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ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK)

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  • D
    Dennis stocks
    Didn’t cathie like COIN on the day it ipo’ed over $400? Wasn’t she pumping roku at $450 as she was basically selling? Seems like the best trade on Wall Street is shorting any stock that cathie blabs about on tv
  • m
    Going down with style. Its Cathie we are talking about. She knows everything and buy, buy buy. She said that the bull mkt has another 10 years. She should be our President and we need her to save the world!
  • B
    I repeat Cathy funds collapse big time. This is going to see 80, and then 50 !
  • z
    $50 coming.
  • A
    how much ARKK would be worth if all stocks that are in the fund had a p/e of 20?

    That would be an interesting exercise. People that remember the year 2000 will know how this is going to end! All others will, imo, get a great financial lesson!
  • a
    They had some interesting insights about ARKK on (http://Stocks-tracker.com). Definitely made me think twice about the company.
  • S
    Saint Preferred
    CathieCult members not gonna be happy today...
  • P
    A garden variety correction of 11%-to-12% in the NASDAQ (off the 15,403 high) should not result in ARKK going below the $110-to-$107/share level. I'm basing this off where ARKK was when the NASDAQ last fell to 13,549 on June 3, 2021 (and ARKK fell to $107/share). Opinions?
  • R
    Whole market is blood red and Cathie n team pull out a green day. I am investing long term so daily actions don't bother me but good to see green.
  • S
    TSLA to $3,000 but sell now at $750? I don't understand? KW is pounding the table that TSLA is worth $3,000 per share, yet she is selling TSLA every day. I don't get it? What is true, she believes $3,000 is going to $3,000 but wants to punish ARK# investors because she hates money, or she doesn't really believe TSLA is going to $3,000? One of those things must be true!
  • s
    Cathie talks the talk but doesn`t walk the walk. Too much trading going on for an ETF even if it is actively managed this is too much. If you tell your investors the strategy is for 5 years, and talk about growth etc...then you should not play with your positions this often. This too much trade tells me that last year was a bit of luck and hype and when reality hits, she is a like a headless chicken.
  • S
    Cathie Wood says it is no big deal if the SEC issues an order preventing HOOD from earning revenue from payment for order flow. 75% of HOOD's revenue is from payment for order flow. Please explain how instantly losing 75% of your revenue would be no big deal?
  • S
    What random stocks will Wood be daytrading this week?
  • r
    Whoever owns ARK funds, you need to remember the investment strategy is for a 5-year HOLD! I've been invested since 2019, my account has doubled. Gain of $36k all ARK funds.
  • P
    As long as the NASDAQ does not fall more than another 7.7%% relative to the current level of 14,840; ARKK should not fall below $110/share; though we could test that level. When ARKK was at $110 on June 1, 2021; the NASDAQ was at 13,679 (7.7% below the current level). If the NASDAQ did go down to 13,679; that would be a 11.1% correction of the high of 15,403. So a garden variety correction of 11%-to-12% in the NASDAQ should not result in ARKK going below the $107-to-$110/share level. Opinions?
  • j
    There are so much "noise" in the market today, and missing out the data. Imagine, would one miss out amzn when there are losing money net wise, no dividend? That is why ark are called growth. And they are called growth fund. All top 10 are acting like Amzn. Tesla not excluded, esp. Since tesla is not just a car company, there are at least 4 different market mask is hitting. And even more as time goes. conglomerate all the way. And that is profit.
    From MA, the bend, resistant, all first line are talking long term positive. Even Goldman Sachs indicated growth are hitting big soon.
    So much to say but so little time. I some times despite cathy, may becuase she hold double major in finance and economic from top 10 school, but my double is from top 30 school. But fair is fair. That she, a CFA has said it is growth she is looking for. From the checking of the top ten, are accelerate or positive beyond normal on revenue growth, just as amzn was b4. People who short these will hit hard negatively.
    Tired from writing and said. Yiu all do your research.Time will tell, as time grow, for these growth fund.
  • B
    To quote Peter Lynch - "Everyone is a genius in a bull market".
  • H
    Cathie is extremely intelligent but she is with huge problems. The US market is terrible overpriced. Nothing can grow without limits. She ought to reinvent herself. There is a lot of revolutionary tech, being developed in Europe, and still at extremely good prices.
  • M
    BLI getting crushed by shorts this week. ARKK added 40,500 shares yesterday and it's down another 25% today. ARKK owns over 4 million shares of BLI...about 7% of the company.

  • m
    The 7 Best Lithium Stocks - These Stocks Could 10X For more info https://youtu.be/0mlWl2t91EY
    A more unknown metal that’s really coming into its element recently is Lithium, with demand soaring year on year because of increasingly reliant tech innovat...
    A more unknown metal that’s really coming into its element recently is Lithium, with demand soaring year on year because of increasingly reliant tech innovat...