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American Express Company (AXP)

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As of 11:41AM EST. Market open.
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    Print Dollars to PUMP US Stocks
    $^IXIC conversation
    PRINT DOLLARS and PUMP the US Stock Prices era is Coming to the END!
    The world countries are SET TO DITCH US Dollar as international reserve currency! That means the FRAUDULENT US Stock Market and Financial System will COLLAPSE BIG TIME!
    It is all about PUMPING the US Stock prices and quick and Free Capital Gains!
    US Stocks will COLLAPSE BIG TIME!!!
    For the long term investors, now is the WORST time to invest in US Stocks because the Market is INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! US Stocks have a Huge room to fall, but there is upside potential anymore.
    Buyers must be careful! They might lose everything and see no recovery during the lifespan.
    US Stocks must be DOWN by 90% from their current ABSURD levels.
    Look at the US Stock Valuation Multiples!!! Check out P/S, P/B, P/E, P/CF, D/E and other Ratios.
    US Stock Market is a COMPLETE SCAM! You see how easily they are PUMPING the Stock prices on FAKE Speculations, but they don't let the stock prices to go down on TERRIBLE DATA and FACTS!
    Even BANKRUPT Boeing, Cruise and Airline stocks are getting PUMPED like crazy!
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    I told you this thing will snap back like a "rubber band". A good re-entry is $97-$100. I recommend selling Put options 6 weeks out with a strike price $5 below the share price. But only after the share price falls back below $100. If you get Put, then you would buy the shares at a 5% discount. Even lower if you account for the put premium collected. The annualized Put option premium is more than 30%! It is a win-win way to play Blue-chip stocks like AXP.
  • S
    I just bought the $116 Put expiring this Friday. The 23% jump in a day is way overdone; shot way up through the upper Bollinger band. No way this thing is not going to reverse in a snap.
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    Chinese EV SCAMS Nio Li XPEV
    $^IXIC conversation
    Is it all about PUMPING Tesla BUBBLE nonstop? Why the US Market Makers PUMP Tesla Market Value to $100 Trillion today? Fundamentals do not matter anyways, it is all about rising the price of the ticker. The company’s market value DOUBLES every month, literally FOR NO REASON!
    Apple was trading at $400 Billion Market Value in 2016 at P/E=12, now Tesla is trading at $600 Billion Market Value at P/E=1500. So Tesla is a “tech” company, but Apple isn’t???
    Why not to PUMP Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) by 200-300% every single day? Fundamentals do not matter anyways.
    30K today, 90K tomorrow, 270K the day after...
    $TSLA Market Value got PUMPED by 120% just by two announcements: Split and S&P500 inclusion. NONE of these change the company fundamentals. It is just insanity that with these announcements, the company adds $300 Billion in two months. Two Exxon Mobile $XOM worth market value, $300 Billion...
    Now this Ponzi Scheme, Tesla, was a $35 Billion company and it was extremely overvalued already! However, just in the last few months, the Market value went from $35 Billion to $530 Billion FOR NO REASON, purely with fake speculations and media hype!
    The company is exactly the same garbage as it was at $35 Billion Market Value!
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to justify the current ABSURD Tesla Valuation! NOBODY is buying a Tesla car! Reliable carmakers, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, GM, FCAU, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar, Lincoln, Subaru, Mazda, Volvo, are releasing more than 150 EV models in 2021! Tesla will be an average company at $30-35 Billion in Market Value in 1-2 years, in the best case scenario!
    The Tesla-led automotive revolution is real but valuations have become divorced from the messy reality of the industry.
    The Tesla-led automotive revolution is real but valuations have become divorced from the messy reality of the industry.
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    Why is it up so much this morning? I love it.
  • T
    Trader x
    I will buy AXP tomorrow Friday at whatever price. Retail expenditure is increasing month over month. Real estate is the rise. We are in big holidays already . Pretty sure AXP will break 120 eventually.
  • B
    I am buying more at this price. Only down due to the covid and travel slowdown. Buffett owns the most stock and he knows what he is doing. Also, it is the only card allowed in China. I predict it will hit 160 by next June. High quality company that makes money many different ways. Get on board at this price.
  • R
    AXP is down... Better buy more stuff with my Amex card today.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    American Express is up 14.57% to 110.78
  • C
    Hold onto these, sill haven’t seen the positive impact their entry into China has yet
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    Next 3-6 months will be less spending with all credit cards.

    Be patient. Will be great buy at 70~80USD.
  • M
    Can anyone share a good buy price, with a sentence or two backing that up?
  • D
    Going back to $70.
  • A
    Let's see - a 2021 vaccine after a hard winter that has not had a safety profile yet. But lets take for granted that it is safe and it works. With that said, companies have figured out how to eliminate hotel and travel with Zoom and you will not see the same level perhaps for 10 years of more. Amex up 21% ??? And back to 100 before you can blink
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    Rocco Siffredi
    Just another buying opportunity love it every time it dips I can buy more This is a long term stock to own. And once travel returns we will see huge returns
  • L
    Bank of America, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Moody's, US Bankoff, Wells Fargo, Barric Gold, Berkshire Hathaway, etc...

    These financial stocks or credit rating companies are now at historical lows

    It is because of a special factor known as'corona' that everyone knows.

    This situation will not last forever.

    If the situation normalizes, the stocks mentioned above will not remain at their lows and will regain their position or higher.

    It is common knowledge that everyone should buy when the stock price has fallen, not when the stock price has already risen.

    Many people are willing to buy at the highs and reluctant to buy at the lows

    Knowing that it's the wrong choice

    Eventually, the market situation converges from the wrong choice to the right choice.

    Wise People Will Make the Right Choice'Right Now'
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    Nio will Fall to $0
    $^VIX conversation
    Unlike Tesla, Chinese EV Scams, Nio, Li and XPEV are NOT Legitimate companies!
    I encourage everyone to file an SEC Report about Chinese SCAM Nio to make it Blacklisted by the US Government as soon as possible! The company is the next Luckin Coffee SCAM. NIO is surviving by issuing billions of worthless shares every month. The number of NIO shares outstanding has TRIPLED since the IPO! The US Government must DELIST this Company from the US Capital Markets!!!
    $LI $NIO $XPEV these FRAUDULENT Chinese BUBBLES are due for HEAVY CORRECTIONS! They will FALL by 99% soon!
    Don't be surprised when you see these stocks are down by 95% from their current levels in a few months!
    Do your due diligence! These companies DO NOT HAVE A VIABLE BUSINESS MODEL! They DO NOT HAVE ASSET OR IP!
    Would you pay $68-70K for a defective, dangerous, useless, paper-made, Chinese horse car Nio, or would you buy a Brand new Mercedes Benz, BMW, TSLA, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Opel, Ford, $GM, Fiat $FCAU Subary, Honda, Volvo, Mazda, Lincoln, Jaguar or other proper brands with that money?
    They are trying to enjoy $TSLA wave!
    It reminds me 2017, when every scam company was trying to associate itself with cryptocurrencies and blockchain to PUMP their market values artificially with algos. Now, all of them are BANKRUPT! The same story is happening with SCAM Chinese EV companies.
    Citron Research has been actively publishing for 17+ years and with over 200 reports, Citron has amassed a track record of identifying fraud...
    Citron Research has been actively publishing for 17+ years and with over 200 reports, Citron has amassed a track record of identifying fraud...
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    Inky Yuki
    $AXP missed in earnings. Likely that is the reason for the dip below the overall market.

    $MA $V
  • I
    Sold at $102. Will buy back at $95
  • B
    Sell off will continue until January... some stocks will drop below march low