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AudioCodes Ltd. (AUDC)

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  • Stock behavior makes me nervous.
    I am not sure if this a manipulation to buy cheap stocks or we are in a selling mode.
    If Q2 results will be a miss this will drop like a rock.
  • The only way to wake things up is another self tender offer ( 3M shares $7 limit).
  • Company needs to increase their sales team and start closing more deals. Major corporations have their spending budget in place and now is the chance to take advantage. Issue is they are very slow moving and happy with their 6 or 8% growth. The area is crowed and there are plenty of players in the industry. They either need to sell or make a big acquisition that will help them grow faster. issue is management is not motivated. until then stock will not move much and company will loose investors.
  • Can AUDC might end up with merge to another company like SONUS etc ? Maybe this buybacks help them holding large shares with new company
  • 18000 shares traded at the ask today on the close.
  • Any news or ideas when the company might start buying? I am looking to buy back into AUDC. Seems to be trading in the 6.20's to 6.70s range the last few months. Looks like a good time to get in, however wondering why the company has not been buying back shares yet. Are they on a timetable they have to keep to or are they waiting for it to go lower? Any ideas?
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  • It looks like AUDC does not buy shares now because volumes are very low.
    maybe collecting power for next hype round.
  • It appears as if they have not purchased any shares and might be waiting for the start of 3q (July) to start the buyback. No news from the company on anything. are they at the CES show in Asia? either way company needs to grow its revenue as there is no reason they can't increase their sales /revenue.
  • AUDC is down -6.01% to 6.24
  • AUDC should interest funds managers again .
    volume should go back to at least 200K per day like several month ago.
    This anemic volume does not make any normal interest.
  • I am pretty sure that Audiocodes is wrapping up for sale. Obviously investments of half of its funds so far on its own stocks indicates it. One wouldn't do that unless there is already some discussions on sale but just need some time for wrapping up. I am guessing broadsoft is the interested party. AUDC is working closely & partnered with Broadsoft. And most of AUDC products and sales are in good interest of Broadsoft. Current value of Audiocodes is approx $7 per share (this is without any hype involved in it). Advantage of acquiring AUDC is its products & vast market of the AUDC products. If someone want to acquire, I think at minimum 3 times the $7 (ie $21) will be the value of the company in market.
  • I have seen some chatter on here from Satish, Rat, AJ and others. Always fun to read the opinions out there so I figured
    I would post some more food for thought. The IT sector is/has been really hot if you look big picture the last few years. No one knows if/when it will cool off.......don't you think (like other smaller companies) that any smart business would sell while the getting is good? I.e.--get the highest price while things are good vs. sell for bargain when she crashes again. I would hope Shabby knows the current environment and takes advantage of other companies looking to grow. Just my thoughts on WHY they should sell now (aside from Shabby's age--retirement sounds good to me) vs. waiting and waiting.
  • The question that needs an answer is can AUDC continue to grow that would make it target for a takeover. There are other companies that offer similar products. question, why choose AUDC vs another company. I believe the company can grow and the earning sound very conservative. that said. they need to push their products more and increase sales and profits. Done correctly and we can see a double digit price shortly. Buyout/takeover is a hail mary shot. maybe it will but most probably wont happen. need to look at fundamentals of the company to decide if its time to bail or buy more. i believe the company will continue to grow at a modest pace. Until the company and the sales teams start to work harder the best we can see in the near term is the current stock price with low volume and little volatility.
  • All the board members of this company own lots of shares, which they were selling it every year when stock was up 5. After ppl started losing interest in AUDC , board introduced repurchase program .. LOL Now it is just that board members want to earn as much as they can squeeze funds of the company with repurchase program. Maybe it works as another trick to fool the common shareholders. LOL. These drama will continue as long as company has good market .. Now as we see lots of competitors , AUDC merely started relying on the sales .. No much value for product. As the market is slow, better option in front of AUDC is to sell the company. If not, take all the funds of AUDC on the name of repurchase. That's all. Nothing much is going behind this company
  • Ok Satish
    what price do you think deserve AUDC ?
  • i was reading the quarterly earnings for the 5th time and its becoming clearer to me that there is upside potential for this stock. I know that company execs post a rosey picture and say things are great. There is another thing to deliver. i reviewed a lot of their conference calls and they all seem to sound great with some cautions ahead. The management seems to deliver and they always invest in areas that will grow the business. A growth company like this will attract analyst and investors looking for good growth companies in the telcom industry. I think the stock double in next few months. This is my opinion and do your own research.
  • Intel is buying Mobileye and the deal is expected to close in July. Mobileye is a client of Audiocodes. after the deal closes Intel will be a client of Audiocodes. Once they are a client its usually easier to expand their sales to intel. My assumption is that Intel will either continue to use AUDC technology across the entire company or maybe make a buyout of AUDC as its cheap, profitable and in an area where intel has no exposure but complements their products. This is my opinion and do your own research as this is not a fact but rather an opinion.
  • $AUDC should bounce on the $SONS / Genband merger. Buyout coming sooner than later.
  • My opinion is that the stock price was to low and there were a few scattered sellers. Between the buyback from the company, the strong tech sector & the fact that AUDC is a value stock was more than enough to push the stock higher. The company is a growth and deserves a higher multiple compared to other growth companies. Its just proof that the stock was cheap and still is cheap. I would be surprise if we do not break $7.09 tomorrow as the technical, momentum and fundamentals all point to a much higher price. If you tack on a takeover for the stock, then there is no reason to sell or short the stock. The smart choice would be to buy the stock. This is my opinion and do your own research. This is not facts but rather my opinion and i'm not an analyst.