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Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY)

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  • Sector is getting hammered today. XBI is down more than ARRY folks so everyone take a deep breath, this is not about ARRY. There is nothing one can do when the funds decide to sell the sector, except to watch for bottoming and look to add when it does. Unsure if this will be a one day event or multi but the nice thing with sell offs there is always opportunity too.
  • The recent price movement in $ARRY is mystifying. Aside from that report from Zacks, I can’t find anything that has changed with $ARRY in a meaningful way. No PRs, no new clinical data, no SEC filings, nothing. Are the institutional investors holding this company really paying that much attention to Zacks? Baffling.

    The COLUMBUS data are strong, and put the company in a good position for approval of the combo therapy. The COLUMBUS trial showed that $ARRY’s combo therapy performs better than the current standard-of-care for BRAF melanoma. As importantly, the combo therapy out-performs the competition while having far fewer side effects.

    Obviously no approval from the FDA is guaranteed, and yes the floor could fall out again, but that seems distinctly less likely this time around. If someone can explain why the market cap for $ARRY continues to be in the $1.3b I’d greatly appreciate it. Until then I am going to continue to accumulate shares on the dip.
  • Recent failure of AZN's PD-L1 and CTLA4 mAbs highlights the potential value of ARRY's small molecule inhibitors in boosting survival rates in advanced cancers. Go ARRY!
  • my little mini pony
  • let's be realistic here.....despite all the supposedly good news, the stock is still under selling pressure. Are the institutions holding it back as some claim? I don't think so. With the results of the Columbus trial, you would believe that approval should be a slam duck. yet the market seems to have some reservations that the fda will approve the combo therapy. And management hasn't bought any shares in the open market so they're not willing to risk their own money as long as they can get free stock options.
  • "777" That's got to be a good sign! X2 =$15.54. Hummmm
  • Selling now would be like abandoning your car because your stuck in a traffic jam.......dumb...dumb.
  • Time to load up on low priced stock here - way undervalued
  • Look at this PIPELINE Array BioPharma Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small molecule drugs to treat patients with cancer in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The company’s drugs in Phase III clinical trials include Binimetinib, Encorafenib, and Selumetinib for the treatment of cancer, as well as ASC08/Danoprevir, a protease inhibitor for hepatitis C virus. Its drug candidates in Phase II clinical trials comprise Filanesib, a kinesin spindle protein inhibitor for multiple myeloma; ARRY-797, a p38 inhibitor for Lamin A/C-related dilated cardiomyopathy; ASLAN001/Varlitinib, a pan-HER2 inhibitor for gastric or breast cancer; Ipatasertib/GDC-0068, an AKT inhibitor for cancer; Motolimod/VTX-2337, a toll-like receptor for cancer; Prexasertib/LY2606368, a chk-1 inhibitor for cancer; LOXO-101, a PanTrk inhibitor for cancer; and ONT-380/ARRY-380, an HER2 inhibitor for breast cancer. The company’s Phase I drugs include GDC-0994, an ERK inhibitor for cancer; and ARRY-382, a CSF1R inhibitor for cancer, as well as Phase Ib drug candidate comprises GDC-0575, a chk-1 inhibitor for cancer. It has a collaboration agreement with Amgen for the discovery and development of novel drugs for autoimmune disorders.
  • Today is a brutal bloodbath. My greed to hold has cost me dearly, and yet I still don't want to let this one go just yet. It sucks to be me.
  • Just bought an additional 1000 shares of ARRY. This is ARNA and ARIA all over again. If you had weak hands you sold ARNA a few years ago. ARNA hit a low around 13 on Nov 2011 and 6 months later was over 90. ARIAD was down to 7 a few years ago and bought out recently at $24 by Takeda. The takeover rumors created volatility so it was a fun stock to trade. ARRY is a BUY below 8 and when it hits 8.5 to 9 sell calls and do it again. Same cycles as ARIA did in the past.
    If you are buying or selling this stock on earnings then your not a biotech investor. 5 drugs in Phase 3 with partners 7 drugs in phase 2 with two wholly owned. 3 Phase 1 Of the phase 3 4 are for cancer 1 for Hep C. Find me another biotech with this many drugs in the Phase III pipeline at this price and I will buy it. The partnerships offset the cost of these trials and if just 2 out of 5 make it we are talking billions in earnings. http://www.arraybiopharma.com/product-pipeline/
    The Analyst

    Array BioPharma | Product Pipeline
    View Array's pipeline. Array BioPharma is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted small molecule drugs to treat patients afflicted with cancer.
  • In case anyone needed further reasons to pay no attention to Zacks, they have a strong sell because earnings estimates have been revised down by a little over 7%. Did any of you buy Array for its current earnings? I didn't think so. Zacks are robo-written pieces with - by definition- no critical thinking skills applied. I do not know what Array's PPS will do over the next quarter or two, but I am positive it will have nothing to do with current-period earnings.

    Question everything, whether it is positive or negative.
  • This just got ugly quickly...huge red candles down and a couple massive "sells" one of which was 200k+ shares.

    What are they not telling us ??
  • Everyone knows good news on the way...
  • Man "777" again. There must be something good coming.
  • Clearly we are still the whipping boy......can't someone take our place for a day at least.
  • What is wrong with this company? most of my bio is up and this has done poorly now for a while
  • ARRY will hit $9.00 end of this week- get for in now
  • TWO NDAs in JUNE 2017
    In June 2017, Array submitted two NDAs to the FDA to support use of the combination of binimetinib 45 mg twice daily and encorafenib 450 mg once daily (COMBO450) for the treatment of patients with BRAF-mutant advanced, unresectable or metastatic melanoma. The submissions are supported by data from the pivotal Phase 3 COLUMBUS study, which showed that patients who received binimetinib and encorafenib had a significantly longer progression free survival (PFS) compared to patients receiving vemurafenib.