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  • Mumford's SPILLAGE is why Antare's PILLAGES the competition, Stockvadar-alerts

    The Mumford tech which Teva has relied upon
    is INFERIOR to Antares' current technology. You
    see, the Mumford injector is so inefficient at
    Copaxone delivery it creates if you can envision
    a pool of medicament close to the surface of the
    skin which upon needle retraction drips out. Now
    if you do any reading about injecting Copaxone,
    the users have to constantly move to other parts
    of their body for injections because it causes so
    many reactions.

    Enter the Antares' assisted-injector in one scenario.

    It operates at 100-300 peak psi and delivers the
    medicament in just 2 seconds using a needle / delivery
    design that virtually overcomes the patient variability
    (e.g. skin thickness, age, etc.) such that according
    the Antares' proprietary information is near 100%
    leak-free (that implies 99.9?%) which is like saying
    it works every time.

    Why L-daug mentioned CLICK-IT is because Teva
    has a very recent (June 2017) approved brand name
    for said injector(s). Of course, is it Mumford, but then
    why settle for an inferior product?

    Meanwhile, Antares already has a relationship with Teva
    that has proved in Sumatriptan to be an excellent start.
    To imagine that Teva has not been testing the Antares
    injector(s) is just plain silly as the two companies may
    be fighting over financial arrangements since Copaxone,
    while off-patent, remains a whopper.

    That stated, there are a lot of companies like AMGEN,
    PFIZER, ABBVIE, that would all love to get into the
    Copaxone bioequivalent game and so Antares has much
    to gain in that space.

    Now finally, this may also explain why "M" sits in where?
    PRE-CLINICAL. "M" is not the first letter of a drug like it
    was for "T" for Testosterone; "M" stands for Multiple-Sclerosis
    as it is a CNS (Central Nervous System) problem related to
    inflammation. And why it sits in PRECLINICAL is because
    Antares went ahead we believe and developed the tech
    for Copaxone and now it sits there dangling in front of
    Teva because they know very well Antares could turn to
    other suitors. Please remember, Bobby Apple spoke of
    "M's" financial potential as the biggest whopper of them
    all, or something like that.

    Antares is in an excellent position, but it's also why they
    secured Freddy P because other than negotiating BO
    offers, Freddy's job is to handle Teva as Antares always
    has the option of turning to another BP that is developing
    the biosimilar to Copaxone.

    We do acknowledge the DD help of L-daug in this post, but
    we wanted to make the effort expand of what appears to
    have been going on in the background. If Teva turns away
    from "M", Antares as its own entity is free and clear to secure
    its own partner, or go it alone until it secure FDA approval.
    Either way, Copaxone for "M" - Multiple-Sclerosis is why
    maybe Abbvie (Mark's team?) and others are taking a hard
    look at Antares.

    Now finally our happy fingers realize that investors may be
    a little frustrated with the lack of volume and pps movement.
    Trust this, once MMs, HFs, and others like fellow Cayman
    type investors do their own DD, make phone calls, bother
    Jack or Bobby, they reality is this fellow investors--

    AS YOU ARE TO Xyosted ("T") and as THIRSTY AS YOU ARE
    FOR AB rated EpiPen, FEAST YOUR EYES ON "M" because
    that is the MEGA-BLASTER OF THEM ALL! All risk assumed.

    Now friends, when Copaxone hits the public wires, how high
    do you think this pps will soar??? HMMMM?

  • Put Copaxone in it! Stockvadar-foresees

    Without referencing glatimar acetate, Antares
    has quietly developed (patent granted):

    1. A pre-filled syringe glass cartridge

    2. with a shorter penetration needle (close to 100% zero leakage)

    3. capable of injecting 1 ml in 2 seconds (100-300 psi)

    4. which as a needle-assisted jet injector overcomes
    a patient's skin thickness, various factors

    5. that unlike Mumford's does not leak back on
    the skin.

    Just CLICK IT baby!!!

  • Piper Jeffray reiterates buy on Antares with pt of $4. I know $4 is low but still better than nothing
  • I spoke with Edward and he said the timeline has not changed for an early (1st half) 2018 EpiPen approval. Teva and the FDA are working extremely hard and the communication is ongoing. The goal for both is still to get an AB Rated Generic EpiPen approval and nothing else so the FDA want to make sure that it's as close to the Mylan's Branded EpiPen. He did say that once they summit the NDA which there's no telling when that will happen (it could be tomorrow or early next year) and the FDA approves it Teva can start selling it right away as there is no need to wait any longer. From the day of approval they can start selling..

