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Arvinas, Inc. (ARVN)

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  • z
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  • s
    They dilute the value of the company by issuing more stock and the price goes up?
  • e
    I don't have a good feeling about this, I think the rally will start to fizzle or stay stagnant at this range. They just released the public stock offering, what normally follows is lack of volume and price going down from experience. MM's doing what they can do keep the price to make the public offering looking juicy until it's all done.

    For a company with no products, no FDA no nothing. I'm not wrong. But I'm right with them trying to get more funds!
  • S
    Actually, it is a good presentation, proof of mechanism. Hopefully, investors will consult with experts.
  • J
    Why does anyone buy this at a price at or greater than $70? If you buy now at $70, then ARVN dilutes the stock, wouldn't your $70 stock be worth some percentage less?
  • B
    High Manipulation to keep at 70 for tomorrow. What can be the MM's strategy for next week?
  • J
    Do your own DD......but very possible to end up like most recent GLSI; IMMP; and many, many more which has had the same type news release. For those of you that see a huge upside, more than it already has had, wish you luck. Not saying this is going down and not saying this is going up from here, but in my opinion the upside at this time in development is limited. Long term if the new trials pull through, another upside is possible; that may be from around these levels or back in the 30's. But that is a very long time away which will put a huge strain on this stock at this price level. Volume has already shrank and news is getting old.......just time is left. Be mindful of your investment......
  • J
    Lawyers fishing for clients will probably be posting in the next few days. Looks like the company wanted to stabilize the stock price around $30 with some clinical news when they announced the stock offering. However, the pumpers got hold of it and an analyst took some time away from fantasy football to say something. Since the company announced a $70 offering price and the stock was at $30 before this fiasco started, it looks fishy. How much the company was behind this will be fought in court. Maybe the company can use the offering proceeds to cover their legal costs, if they still proceed with it.
  • Q
    🆘. READ THIS RE: ZERO PROFIT & A TRUE $35 high mean target WOW 👎👎👎👎
    👎 SORRY PUMPERS & Market Maker Manipulators; I'm not buying this line of reasoning. 👎👎👎👎 Yes the company gets $400 million, but 🆘 this company has never turned a profit, and that money will go toward development and operating cost. So what will shareholders get? A bloated float and the opportunity to sit with fingers crossed that this mediocre preliminary news will at some point translate into something more substantive. After the excitement wears off, share price should drop.

    Dilution at any price is still dilution. The price only changes how much the company gets. The shareholders just get a reduced percent of ownership and a bigger universe of shares to absorb any good news going forward.
  • A
    What is wrong with people who's buying at 62 dollars?
    What do they actually think that this will continue going up? Bio stocks always have the same pattern. Promising news. Stock jumps way too high. 3 days after comes crashing down. Wake up people.
  • P
    Phd in DayTrading
    There is no law stock price has to stay above $70 If it gets under 70 I think offering will be cancelled. Who in the right mind with large sum of money will gamble on this at $70? They are not even approved.
  • B
    Arvinas initiated with a Buy at H.C. Wainwright; tgt $50 (40.84)
    H.C. Wainwright initiates ARVN with a Buy and price target of $50. Analyst Andrew Fein said, "The tremendous potential of protein degradation as a novel therapeutic approach has led to the emergence of a plethora of companies in the space. We highlight Arvinas as a true platform play with the most advanced clinical programs." Fein highlights further points on his bullish view within the note.
  • W
    Why so many non share holders/losers, who know nothing about potential of protein degradation for various cancer, gathered here calling this stock to drop? Without money how the company carryout the development plan?
  • W
    Don’t get too excited for 21 patients, way too early for hope
  • g
    $SLS conversation
    $ARVN up a Billion in real market cap on PHase 1 data showing 1 patient responded to a breast cancer treatment - very good news for the Upcoming Mesothelioma data here - due now
  • M
    Time to buy? What’s everyone think??
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    Moon Soo
    The reported study result seems to be not bad as a starting point. I suspect that clinical efficacy of ARV-110 on first few patients may be disappointing, and that is the reason why the stock price go down recent. But as the PK data showed, previous initial dose 35 70 140mg dosen't get to the therapeutic tissue level as preclinical study showed. Next dose 240 or 480mg may decrease PSA or shrink the cancer mass.
  • j
    Finally moving in the right direction....
  • F
    From the Journal of Clinical Oncology: ARV-110 robustly degrades AR in all cell lines tested, with an observed half-maximal degradation concentration (DC50) of ~1 nM. ARV-110 treatment leads to highly selective AR degradation, as demonstrated by proteomic studies. In VCaP cells, PROTAC-mediated AR degradation suppresses the expression of the AR-target gene PSA, inhibits AR-dependent cell proliferation, and induces apoptosis at low nanomolar concentrations. Further, ARV-110 degrades clinically relevant mutant AR proteins and retains activity in a high androgen environment. In mouse xenograft studies, greater than 90% AR degradation is observed at a 1 mg/kg PO QD dose. Significant inhibition of tumor growth and AR signaling has been achieved in LNCaP, VCaP and prostate cancer patient derived xenograft (PDX) models. Notably, ARV-110 demonstrates in vivo efficacy and reduction of AR-target gene expression in a long term, castrate, enzalutamide-resistant VCaP tumor model. Conclusions: In summary, we report preclinical data on an orally bioavailable AR PROTAC degrader, ARV-110, that demonstrates efficacy in multiple prostate cancer models. ARV-110 has completed IND-enabling studies and FIH studies are planned for 1Q2019.
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    Moon Soo
    Anthony Brasich, 71, is the first patient in the world to participate in Phase I clinical trials of an experimental drug called ARV-110.
    Anthony Brasich, 71, is the first patient in the world to participate in Phase I clinical trials of an experimental drug called ARV-110.