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  • TEVA can market BYETTA with ATRS after October 15th of this year , but so far FDA has NOT approved it.
  • Folks the more I read Harrys posts the more I'm convinced he's short the stock.
  • Breaking News: Antares GRANTED MAJOR PATENT, Stockvadar-reports

    Multiple dosage injector with rack and pinion dosage system
    Document Type and Number:
    United States Patent 9707354

    A dispensing mechanism for delivering a dosage of medicament including a housing, a push button, a crank arm that is slideably engageable with the push button, a ram, and a ratchet gear releasably engageable with the crank arm and ram, translation of the push button along an axis causing the crank arm to engage and rotate the ratchet gear which causes the ram to distally advance relative to the housing.

    Antares continues to build its valuation as
    the share price is set to react once the
    patent is explained by many investors on
    behalf of Jack and Bob Apple, CEO.

  • Look Teva all along said 3rd or 4th quarter. Why bring this up now SV.?
  • love to see an update...

    Teva says aims to launch EpiPen-like device by 2018 in U.S.
    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TEVA.TA) said Friday it aims to win U.S. approval by late 2017 or early 2018 for its version of Mylan NV's (MYL.O) EpiPen device for treating severe allergic reactions, a move that would challenge the branded produ
  • The New Multidose injector patent for all to see.

    Patent Images
  • FDA objected to a DOSING ISSUE for Epi, Stockvadar-invites-serious-comments

    Perhaps good cheer had us believing Rescuject would be
    approved in Q2 (didn't happen), Q3 (unlikely), and Q4
    (hopefully), but now we've uncovered one of the major
    deficiencies: the amount of dosing. For some reason, the
    studies did not satisfy the FDA, yet Teva did not place
    the blame at the feet of the injector.

    Teva went on record that the problem wasn't with the Antares
    injector http://www.reuters.com/article/us-teva-pharm-ind-epipen-idUSKCN11F25K

    "Analysts had expected Teva to alter its autoinjector's design to
    remedy a dosing issue cited by the FDA, but Olaffson said the
    company was not planning any modifications to its device at this point."

    So L-daug et al, if not the injector, WHAT CAUSED THE DOSING
    PROBLEM? For further depth read

    And also quoting https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/24/upshot/the-epipen-a-case-study-in-health-care-system-dysfunction.html

    And why is Teva saying a late 2017, early 2018 launch? Most likely
    they've had to do additional studies to prove they've addressed the
    FDA's major concern.

    apparently Teva says has nothing to do with
    the device???

    Enter: more studies and why Teva talks of
    late 2017 / 2018 early; they know it will take that
    long to have all the data.

    Comments, reactions, all invited.


  • July and no news, MM Month(Mischief & Manipulation) :o)
  • Why no announcement?
  • Harry, You got your 3.14 wish this morning. We can go up now :)
  • Two hundred thousand plus shares traded after the market closes- is something up?
  • Man this dog and pony show is just too 🤡Funny to watch here. Can it be the same clowns on the ino board?
  • Harry---the august "crl" desert---must get thru, bring water and schekels, little stocks have no bodyguard and this one is abused at regular intervals. The Rinse and Repeat Gang are robbing up the stops from the village idiots. And NO STOP is a bounce too far.

    But ATRS gets thru August with NO CRL, then the accumulation ramp happens.

    I caution all of my fellow shareholders-- ATRS has NO BIG BROTHER so it will get spun like a top at will and over-punished for the slightest flub up. Say you field 60 reps and a have another 12 working at HQ---to peddle XYO under the guise of a plan that includes no AIR COVER. The going in Q1 will suck ( insured with deductibles, new kid on block, WHO ARE YOU? ask Doc TESTOS, no coverage, a lot of competition we didn't foresee and more weak excuses).

    You tell me, what kind of a deal can you make after a weak market entry that garners a meager share of the needle market?


    Think about that as we head toward October, a time when we all need to express our desire for what becomes of a great golden opportunity...
  • Breaking Story: Why Antares may be negotiating a different Victoza partner, Stockvadar-explains

    Before Dennis criticizes us, using freepatentsline.com to do
    a patent search, if one plugs in for three separate searches
    (do one at a time)...

