger it's back to mid 30s
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    Just need to toss the perspective out there. If apha becomes cash positive without us legalization. The longer America takes the better position we qill be in when it does. Everyone looking at one side of the coin. Apha is dominating Europe with little competition and few other countries at this point that export. American conglomerates cannot purchase there way to monopoly sized competitors. We are the king of the North and the longer we stay there the better positioned we will be come whatever day the floodgates open.
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    3 major situation that will happen to APHA. 3 strikes and your Out.
    1) Earning Swing and a miss.
    2) Merger 4/20 TLRY. The merger should make TLRY stock make it. Go up how much up no one knows but let’s just say up.
    3) TLRY earnings my sources tells me it’s the week of 5/12 to 5/19

    So, even though we have a strike against us. We are still batting and we still have 2 more strikes for an out.
    This is not done yet. The best 3 to 4 weeks we be fun. Buy TLRY on the dip.
    Sorry me English
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    The man
    $17.17× .8381 = $14.39 think long people. This industry isn't going anywhere. EVER
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    For those who have been long time in the stock market, how do you trust it when there is clear evidence that the big wales have access to the inside info? The good example is this one.
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    My average is $6 per share. I'm holding until we hit the moon.
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    Trader X
    Why? Did Simon move up earnings ? This makes no sense.
  • M
    Yes, sell one of the market leaders in an industry about to explode worldwide off a 3 month report. I bought in at $5.18 in July 2020. Not going anywhere. This is why so many retail investors lose money. Major Institutions were buying this past qtr and will continue to buy. Think long term. If you play day trader the volatility is great.
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    lucifer Morningstar
    Well now we know why the institutional shorts wouldn’t let go!!! They had the inside news!!! Lesson learned the hard way I suppose. I have to say I didn’t see that coming. I’ll take a hard look into the report later. I’m sure today will be a hell of a ride.
    Next bit of news is whether or not the merger goes through.
    For the next while this will be a shorters dream come true!!!
    Short report
    Aphria up 23% from 24%
    Tilray up 18% from 16%
    CGC down 19% from 23%
    ACB up 18% from 12%
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    Broken Coast
    FYI to all those who claimed Aphria is far superior than TLRY. Don’t get me wrong we have solid strength in some areas, but it just shows how bad we performed compared to TILRY on our current quarter.

    We owe TILRY share holders one. They suffered because of us. We went up because of them.

    Now that’s ironic right? Everyone said TLRY would take us down. Looking at you: Adenan, Lucifer.

    Haha 😂 but cheers. We are invest in a great company!
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    Estimates are for over $162 million in revenue and EBITDA of $14.9 million. I think APHA beats on both metrics. Whats very important is to see if the company finally generated positive free cash flow which they guided too on the last earnings call. If they achieve all three this will be an extremely positive earnings call
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    Surprisingly relatively low number of shares trading hands, or should I say bags.... Once the ER fades away, hopefully the merger is ratified and we'll get some sort of leg up. I believe that post merger announcements will help the longs regain from the current drop. We'll get there, it will just take more time. We're due for some good news!!
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    @Relic.... a note of importance..... those 7 quarters of positive EBITDA were BEFORE SweetWater. With SweetWater, CC Pharma and the growth in domestic market share from ACB and others, look for positive Free Cash Flow, and some ! While we will see increases in both the APHA and TLRY share prices this week, the biggest increases in pps will come from the institutional investment surge post the merger TLRY listing on the 2 exchanges, IMO.
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    I feel absolutely confident that APHA will beat earnings on all counts. However, that's not all, it will give an amazing forward looking guidance of potential profits and cost cuts that will not be a surprise to me. There will be a big gap up in the price after 9:00 A.M. Furthermore, the merger vote results will only solidify and remove any dought that it will indeed happen. Then further legalization of more states, ultimately followed by Federal legalization or decriminalization (which will most likely be bought to the floor of the Senate on 4/20, as it was previously) will really get the ball rolling. So if you sell now you will 100% kick yourself in the behind each and every time TLRY (which is what we will be owning) moves up!
    Good Luck to all the Longs who believe in this sector and know it will be the next great thing next to EV's over the next 5 to 10 years! Period!