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Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARWR)

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  • J
    My favorite line from an excellent CC: "Progress in ARO-HIF2 and ARO-ENaC is particularly important, because it has been our goal to gain clinical proof-of-concept and then move into a rapid pipeline expansion phase for tumor and pulmonary tissue types."
  • R
    Excellent Conference Call with lots of positive events happening in 2021.

    Key for early 2021 share price is how quickly FDA moves on AAT. With additional biopsy data it shouldn’t take Javier too long to get that Phase 3 announcement. Icing on cake would be getting transformative approval to market drug and tracking patient results to serve as drug validation process.

    Also the APOC3 Phase 3 will be another to keep an eye out for. COPD announcement at EOY 2020 probably factored in already.
  • O
    Only Arwr
    From CC transcript from MF. When Ken mentioned "Revenue from the Janssen agreement is being recognized based on our estimate of the proportion of effort expended toward fulfilling our performance obligations, primarily overseeing the completion of the Phase 1/2 HBV clinical trial. We expect the remaining $19 million of deferred revenue to be recognized in the first half of fiscal 2021" on clinical trials.gov trial NCT03365947 was marked completed April 23 2020. Wouldnt this have satisfied the completion of this trial and recognition of the remaining 19M for Q42020? However they are now expecting this to be recognized in H1 2021. This tells me we should get the final update to Cohort 12 no later than EASL presentation. So, H1 of 2021 is going to be heavy with data releases just as H2 2020.

    Another item i wanted to point out and want clarification is when Javier spoke about ARO Enac, not sure if theres a typo on the transcript but it mentioned enrolling 65 (CF patients?) For the multidose cohorts? But trial data listed 54 total (24 HVs, 30 CFs) where did the additional 11 patients is for?
  • H
    Looks like the good doctor Bradshaw got itcanshayed. That would explain the sale of his vested shares and the forfeiture of his remaining 94k RSUs. So much for working with Javier on a smooth transition following the retirement of Dr. G. That would explain Dr. Bradshaw's absence from the CC and his removal from the management team page. I am told by a smart board observer that his Linkedin page was also scrubbed of all ARWR references. Looks like James Hamilton may be assuming his responsibilities if my little ARWR DD group has correctly read the tea leaves. None of this has been confirmed but it sure looks like a woodshed event to me.
  • j
    I love easy math. With about 100 mill shares outstanding, the market cap is simple to figure. Just bought more. A roughly $1 bill drop in market cap over last one + day — Christmas present arrived before Thanksgiving!
  • G
    This will not come as news to the scientifically oriented on this site but may be of interest to us English majors. It's from an article in the November 9th issue of the New Yorker.
    "Whereas the sequencing of DNA defined molecular biology in the early two-thousands, the sequencing of RNA defines it today. If you imagine a cell as a kind of computer, then your DNA contains all the software that it could possibly run. It is a somewhat astonishing fact that of life that the exact same DNA is shared by every cell in your body, from the skin to the brain; those cells differ in appearance and function because, in each of them, a molecular gizmo "transcribes" some DNA segments rather than other into molecules of single-stranded RNA. These bits of RNA are in turn used as the blueprints for proteins, the molecular machines that do most of a cell's work. If DNA is your phone's home screen, then transcription is like tapping an icon."
  • E
    SVB Leerink adjusts ARWR's price target from $35 to $34 today with a market perform. What a complete joke.
  • b
    One: stops are being hit.
    Two: The market sees how far out the next stage of development is and looks at the time value of money. With the other sectors flying they are taking money off the winner.
    Three: I bought more.
  • J
    MC down 13% +/- on a seemingly upbeat cc. I already listened twice and will print out transcript to see if I missed anything. Like I said multiple times, the flood gates open for us in a ppsitive way once we push one of our drugs across the finish line! IMHO
  • d
    The CF bit about being first to marked was indeed unexpected and I would agree that it's the largest takeaway from our annual bloodletting. Let's not overlook Hif2a though - CA confirmed what we've been speculating for a while now, POC will lead to indication expansion and partners. We need some color on why that guy was fired. Our timelines took a quarter bump to now ~mid-year updates, instead of first half updates. COVID slowing down enrollment is completely reasonable, but until we hear from the company, there will be a short thesis surrounding that uncertainty, IMHO.

    load up
  • C
    Looks like $58 was the floor....$58 is where Goldman priced the offering last year. Wonder if any correlation ?
  • D
    Dr Cheddar
    Surprised not to see what I consider the biggest takeaway from this CC. Chris thinks ENaC could be the first commercial drug, think about that for a second. It is a massive indication and is a no brainer if it works as expected. Remember Chris has seen the healthy volunteer data for CF and that is part of the basis for these comments. 15 Billion MC for CF alone if you consider what VRTX has at only 75% of addressable market
  • g
    Zookeeper: how can he say a mid-sixties stock is going to mid-thirties, and not put a "sell" on it?

    "market performer" Is he saying the market is going to crash?

    His market knowledge is suspect.
  • B
    Last Year: remember that after last year's year end results Arrowhead received 5 price target upgrades within the next 3 days; the stock went up over 10 points the next day after results were announced. Obviously there are no guarantees on which way the stock will move, but anticipated price target upgrades will help.
  • R
    Can we vote to never have another quarterly conference call or KOL meeting ever again.
    Just send out surprise PRs every now and then and stock will head to triple digits.
  • S
    RBC maintains Outperform, raises PT from $62 to $80
  • g
    A 50% increase in “Total Cash Resources” to $453mm. Quarterly cash burn running around $21mm (heavier back half as more programs hit the clinic) means we are an extremely well capitalized, deep pipeline, major-player-in-the-making.
  • B
    How in the world does the stock price go down? This is a 100 billion dollar company in the making with the existing programs that are continuously producing never before seen data and valued at pennies on the dollar. This is where you want to be in order to seriously help patients and make serious opportunities for investors. As always don’t trip over 20lb gold bars to pick up pennies. Always my opinion.

  • C
    Man, we have to go all the way back to......11/3 or 21 days ago to see these levels. The science hasn't changed. Just retail getting out expecting some big news. All is well
  • G
    Did anyone notice that the year end CC was about 3 weeks early? The SEC gives 45 days for quarterly reports and 90days for the year end. So is everyone going on a big vacation all of December or is there going to be really big news that would wash out all of the great things that came out in the CC. Something to think about.

    Don't use stop losses, hang on tight 2021 is going to be bigger than 2020.
    ARWR hasn't talked commercial drugs before. IMHO NBU131