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    Looking to buy more YRI shares in advance of Friday’s markets opening up and after earnings are released. Have limit orders placed at $7.50 cdn that were not filled yet although I came very close this week. My average price is $9.90 Cdn and I am hoping to get my avg under $9 prior to earnings call and prior to the next leg up in the precious metals prices after this consolidation phase is completed.

    Been holding Yamana for about 10 years and am still in the red. Yes I bought most of my original shares at higher prices than many on this board.

    That “D” poster guy has given me confidence in the future of Yamana and to hopefully what looks like much higher prices for the stock. I like his posts on this board. Keep on posting “D” as you are very informative and very knowledgeable. I am learning quite a bit from you.

    I look forward to the day my investment turns from a loss to a profit.

    Wish my luck everyone! Can’t wait for the earnings results this week. I won’t be able to sleep the night before in anticipation.

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    $TSLA conversation
    Thanks to Tesla, Copper is up 14.5% this year to $3.20 per pound. Largely because of Electric Vehicle demand. It is estimated that by 2027 there will be an additional 24,000 Kilotons of copper used in the production of electric vehicles and the additional grid infrastructure needed to charge them. Total world production of copper from 2010 - 2020 was only 41,000 Kilotons. Where will the copper be found and how high will prices have go to supply all of this new demand? Silver demand will benefit from EV's solar as well with nearly an ounce needed per solar panel and 2 ounces in every EV.

    What companies will benefit as the EV and solar industries move mainstream?

    The obvious copper producers are Codelco, Glencore, BHP Billiton, Freeport, and Southern Copper. But the worlds 7th largest undeveloped copper/silver deposit is Agua Rica which is owned by Yamana Gold and is being developed in an agreement with the worlds second largest copper producer Glencore and the worlds largest gold producer Newmont.

    The best feature of this mine is its environmental footprint has been minimized by building a 35 km tunnel and conveyor system to take the ore to a nearby depleted mine for concentration. Compared to other mines Agua Rica is downright friendly as the concentrate is then removed and processed in industrial areas.

    It is a huge win for Yamana Gold as there are 11.8 billion pounds of copper, 7.4 million ounces of gold, 101 million ounces of silver and 731 million pounds of molybdenum contained in the proven reserves and another 40% more in the measured and inferred categories.

    Tesla is on track to produce 500,000 vehicles this year, GM has sold out the new Hummer, Ford has sold out the new Mustang EV and it is likely that EV's will dominate car and truck sales by 2017.

    Teslas solar projects are going parabolic (no pun intended) and world energy production is shifting rapidly to take advantage of new technology.

    Electrons transported through copper and silver are the key common elements...

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    Again....I appreciate @D post(s) but Agua Rica needs to STAY IN #AUY portfolio....he says sell it off to Newmont as we're a gold miner....well so is Newmont!....don't ever sell open pit, easy to access copper reserves with copper at multi-year highs. If Yamana sells Agua Rica i will exit my position and never ever look back. Great Miners don't buy, hold onto mine for 15 years, just to sell....that's insanity!.....You mine what you own....and we own Agua Rica....don't let posters dissuade shareholders from EASY, LOW COST, FAST mining of current mines. It doesn't take 2 years to start digging open pit mine to capture something Yamana has been sitting on for decades. Just Get it done!!....Alumbrera infrastructure is just miles away...truck it until tunnels are built....almost seems like Newmont is pumping a disinformation campaign to sell Agua Rica to them, and they're a gold miner too. Stop with the nonsense and let's start capitalizing on copper prices here. If someone wants to make Yamana a Royalty Streaming company. then go buy the Streaming companies....we're a mining company.....if not we wouldn't be one of the biggest silver producers, mining such as a by-product. Don't let management sell off one of the World's best copper mines for quick cash infusion...mine the heck out of Agua Rica...it has a 28 year mine life....that creates LONG TERM value to shareholders. gl
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    Stock price is about even with the stock price before q2 earnings release with avg price of gold $200/oz higher qtr over qtr. Also there has been another increase in dividends. My calculations show an eps for the qtr in the $.12 to $.15 range. I anticipate the write up of increase in reserves at year end. This write up could be substantial.
  • D
    What would the perfect storm look like for Yamana to rally significantly?
    1. Rising gold prices... Check
    2. Blow out earnings report... Coming on the 29th
    3. Massive stimulus package... $2 Trillion is Inevitable
    4. Falling dollar... Duh!
    5. Negative real interest rates... Check
    6. Upward revision of net asset value... Inevitable