    GO ATRS!!!

    Edward J Barger   Sr. Manager, Investor Relations
    Tel: 267-468-4743     Cell: 267-218-6731   
  • New position for 'Quality Engineer' in Minneapolis just listed on home base. There are now two openings listed. This is good to see.
  • If Connor Mcgregor can manifest a fight with Floyd Mayweather then we can manifest a buy-out for $20+, above most peoples wildest imagination, if we keep believing that it will be so and let the magic of the things we have yet to fully understand play out. The vessel is FRED @ APPLE, the bad seeds are old TEVA and MYLAN and the magic is to balance those opposing forces to ATRS goodness by manifesting greatness and glory followed by the fairest weather fan.
  • I had supersight surgery 33 hours ago. They replace the lenses in your eyes with artificial ones. Gets you back to 20/20 vision. I've been varying specs since I was 10. Ah how to make a long story short. I Like What I SEE😳
  • h55h,
    I'm not sure you talked to the right guy. Three down in the pecking order. Anyhow looking at the site these guys seem to deal with Teva as an investment. Teva has about 1000 meds awaiting approval of some sort or another.
    I would be very surprised if these guys have detail knowledge about specific products and release dates.
    When the head honcho of development says Launch late 17 or early 18 I'll rather take his word for it than some finance investor relations guy not because I want to but because I thing he knows more about the product and where it is.


    Investor Contacts
    Kevin C. Mannix
    SVP, Investor Relations
    Phone: (215) 591-8912
    E-mail: kevin.mannix@tevapharm.com

    Ran Meir
    VP, Investor Relations
    Phone: (215) 591-3033
    E-mail: ran.meir@tevapharm.com

    Edward J. Barger
    Manager, Investor Relations
    Phone: (267) 468-4743
    E-mail: edward.barger@tevapharm.com

  • As noted, they are just tid-bits....but they add up.......

    1) it looks like ATRS has plans for big growth, and training their employees for it........Antares chipped in $49,437, to train their employees......


    Hennepin Technical College and Antares Pharma, Inc., Plymouth – $49,437

    Thirty-five employees will participate in courses based on occupational need. The training will expand manufacturing processes, increase productivity and accuracy, and implement standardization across all product lines.

    2) An oldie but goodie worth a read, loko was waiting for SV to post, since SV is such a Great researcher.....

    Antares helped fund the study...it will extend the use of exenatide....do a search on Eric Klien....


    3) EU authorized new marketing terms for exenatide....it can't hurt....


    Now the debbie downers have something to down........losers.....

    Now get that GoFund for loko's kayak.....and loko could post s lot more....

  • Alright SV, and fellow real investors....

    loko can not handle it anymore......

    and needs to get it out before popping...

    dig into these four numbers.....

    then get those happy fingers going on one possible new combo.........

    1) Recently granted patent...... 9707264
    2) Recently filed updated patent application ... US 20170196930 .....make note of the additional claims......especially #41....
    3) Tademark.... 87244791 .......SV already made note of it.....
    4) Patent application....WO2016172048......SV already made note of it.....

    Put them all together, and what do you get....

    Woooo Weeeee.......

    ATRS is going to rock......3XW
  • Pre-Market News ALERT: Teva appears on track for AB rated generic Epipen, Stockvadar-summarizes

    Investors learned on Tuesday that unless an
    overdue update appears on USPTO, Teva has
    abandoned the 'branded' path for the MORE
    FAVORABLE AB RATED path for Epipen. As
    Mylan's generic expired in mid-June, the FDA's
    been working with Teva. Now it appears investors
    have been 'tipped off' in advance of a formal
    PR unless something dramatic happens on the
    USPTO website.

    Meanwhile, Copaxone is back in conversation
    though connecting the dots is yet completed. In
    other news rumors are spinning about a BO, the
    plans for BIGSHOT, and whether Antares will
    announce its calculated quiet season as a lot
    of possibilities are on the table.

    As of this morning, it remains that Teva must be
    on the path to AB RATED approval for Epipen,
    risk assumed.

