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Apex Technology Acquisition Corporation (APXTU)

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  • i
    It will cross 100 by march, rare cloud stock making profit. It is lifetime opportunity
  • P
    I feel sorry for those who sold. I saw the Merger leak was out on the dark web. February 22nd is that date. You heard it from me first!
  • B
    Been holding APXT since the beginning. 5k shares strong. The climb will start when you least expect it. Look at BFT. It sat for a month and now look. Be patient. This is a great company with profit and no debt. Very uncommon for a spac.
  • B
    Fairly new to stocks... is $15.49 a good buy in price?? Any thoughts/predictions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and GL !
  • J
    Guys/Gals, please understand investing means holding for longer than 2 days. Think of the reasons you bought shares in this company and stop checking the fluctuations every 5 minutes. The merger will be here in no time and you will be rewarded for holding. APXT is one of the best spac plays of 2020/2021 and you should feel confident and privileged that you hold it in your portfolio.
  • H
    Just be patient ladies and germs. February will be epic for APEX. Let all the daytraders, chicken littles and weak hands flush out and one of these days in the next 30 days, we will wake up and see the stock trading near 30$. Remember what I said...patience.
  • N
    BFT is a perfect example. Quiet for a couple of weeks and boom up 30%. Just wait and hold folks. Dont panic sell, there is nothing to panic about. Its still the same company as a month ago.
  • S
    I think we go into the February merger at $17 then after the merger this will spike to $20. This is still good, you need to have more patience in these SPAC plays.
  • s
    Chris sain said this will hit 35-40 then it will, You better hold
  • M
    The only reason Amas keeps bad-mouthing this SPAC is because he has bought puts and will only make money if the stock goes down. Now you all know the reason why.
  • M
    Everyone who has no patience: basically all SPACs are red today, which means it has nothing to do with today’s presentation. Today’s presentation just did not do much to push it to the green side but surely did not bring it down either. If you cannot handle a game of patience then stop investing in stocks and especially SPACs. SPACs do not typically take off at all until the announcement of the day for the vote. Stop watching the stock 24/7 and just relax. We will be at $25+ at the beginning of February.
  • J
    official merger feb 22, news coming last week of jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A
    News gonna come out anytime. Its gonna cross BFT soon. Mark it. Just hold and gorget for 1 month.
  • F
    bought another 800 shares this morning. good luck all!
  • c
    I have 106 shares at 14.91. its the biggest position in my portfolio. it was up well last week and i just held on and taking this dip opportunity to buy more. I would like to see a pop up soon again though. when it's your biggest holding it's nice to have a bit of a buffer .
  • F
    Free frage
    Hi all i currently hold a position of 19200 warrants in APXT @3.8, and have decided to share some valuation numbers

    1. total No. of shares outstanding after merger = 199,000,000

    2. total No. of Warrants = 17,900,000

    3. total No of Shares + Warrants = 216,900,000


    This source is 100% cannot lie

    Current market cap based on this = 16.52 x 216,900,000= USD $3,583,188,000

    Expected 3 year revenue : 193,333,333.33

    Average Price to sales of competitors (Avalara, Five9, Alteryx, Dynatrace, Hubspot, Ring Central) : 28.61

    Expected Minimium Share price = USD 25.46

    This is Solely based on hard math

    Note to that in order for the warrants to be called, share price has to be maintained above 18 dollars for 30 days straight, hence if Avepoint wants to access that money they will need to push the stock price above 18 for quite a while

    Risk is on the average profit projection, which is based on Investor Prospectus, which could be wrong

    Note as well that there is currently USD 4-5 trillion sitting on the side-lines awaiting to enter the market hence a massive stock crash is unlikely, as there is too muck liquidity to prop the market up

    final price point for APXT

    Assume 50,000,000 users as per their plan and profitability stay the same and no Dilution but rather reinvestment to produce this

    Revenue : 1,057,142,857

    Gross Profit based on same margin of 74%: 782,285,714

    average GP ratio of competitors: 37.82

    Share Price: 136.42

    Probability of this reaching in 5 years: 75%

    Reasoning: APXT is already working in an established industry and tapping into a very simple Requirement considering the shift caused by the pandemic. 2020 numbers could very well exceed the numbers on the prospectus due to the huge increase in demand for cloud services and migrations due to the work from home Phenomena

    Microsoft Works is still an integral part of the working environment hence there will be demand for the migrations and security services

    Some have asked why will Microsoft not just take over the job of Avepoint. My assessment is this is impossible, as with the Democratic win of the senate and Congress, Microsoft will be facing pressure from Antitrust and Monopolistic investigations. Hence it would not be wise for Microsoft to risk breakup just to absorb another area of business

    Take note this are my opinions and do not constitute financial advice
    EDGAR Filing Documents for 0001213900-20-038639
  • m
    if it goes below 15 I am jumping on this heavily, despite already having built out my full position.
  • T
    any one take a guess for the price of avepoint at the first day of the merge
  • M
    Big day tomorrow, might have another 10% rocket

    Investors presentation 8am EST
  • N
    Just go Avepoints website and check the video they made. Using the capital (raised from the merger) to grow the business. This company has a bright future.