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Aware, Inc. (AWRE)

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  • Yes Kevin Russell is a joke of a CEO. Bigger joke is Stafford COB. This entire patent situation with all the twist and turns and transfers and assignments and multiple NPE's and SECRECY is outrageous.
  • Shocking, breaking News! "REvenue for the second quarter did not meet our expectations" according to Kevin Russell Aware's CEO.

    Hey Kevin, apparently they did meet RIchard Moberg's expectations, thats why he quit and sold all of his shares. After all he is the best trader of Aware stock that I have ever seen. You should pay attention and then you would have appropriate expectations.

    You have done nothing to grow Aware's business. You are a zero value placeholder, you should kiss your John Stafford relic every day that he provides you with a 6-figure welfare check each year.

    Show some balls and buy 200K shares when Aware drops into the 3's over the coming days. It will be one thing less we can criticize about you. You are an embarassment.
  • For the three and six month periods ended June 30, 2017, the increase in research and development expense was primarily due to the engagement of a third party software development company to assist us in the development of an important new product. Work with the development company commenced in the fourth quarter of 2016 and we expect that research and development expenses in the remainder of 2017 may include an additional $450,000 in fees to the development company depending on the achievement of contract milestones. This expense was partially offset by lower employee costs due to lower headcount.
  • (1) On April 26, 2016, we issued a press release announcing that our board of directors had approved the repurchase of up to $10,000,000 of our common stock from time to time through December 31, 2017. During the three months ended June 30, 2017, we purchased 168,925 shares under this plan at an aggregate purchase price of $818,079.
  • What (or who) the heck is propping this POS up? What is their incentive to do so? Any thoughts that make sense besides no debt and about 2.50/sh in cash? Is it the prospect of a future windfall from Hybrid Audio fueled by the $1.3M we found out about in Tuesday earnings PR? Is there a buyer for Aware sniffing around?

    One would think that those truly in the know would let it fall to 3.50/sh before stepping in.
  • Can anyone provide information about a company called Applied Transform LLC in Bedford MA. They have some patents that maybe were assigned from Aware and some new ones issued in 2017. Ex Aware guys involved with the patents (Kim Bae Joon and Marcos Tzannes for example).

    On July 20 Tzannes and Joon filed a Patent Application # 20170207940 on Behalf of Applied Transform LLC. Seems strange that two ex-Aware guys working on this still, in for an entity in Bedford.

    More under the covers things going on at Aware.
  • After 17 years AWRE still trades at less than 1/10th of old high while DOW up over 10,000+ points. I thought cyber security/biometrics would lift this stock.
  • Earnings report this week?
  • My guess is that #$%$ Mfer Tre had Aware pick up another 16k shares today
  • Intel® FPGAs for AI. It was quite a while ago that DAve posted about NXP working on Biometrics functions being built into chips. Looks like it's a reality at Intel.
  • Corp website under Management for Russell has "Mr. Russell previously served as Aware’s co-chief executive officer and co-president from April 2001 to March 2017 " That is wrong. They should have had their eagle eyed legal counsel review before posting. Explains why we have 3rd parties filing patent law suits.

    One more question. On that same page the graphic in the header shows an icon for Palm recognition. I can't find mention of Aware doing anything with Palm. I would assume that image is Aware's software???
  • See #TheWallStreetJournal article today by Liza Lin. "A Chinese startup that sells facial-recognition systems to police forces secured venture-capital funding that values it at more that $1.5 billion, underscoring the sector's emergence as one of technology's hottest areas of interest." SenseTime is a unicorn status company with a value of more than $1 billion. What's up Aware?
  • I would think biometrics would be "taking off" due to cyber security issues going forward. Long.
  • Date Signed: June 26, 2017 Action Obligation: $417,000

    Other Function - Automated Booking System Middleware for the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS)

    May 02, 2017 Action Obligation: $99,000
    These are the only revenue announcements made in Q2 that I'm aware of.
  • BTW AWRE was $5 over 20 years ago when DOW was 12,000 points LOWER.
  • Munich, June 19, 2017 – Fujitsu today announces that it is broadening its advanced biometric security solutions portfolio through an agreement with ImageWare Systems to resell key security capabilities including enterprise mobile biometric user authentication as a service. The agreement will see Fujitsu not only extend its biometric identity and access management solutions to mobile devices but also to additional authentication methods including fingerprint, face, and voice recognition. Fujitsu customers will now be able to deploy biometric authentication as a service running on the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.
  • Over $5. Time for celebration.
  • Did anyone see the opening trades? 1 share 1 share 1 share 4 shares 46 shares. 100% sure it is institutional. Retail trades don't get executed like this. Also obvious is the direction this entity wants to take the stock. What is the significance in keeping it under $5? Saw news on Nok Nok Labs and Fujitsu. Aware has no future on it's own
  • The former CEO sold his options at 4.30 what does he know going forward that you don't know?
  • We are long overdue for a change at Aware. Stafford has long relied on a sit an wait approach to running this business. He is obviously afraid to take on growth as part of his strategy.

    My assessment of Stafford, other than being interested in his own personal advantage over the interests of shareholders is that he is not willing to risk a growth strategy on Aware. This is because he believes there is a lower risk option available, at least to him.

    Potential Low Risk Profit opportunities available to Stafford:

    1) Maintaining low transparency of Aware's business, allows him to have a trading advantage in the stock. Decades of long term flow has provided an acceptable RoR for privileged shareholders.

    2) Reliance on strategic patent position to capitalize on an emerging market. I think Aware has been lying in the bushes, waiting for one of the emerging markets that they have covered with their IP to take off. My belief is that they want the market to proceed without concern about the IP. Once the IP has been sufficiently embedded, they will pounce with the licensing/infringement. The low profile is intended to lull users of the technology in. Nothing else explains this company's interest to maintain an invisible presence in the market place.

    As CEO Kevin Russell is a blank page without any leadership skill at all. Russell and Moberg together did nothing but manage a cash fund. 500K$ in salary were issued to sit in the henhouse and keep the eggs warm. Its crazy how this company has been managed. The only reportable activity for Moberg and Russell was their recurring lapses in their responsibilities to shareholders. Violations of the Corp Code of Ethics, refusal to enforce that code, long periods of undisclosed material non-public information. I know of no other highlights that can be attributed to those two executives.

    Since this strategy has now played out over nearly a decade, I think Stafford has taken an unreasonable risk of obsolescence.