    We anticipate more volatility in trading as a
    sudden drop in short positions was reported
    last evening. We expect recent highs to be
    tested as MMs, HFs, insiders have their own
    channels into the FDA. News also appears to
    confirm that Exenatide's approval is equally
    close which would make Q3 a banner quarter.

  • Geez, my hair has more volume...
  • Could be TIP-OFF that GENERIC EPIPEN is COMING, Stockvadar-follows-up

    We consulted with resident expert L-daug
    regarding the observation that either Teva
    has let Rescuject & Jr trademark's expire
    including Jecteva, or it could be the website
    has not been updated--if so it is way out of

    In response the King of DD, L-daug responded:
    "Due to different filing dates, it looks like some
    of the jectva TMs missed the deadline as well,
    the others are close to being abandon. Will need
    to check for updates, because as noted, maybe
    it is just a technicality." And he then added: "One
    could only guess Teva gave up on the idea of
    going the Branded route and will just have a generic
    Epipen...Or worst, no epipen...."

    Bravo! And here's why Antares investors this
    likely it is not "no epipen" (Well let's hope not),
    but MORE LIKELY it is an early sign that Teva
    is being granted the AB rated generic Epipen!!!

    We believe Teva is aware that is going to gain
    Epipen AB rated approval, thus no need for the
    trademark names. Put another way, investors
    might see this post for what it could be: an early
    TIP ahead of a PR that Teva has been granted

    This post could stir a market response once
    the clear logic is understood. PS - L-daug also
    acknowledged that something could be in the
    works for "BIGSHOT".

    We believe Antares' pps is going higher.

  • NEWS ALERT: Why the PPS could EXPLODE UP, Stockvadar-notes

    Here's what's happening. The USPTO that regularly
    updates its website shows that there has been no
    trademark extension filed for Rescuject & Jr. We
    provide Rescuject's data for examination. As you'll
    see, it is WAY OVERDUE as Teva was suppose to
    file by July 5 and 19, 2017. They have not. Jecteva & Jr.
    are the same story.

    Rescuject serial #s
    86916805 Jan. 19, 2017 ITU Extension Approval Jan. 19, 2017 ITU Unit Action
    86916804 Jan. 05, 2017 ITU Extension Approval Jan. 05, 2017 ITU Unit Action
    86916803 Jan. 05, 2017 ITU Extension Approval Jan. 05, 2017 ITU Unit Action
    86916799 Jan. 05, 2017 ITU Extension Approval Jan. 05, 2017 ITU Unit Action

    Therefore, if Teva let's these trademarks fall to the
    wayside, it means they apparently are not going after
    a branded epinephrine, and actually, that makes sense.
    Sense because, it means they are on the path with the
    FDA to be granted the AB rated epinephrine generic; the
    very goal that give Antares a bonus upon approval.

    Since mid-June, the generic runway has been clear for
    Teva. Apparently Teva must have a high degree of
    confidence that the AB green-light is coming, and now
    probably, very soon. The reason why the pps could explode
    up in advance of the PR is because MMs, HFs, insiders, etc
    all have that unspoken-magical ability to know when to buy.
    If our observation is correct, this trademark revelation is
    giving the market an advanced tip on public information.
    After all, why would Teva let its trademarks expire unless
    they had a high degree of confidence that approval was
    coming? After all, if they didn't get AB rating, then they
    could go the branded product route. So it appears that
    Teva has exposed what's about to show up in a PR, and
    it also explains why Antares has been very very quiet.

    It is also obvious that once this information was made
    public the pps began a slow climb, almost as if seeking
    to remain below the radar. Finally, it's a given it's always a
    gift to buy in advance of positive news, but that is always
    up to the investor's own discretion as any of this is not
    without risk. If the USPTO suddenly updates, though every
    day it becomes less likely, then...

    Ourselves, we think the probability of gaining AB rating has
    gone way up.

  • Short interest down over last two week reporting period
    6/30/17 8,834,048
    7/14/17 7,404,340

    That is a considerable decrease over a two week period. Very good sign and could be an indicator of approaching news ?
  • Update: AB Generic EpiPen ONLY Option? Stockvadar-breaks

    Branded names remain grossly overdue at this point
    on the USPTO website, again suggesting that Teva
    is on the homestretch of announcing the AB rated
    generic for EpiPen.