    AN/"antares pharma" ACLM/teriparatide

    AN/"antares pharma" ACLM/exenatide

    AN/"antares pharma" ACLM/liraglutide

    ...you will discover that, to date, Antares has ONLY ONE
    PATENT GRANTED. Now we don't disagree with L-daug's
    observation that the injector's design favors FORTEO
    (teriparatide) for AB rating, but what is problematic is
    Antares has not acknowledged in the public that this
    is a COMPOSITION OF MATTER PATENT for at least
    one of the three above. That Victoza (liraglutide) shows up
    in the mix has already been discussed, and it may be
    Teva will have to revisit Antares?

    What makes no senses (other than technicals which
    we think are bullish), is that Antares has not informed
    its shareholders in a public PR. What may be afoot here
    is them respecting the Teva partnership and possibly that
    liraglutide negotiations are presently ongoing (thus, a
    quiet period); we tend to favor this option. However, how
    could Antares get in the Victoza game since Teva's already
    submitted an NDA? Answer: a different partner.

    If a different partner, then Mark C's team that posted on
    ABBVIE may be tipping investors that since Teva went
    forward without them, Antares is free to shop its injector
    with whomever it pleases; and that is the truth.

    So to summarize, Exenatide and Teriparatide are locked
    in with Teva and this patent secures the FORTEO design
    but also has some application to Exenatide. But Liragludie
    (Victoza) remains open game for Antares to shop and with
    the patent secured, don't you thnk another BIG PHARMA
    would be happy to sign up for a proprietary design while
    Teva waffles with patent litigation?

    Thus, we understand why Antares is silent -- THEY ARE
    BUY ON THESE DIPS because most likely Antares is
    going to announce who its new partner is, and it may not
    be Teva, but either way, some BIG PHARMA is going to
    want Antares' boatload of proprietary patents (which also
    for Parkinson's, Alzheimser's and others.

  • SV, We all know the pipeline. If you keep posting "something big will happen this week" ,eventually you will get it right.
    When was the last time someone called Jack and got some info that was not already available to the public?
    You really are embarrassing yourself with your repeat posts.
  • Looks to me like they are trying to buy up any shares they can. They put a big number on the ask and they put their buy order on the bid one cent cheaper. They are grabbing up every share offered. Even Harry is buying today :)
  • Folks,I gotta tell you, it's getting pretty damm old"
  • Jack H instead of sitting on your butt all day, start putting out some news to bring up our share price, that should be $5+ by now. There is so much in the pipe line, and so much to talk about, so why don't you write what is going on and earn your paycheck!!! Don't forget you are the company public relation man. So get off your butt and do your JOB.
  • Gone fishing.....
  • It's been fun ya'll, but all good things have to come to an end. Before jack gets me kicked off the board so he finally has a second to breathe while he and his summer temps frantically man the phone board, i'll provide my swan song. So crank up the Led Zeppelin and get a double shot to set the mood.

    On Feb. 2, 2017, Teva had to act as the castle was crumbling and Copaxone was obliterated at the patent office. So Teva announced to the world that it filed an ANDA for Novo's mega blockbuster Victoza (liraglutide). No doubt everyone here hastily speed dialed Jack asking when the PR was coming that Antares would supply the injector. Jack then provided the bad news, although Jack didn't tell the whole story.

    You see Antares had its patent application for that generic Victoza injector denied in the fall, so Teva had to move forward with a Mumford AI instead. But Antares did not sit still, as it blasted the patent examiners reasons for rejection, so that it became obvious the patent had to be granted. The USPTO ended up agreeing, and sent a Notice of Alllowance in March (hint: look at the stock chart). So as the process was finalizing, we're now finally to the point where the patent will post as "issued", likely this Tuesday or possibly the next.

    The patent application is 20140257197 "Multiple Dosage Injector with Rack & Pinion Dosage System", and the most important claim is #16: "where the glucagon-like peptide receptor is liraglutide"

    This patent is important because if Teva sticks with the Mumford Injector, it will not be similar enough to victoza's patents 9,265,893 & RE41,956 to get AB approval. But Novo will not be able to sue Teva for injector infringement with the Antares injector, because well obviously it is now patented.

    So watch the court case 1:17-cv-00227-UNA for an update that the injector has been changed based on an amendment to Teva's ANDA No. 210084. An announcement from Antares would then be likely, although the share price will gap up over $1 by then.

    Good luck all and happy investing.