    Feel free to continue the list!
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    First Majestic Silver Corp.
    Remember...if you're into silver #AUY produces more ounces as by-product than First Majestic as only product (since Royalties from First Majestic eat up all the gold)....and they have 20 year minimum mine lifes with Agua Rica untouched, with Newmont and Glencore ready to build out mind infrastructure to their processing facilities. Has a low P/E and pays a dividend....First Majestic has no P/E and has never ever paid a dividend and has falling reserves with no untouched mines to fall back on. Do your own due diligence!
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    Last three analysts opinion is buy rating with price target of $10.16, $9.75 and $11. That's upside of 20 percentage. It's a clear money maker within few days.
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    Goldman Sachs just came out with a bullish article on gold and commodities. They expect 30% upside. Dollar to weaken by 35%. I tried posting link. site keeps removing it.
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    All the stocks are manipulated it's a joke! this market has lost all logical comprehension. the government and boc are creating a mess of epic proportions.
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    Trust old NYSE when he writes, old NYSE has not sold a single share of Yamana Gold. Long and strong and will be holding firm in this multi-year bull market. Yamaha will be printing money soon.
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    Please stop with the "sale of Agua Rica".....if you're a miner you mine great reserves, you don't sell the mine. I've been with Agua Rica since little Northern Orion owned it and it should be mined by Yamana, if not in whole, than in partnership with Newmont and/or Glencore. Nobody should believe selling this monstrous mine in whole is a good long term decision. You simply don't sell GREAT reserves, you Mine them for shareholder value.
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    I'm 20 year PM bull, but also a realist. #AUY is my biggest PM holding with 3:59 pm buy. Down Markets can take down PM miners even if metals are up. Taking advantage of Market is always tricky, but if you do due diligence then you should be confident in buying in at these prices.
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    Not much volume on this for days. Shows low interest even from the so-called Hedge-Funds. We could go either way from here. Very curious what the earnings report brings.

    The street already knows what the are delivering and it hasn't moved. Hmmm
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    The stimulus will push gold to a new high and a stimulus will likely be higher then 2.2 after elections. AUY is a good choice now and beyond its earnings conference.
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    $NKORF conversation
    Eric Sprott likes to “press the winners”.

    Yet, he didn’t mention #NKORF on his weekly call today, even after the company announced yet another incredibly high-grade step-out drill hole that demonstrates a large, continuous, at-surface ore body that appears to be 6-8x bigger then the current NI 43-101.

    Prediction: Eric probably didn’t mention it on the weekly call b/c he wants to be first in line to get his own deal done. The drilling results here are so good, that I will go out on a limb and predict that within 30 days Eric will announce a $10M private placement for NKORF, and the valuation will pop from $20m market-cap to $30- to $40m market cap.

    For my friends in #AUY, i bought in today at $0.157 and $0.162. I found that few of my bids at $0.157 were closing, but my bids at $0.162 were closing quickly even when an ask/offer was not showing up at that level, suggesting a market maker sitting there clearing a block of shares. Once this sell pressure dissipates, and as these drill results circulate in the Canadian mining community, this will also contribute to an uptick in pricing...
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    I'm buying in now. Price is right! wait for earnings and make some money.. Gold prices are high!
  • D
    Greatest pain at $6.00 was fulfilled on Fridays option expiry. For November, greatest pain is at the $7.00 strike price with over 21,000 contracts at that strike. With earnings coming in on the 30th, there is good reason for optimism that we will close somewhere just under $7.00. After all, earnings will be highly supportive of a higher share price.
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    $6.10-$6.20 next wed. $6.50+ day of earnings.
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    I'm long but very frustrated with gold miners and this stock.

    1) Gold up and miners down (makes no sense)
    2) Wall street knows the numbers that are coming and yet this does not move
    3) Volume is very average
    4) Additional stimulus discussions that doesn't move gold

    Nothing to see here. What gives?
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    $^VIX conversation
    The Volatility Index (VIX) is likely to have another massive spike upward as the second wave of the virus is exploding across the country. On Friday, cases started to go parabolic again and it was the 6th worst day of the pandemic with 69,215 new cases!

    Boeing had Zero new orders in September against over 1,000 planes cancelled so far in 2020. Zoom meetings are going to continue to be the means of business and education, heck the company could go to $1,000 per share!

    How much money is the Fed going to have to print to keep this bubble market afloat? Does gold continue to go parabolic?


    #ZM #VIX #AUY #BA