    Trading is yet to respond to this good news. And
    Antares is now setting the record for remaining silent
    suggesting something very positive is in the works.
    Still, investors are feeling frustrated as the market
    goes higher. Pay-day could be very soon, and
    sudden. Nerves of steel on Thursday!

  • Why have Teva NOT RENEWED Rescuject Trademark? Stockvadar-asks-L-daug

    Trademarks once approved must be renewed by
    extension until a company markets the product.
    That renewal is every six months which Teva acted
    upon for Rescuject and Jr. back in January 2017.
    The thing is, the extension period has passed and
    unless the government needs to update its files,
    there is no record of renewal extensions. For example,
    Rescuject was renewal-extended Jan 5 & 19. 2017... point
    is THESE ARE OVER-DUE. Why? Perhaps the wise,
    knowledgeable, ambitious, kind, gentle, clairvoyant
    L-daug can inform investors about this?

    NOW THE BIG NEWS (Yup, tucked inside this post on
    Rescuject). It's a REAL SHAME L-daug didn't post about
    this, we will-- ARE YOU READY?

    Jan 10, 2017 got approval for this Trademark. On July 12
    2017 Antares was granted its first extension. Its name:
    BIGSHOT. The question is, If Antares is ALREADY saying
    that Xyosted will be the "T" name, then what's BIGSHOT for?
    It seems like Antares has something cooking and here again
    we turn to L-daug to enlighten all of us. Of course, we all know
    Teva has a product requiring a BIGSHOT, but why is Antares
    moving this trademark forward? What's the project?

    We have more, but seeing how the pps went up we'll
    hold off.

  • Earnings from SUMA should be almost flat.
    Q4 16 Market share 19%, Booked in Q1 17
    Q1 17 Market share 21%, Booked in Q2 17
    Q2 17 showing a large pickup as mentioned by the company in one of the last presentations.
    No miracles from OTREXUP but anyway all that is not to important.
    It's all about the next 9-12 months. Approvals Galore
  • Two big buys in AH over the past week. Somebody is in stealth accumulation mode. A big FILL will set the MMs into overdrive to skim shares by dropping the SP and taking out YOUR stop(s).

    Right now, the August CRL Desert can be navigated and or obsoleted by the company via the following;

    - new pen approval in EURO with an impact statement. IE- with this approval we see a ramp in X$s/qtr over the next X qtrs.

    - deliver rev. of $15M/qtr. This is roughly B-E. B-E is important as it enables a BO offer.

    - update on any positive FDA info. IE-- they might have passed the manufacturing visit or the label is a GO, any or all of these say: XYO is Approved, just waiting on the final notification.

    - This is the biggie: IF the company is going to self market XYO--then we need to hear solid updates about their intended market share goals, their plans to capture that share, their projected lives potentially insured/covered for XYO pending FDA approval on Dec. 1st, the start of pen production date( i.e. Oct.21) and their first IN MARKET date for the sales force.

    --- IF the above is NOT stated firmly, then we know that discussions are underway for a BO

    I am not asking them to lie or to divulge secrets, rather that they support the SP which is undervalued by 2-2.75 times their near term potential. I want to see $8-9/sh by FDA approval. And a clear commitment to greatness by aggressively pursuing the TESTOS NEEDLE market and to some extend the TESTOS PATCH market.
  • Good day to release news!!!

    AMAG Pharmaceuticals to Host Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results Conference Call and Webcast on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. ET

    GlobeNewswire•July 20, 2017

    WALTHAM, Mass., July 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMAG) today announced that its second quarter 2017 financial results will be released on Thursday, August 3, 2017 before the U.S. financial markets open. Management will host a conference call and webcast at 8:00 a.m. ET to discuss the results and provide an update on recent corporate developments.
    Dial-in Number
    U.S./Canada Dial-in Number: (877) 412-6083
    International Dial-in Number: (702) 495-1202
    Conference ID: 36834416
    Replay Dial-in Number: (855) 859-2056
    Replay International Dial-in Number: (404) 537-3406
    Conference ID: 36834416
    A telephone replay will be available from approximately 11:00 a.m. ET on August 3, 2017 through midnight on August 9, 2017.