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ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. (ARR)

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24.94-0.07 (-0.28%)
At close: 4:01PM EDT
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  • Nice earnings beat by ARR. Conference call in the morning.
  • I felt 2 weeks ago that ARR was to expensive verses other reits so I sold...All mreits were hit yesterday and I was wondering why?...Was it the dollar popping higher?...anyone have an idea?...I own $300k of AGNC and it was hit also yesterday...
  • I smell a Stock offering in the works....NLY just announced one yesterday...
  • Nice move up again today on higher than average volume. Now wishing I had added some when it was lower.
  • IMO AGNC is a much better mReit to own...I just sold ARR at the top recently & added more to my AGNC mReit...ARR had a reverse split of 1 for 8 so that is why it is high priced...IMO it is hard to find buyers for mReits that are high priced...AGNC is only $21.00 but one of the best on the market ...
  • Nice bounce today. Company verified continued dividend. At 9% yield, a nice monthly flow of cash.
  • finally a move up
  • Housing market is still very strong. Will buy more if ARR drops again. 8.9% dividend, great income REIT.
  • Dont understand why people are surprised by the way this corporation operates.
    This management team has only one way to operate, make money for themselve thats all.
  • Well well.. a few buyers came in this morning. Smart people. Nearly 9% dividend. I'll hold off buying more shares unless it drops quite a bit further, but for me, its a monthly cash cow. Way in the green with it so it's great. As for those of you shorting it, good luck. I wouldn't dawdle.
  • In May, ARI did the same thing. Share price dropped. Now almost fully recovered. Once the new shares are absorbed snd ARR acquires more income producing properties with the proceeds, ARR price should recover as well. This dip provided a good buying opportunity probably driven in part by the influx of the new shares.
  • Wake up idiots, don't listen to the scammers on this board. Get out of this stock now. Public OfferingPublic OfferingPublic OfferingReverse SplitPublic OfferingPublic OfferingPublic OfferingReverse SplitRinse and RepeatThat is the game they play. Just look at the history chart. The meager amount of dividend you get is nothing compare to the principal loss you will incur. (and you have to pay tax on the dividend while your principal are in the red, LOL). It's a scam. They are gonna continue doing SPO until this #$%$ hit 7$, then do a 4:1 reverse split to bring the price back to ~30$. Then the cycle continue. You will NEVER be able to recoup the loss. All the sucker longs that were here before the last reverse split are still holding the bag. Dividend is useless if the stock doesn't recoup the price drop, while the company keep diluting shares for their big bonus checks. Wake up idiots.
  • This really sucks. Any guesses on how low this will go? I'm still way ahead, but.....
  • offering 4.5 M shares to meet divi === Ponzi!!!!!
  • Come on down baby. Dividend yield keeps going up as the price drops. Great buying opportunity ahead once the new shares are snapped up.
  • I bought at $18.10 and not really worried if it drops to $25 im here for the monthly divi
  • Damn. Down big three days in a row. ARR totally blows. Looks like it's head for BK, AGAIN.
  • Thanks for the 5% discount, panicky goofballs!
  • Now almost near bottom. the P/B is 0.98.
  • im here for the divi. I bought in below 20 it won't get down that far