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Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA)

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  • Belviq- as of 2017the poorest seller and least wanted of oral anti-obesity medications. Injection Saxenda is even crushing it on revenues Pumpers and desperate underwaters re-hash 3 year articles from hong kong..LOL 13 yr old Etrasimod was bypassed by Celg and other big pharmas and hasn't completed P2 studies yet. Have now reduced enrollment to less than 1/2 Ozanimod UC phase 2 trials. Arna can't compete in drug spaces, but does compete very well in # of BOD members
  • Friends, our company has at least 50% more BOD and highly paid leaders than it needs. Too many employees to if you ask me. We only have 1 drug on the market. Etrasimod is going nowhere fast and won't save the company. Neither will Ralinepag or apd371. One of those programs need to be stopped to save money. The San Diego HQ is too large and expensive for our needs and the Swiss plant needs to go. Here's the short story for Weds. July 19 2017. 61.6% of trades shorted. Remember, Don't trust pumpers. If you go out of doors check for ticks. Stay tuned. Cheers !
  • Etrasimod is heading to disaster. Arna cut it's enrollment and has said other S1P1 patents will harm its potential commercialization. It has no chance against Celg's S1P1. Completion of mandated CVOT safety trials for Belflop is a red herring and will mean nothing for sales, doesn't change the drug's marginality.. CVOT may already be showing side effects FDA is concerned about according to recent article in SA.
  • PAH phase 2 data from old apd 811 musta really stunk. PPS has to rise 76% to get to pps on the day orphan status was announced in 2014 4 years after phase 1 data was given. And that was in the hayday of Bel with it's huge sales force, tv advertising, no contrave, etc. Wow ! What a POS stock.
  • Friends, saw something that makes one sick. Arna has a BOD and leadership team that equals the powerhouse JNJ and it's packed with MORE BOD and LEADERS than Celg and AbbVIE. Disgusting!!! BP won't touch this co.with so many pigs at the trough let alone with the weak pipe and dud Belviq. Monday July 17 saw 56% of trades went short and Tues July 18,2017 had 50% going short. Don't trust pumpers -example of pumper lie is how pps was going to $40, $70,$100 immediately upon P2data from old pah drug. OOPS, got diluted again instead !! If out of doors check for ticks. Stay tuned. Cheers.
  • Looks like low volume pps manipulation to trick you to buy. 5 Underwriters playing share ping pong to jack the pps as they unload their discounted shares and prepare to short. Or are they shorting now? No reason to buy. Anything you buy can and will be used against you. 3 dilutions and RS in seven months. Don't fall for underwriter tricks. Dyodd
  • ARNA has 1 drug. It's a flop diet pill. Arna had 92% revenue drop 1Q17. ARNA does another dilution in 2017 after a RS. last week it was announced Cantor Fitzgerald is a joint Underwriter with shares to dump. To help dump their shares cantor reaffirms buy rating. To note Cantor and the other Underwriters can short arna
  • Shares available to short. Last updated: Thu, 20.Jul.17 15:17EDT
    Symbol: ARNA
    Availability: 2'100'000
    Exchanges: NASDAQ
  • Lack of Fiduciary Duty. Amit secures his job on backs of shareholders and by bloating BOD and Insiders rewarding them with big pay and free shares from shareholder money. No reason for RS. He needs to explain why they reduced shares then added shares. Arna won't prosper Until amit is fired!
  • Me thinks the 5 bookers are fighting hard to prop pps to have a better short position.
  • This pump and dump scam never ends.
  • Don't be foolish and go long in this garbage. Only quick active day traders and shorts reap with this junk. Longs get burned. Day traders and Shorts always win with this POS.
  • Careful. Looks like low volume pps manipulation by all the Underwriter agents. No reason to buy. Pah data likely false positive. Revenues expected to be lower 2Q. Don't fall for underwriter tricks. Anything you buy can and will be used against you. Diluted trapped longs can't recoup losses. DYODD
  • AXON got world wide rights to Nelotanserin for $4m Five years after it failed a massive 900 P2 ARNA trial. Now AXON doing a study : Estimated Enrollment: 20 Study Start Date:December 2015 that arna pump squad exploits. No significance to ARNA
  • just pump and dump as usual. I don't care I sold before split took effect. All the pump, and now the Dump. Selling more shares to stay alive. What is there that any fool cant see.
  • ARNA financial slight of hand and huge number of BOD and insiders will give longs a let down again. As they always have for 20 years.
  • Arena is still the same pump and dump scam it was born to be...INSIDERS PROSPERED AND SHAREHOLDERS SUFFERED...NOTHING HAS CHANGED...NOTHING, NADA...ZILCH....dyodd
  • Friends, pah results are'nt doing it. No partnerships or acquisitions in sight. If there was they wouldn't have diluted again. Appalling! ( Amit is turning into Jack the 2nd IMO). Shorts were 46% of the trades on Thurs July 13. On, Friday July 14,2017 53% of trades shorted. Don't fall prey to pumper lies and distortions. If you go outdoors check for ticks. Stay tuned. Cheers!
  • All the book runners of the latest dilution fighting hard to prop up pps so they can dump their discounted shares before they short this junk.
  • LLY joins the Big Pharma masses skipping 20 year old arna. Acquires Adimab R&D platform instead. BP has no interest in arna.