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Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA)

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  • D
    As mentioned on CNBC, Sept is going to be the bottom or Chinese stocks. Nothing is going to get any worse than Evergrande. And clearly, the Chinese government is going to bail them out with restructuring, pumping money into their market. They can't afford a financial collapse, they are still trying to recover from Covid.
    GL to all. I see 200 this month, 300 by the end of the year.
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    Anybody here bought at $190-$200 still holding right now ?? I have a $197 average, almost 2400 shares. Plan to sell around April 2022 at $250 or more
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    External factors have temporarily weakened Alibaba shares, but every smart investor knows that the company will still show its strength. Each share will sooner or later return to its fair price. The future is in E-commerce and the cloud. The political situation will calm down again and China will be the world's strongest economy.
  • S
    You have to re-assess each stock at its current price point and right now that's in the 150's. Is BABA a buy at 150? absolutely. It's more likely to return to 300 quicker than the most other growth companies market caps will double. Does a better value buy than BABA exist out there? Possibly, and let me know if you feel you've identified one of those companies. But right now in the 150's I think BABA is one of the best valued growth companies in the entire market and well positioned to 2x before the market does. Where to invest your money on Sept 22, 2021? BABA in the 150's looks like one of the best options for returns over the coming years. Strong buy below 200, and a buy below 250. Between that 250-300 range it's still a buy depending on earnings performance between now and then, as well as other stock prices relative. But right now, it's an instabuy. 150's for Alibaba is like a gift. Thank the heavens for these prices, buy, sit back, and enjoy the ride up
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    Fair Value today is around 235 per share. Baba is so oversold. We should be able to get back to fair value by end of 2021. And considering BABA is a growth company, keep growing from there. I think we go into the 300's within 12 months and continue to climb up. Alibaba has too many good money making products and is expanding globally.
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    Victor Lalo
    The hardest times are now in Alibaba. It is hard to hold on. Nobody likes uncertainty. however if you know what you bought. Then do not listen to positives or the negatives and just relax and let the cards play out.
    The markets have risk. Smarter people then I have explained the virtues of patience.
  • D
    On Bloomberg last night spokesman from Morningstar recommended 9 Chinese stocks and Alibaba was one of them. They value it around $300 even factoring in political climate. We’ll see how that works out.
  • 1
    FWIW: Cramer said on Mad Money that the Xi and Powell actions from today were supportive of a bull market
  • D
    Okay, we are going up! See you at 200.00 this month!

    1. Fed is leaving things alone, next date to remember is Nov 3re,
    2. BABA is half of the real value.
    3. China can't afford to crash it's economy, if anything at this point, they need to support their economy.
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    The Truth
    It's interesting to me how many people conflate Alipay and $BABA. Alipay is actually a piece of Ant Financial. Alibaba owns a 33% stake in Ant Financial. Over the last year, Alibaba's core ecommerce business unrelated to Ant Financial has actually strengthened because regulation has improved its moat and has brought down Tencent's ability to wall off itself, $JD and $PDD.

    Further, the cloud business is in its infancy, the AI and investment pieces inside Alibaba are often hidden, and rapid international expansion is going unnoticed.

    The company has been fined and regulation has passed, balance sheet is super strong, and no detrimental ties to Evergrande $3333.HK $EGRNY $EGRNF.

    There are major tailwinds: Ridiculously expensive US market, Wealth Management Connect opening HK's market to the mainland, a likely shift from real estate investment into other sectors, growing Chinese middle class and overall GDP.

    Patient investors will be rewarded.
  • X
    Good news from China, WS futures green and VIX down , BABA will fly tomorrow
  • K
    the Bullish Report on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

  • r
    McConnell says senate will vote for US to default on its debt, markets up go figure. Lehman brothers had 600B debt compared to evergrande 300b debt and evergrande has more physical assets. Counting for inflation and how much everything is worth now (Exxon was biggest company in 2008 with 500b market cap... compared to apples 2.5T now). Banks can easily manage the fallout with minimal liquidation across the market.

    I mean come-on, baba has lost 400b market cap in itself and investors have lost 1.5T on china alone, but ya 300b, which may get bailed out, will definitely wreck global markets. Not the same as Lehman situation and any article that tries to play it like that is fear mongering
  • J
    Apple PE :28 Growth 10%. Alibaba PE:18 Growth - 35%. Obviously I understand one is American and other is Chinese company. But this metric is enough to buy this great business.
  • M
    BABA is probably the best stock in this world which one can have. Best opportunity to pile up now. I bought at 160, at 150 level and hoping to buy more.
  • B
    Can’t wait for the pyramid scheme stocks like snow, tsla, dash to crash. So happy for my Asia stocks like Baba!
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    Gonna look back to these times when I’m older and laugh at all this commotion and drama. Will thank myself for buying as much as I could. This is the biggest blessing in the market currently and I can handle volatility. This is very close or at the bottom, if you think after dropping over 50% it’s going to drop further double digit percentages I feel bad for you. This isn’t QS, GME, or AMC. cheers
  • j
    At 15 billion in buyback by the end of 2022 how long does it take them to buyback all the shares. Not even counting the 75 billion they have in cash and the free cash flow they continue to grow after putting 15 billion to share buyback.